Abdominal Exercises at Home

Most of the exercises for the upper half of the body requires the presence of weights and is feasible only in the gym. Fortunately, exercises for the muscles of the hips and abdomen differ in that they can be performed anywhere, including in the privacy of their own home. Moreover, even people living on a very limited living space, showing a little fancy and imagination, will be able to develop an effective set of exercises for the lower body and an intense training program.

While doing sit-ups, people often make the same mistakes: they squat too deep or, conversely, bend the legs in the knee joints insufficiently. Home environment will help you improve the technique of performing squats. When you just mastered sit-ups, the coach probably recommended that you imagine you are sitting down in an armchair. While at home, you do not have to include the imagination – just stand in front of the chair, bend your knees and lower your hips so that at the bottom point they hang over the seat. Smoothly flatten your legs and repeat squats 12 times. You can modify this exercise by assuming the starting position sitting on the edge of the chair. Lean forward in the lumbar region, keeping your back straight. Then gently lift the hips over the chair and return to the starting position. This exercise will help you to work out quadriceps, gluteus muscles and hamstrings (thigh biceps).

A towel for hands and a polished linoleum or parquet floor create an impromptu but very effective board for slipping. Wide place legs, put one foot on the towel and by contracting the muscles of the inner surface of the thigh, pull this leg to the other leg. Perform 12 repetitions for each leg. Then put a training mat on the floor and kneel down. Pull out your hands, put the towel on the floor and rest against it with your hands. Begin to work out oblique abdominal muscles, turning the trunk from side to side by sliding the towel over the surface.

Exercises for oblique abdominal muscles: working sitting

The swivel work chair makes it much easier to work with the oblique abdominal muscles – you do not even have to bend over. Take a strictly vertical position in the chair and secure it by holding your hands at the table. Pull in your stomach and start turning your hips to the right and left. Perform 20 repetitions or 10 in each direction.

Raising your legs while performing twists, you can fix the lower back. The starting position is lying on the back (on the floor), the legs are bent at the knee joints, the heels are lying on the couch. We put our hands behind the back of the head, draw in the belly and twist the upper part of the trunk so that the chest reaches the pelvic area. Perform 16 repetitions. Then we relax the upper part of the trunk and begin to work on the gluteal muscles and muscles of the posterior surface of the thigh; We lift the spine above the floor until we reach the position of the "bridge". We do 12 repetitions.

As my son says: "Ze Best!)))" That's it!

Thanks for such helpful tips, like downloading a press at home. I particularly agree with the advice on how to do squats correctly. I also heard that you need to imagine that you are sitting down on an armchair and thus doing this exercise. It's much easier to do it at home, really, you take an ordinary chair and do this exercise as much as you want. And the effect of this will be, I'm positive, positive. After all, several muscles are strengthened at once. And the other tips in this article are also very effective.


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