Aerobic workouts for relief

Who needs aerobic training?

To get a relief figure during the "drying" cycle, the muscles are often referred to such kind of training as aerobic training. They contribute to strengthening the cardiovascular system, increase the endurance and resistance of the body to stress, improve the mental state. In addition, aerobic workouts help to recover as quickly as possible after heavy mental stress. Following the guidelines below, you can easily create a training regimen that will achieve excellent results in bodybuilding and other sports in the shortest possible time.

To improve the results of aerobic exercise, it is recommended:

Rules of aerobic training for relief

  • You must train at least three times a week. The effectiveness of the exercises is directly related to their frequency.

Types of physical activity that are most suitable for relief

  1. Running can be considered the most convenient way to achieve relief. With the help of running, you can easily accelerate the processes of metabolism and reduce fat deposits, but you do not need a gym or training apparatus.

Recommendations for a relief diet

  • Reduce weight need to gradually – on 300 g every week, the diet will help control this process.

Hello, Help me please. I go to the gym, but there is no result like that . the chest seems to be developed, the shoulders and arms seem to have appeared, too, but my problem is in my pussy .. it's because I constantly shake the press, but the press never looms, would you be able to make up some kind of your diet? But I like two cubes appeared from above, and the lower part of the abdomen protrudes a little . Advise something! and I will be grateful for any of your information!

Do not tell me on what scheme to take creatine monohydrate, so that he brought me the greatest results in the increase of muscle mass?

It is best to take immediately after training, and on the outside training days can be taken in the morning.

I belong to normosthetics, or rather to the endomesomorphs, do not tell me how to train properly, so that these trainings will bring as much benefit as possible?

It all depends on the purpose of the training. For normostenics hundreds of training programs have been compiled. In general, a classic separate training with moderately heavy weights, exercises according to the 3 approach in 10-12 repetitions, is suitable.

Hello, again I want to ask you for help. How can I accurately determine the look of my physique and on the basis of this make up my training correctly?

It's quite simple, there are only three of them.

Normostenics are people whose anatomical proportions are close to the average parameters of the norm.

Hypersthenics – people are usually of short stature, with a round head, a large belly, relatively weak hands and feet.

Asthenics are people with relatively longer limbs, weakly developed muscles and thin bones. The subcutaneous fat layer is almost absent.

Hello, looked at the article How to pump up the chest, there is really an interesting material, all the exercises are broken down for each part of the pectoral muscles, but I can not do all the exercises on the lower part of the pectoral muscles . the room is very bad, what other techniques can be advised in pumping parts of pectoral muscles? By the way, I'm waiting for an article about doggkrap . ..

Unfortunately, only the lower part of the chest works: presses and information on the bench with a backward slope, crossovers on the blocks and push-ups on the uneven bars. There are no other ways to prune your breasts.

I wanted to offer you an idea for a new article. I hope you can. I would like you to study the method of training doggkrapa and briefly stated the essence, your opinion about this technique.

Yes, this is a rather interesting technique. We can prepare an article on this topic. Keep for updates.

What else would you ask, I can not cut the breast muscles, what do you advise? In addition, all kinds of presses and an incline bench, it simply does not exist . generally the breast grows badly . ..with advice

In the article How to pump up the chest are several options for building exercises for the muscles of the chest. Including with an emphasis on the bottom. You can try a few and choose the most suitable training plan for yourself. In any case, you need a variety, otherwise the muscles get used to the stresses and stop developing.

Hello. Thank you for answering my question, moreover so quickly, once again convinced that you have an excellent site. It turns out to lose the remainder of subcutaneous fat. you need to use fat burners and return aerobic training, aerobic training can be approached by jumping rope according to the scheme: 50 jumps, rest per minute, 60 prizhkov, again rest, 70, rest 80, rest, 90, rest, 100 and so on every workout increase? And the second question, I pumped up my hands to a certain volume, but they do not look proportional to the body, you also need to add a couple of centimeters, but it does not work, I came across a training plateau. What do you advise?

Yes, Eugene, if there are no problems with the joints, then such a jump program on the rope will work well.

If you stumble upon a training plateau, then it's difficult to get out of it when working on a relief, since you need a lot of calories for muscle growth. In that case, I can advise you to take protein and BCAA immediately before and after your workout. And, of course, try to introduce an overload to shock the muscles.

Hello, before asking a question, I want to thank you for creating such a great site. Very interesting and correct, from the point of view of science. I am a regular visitor to this site and will tell everyone to be visited. And now, directly, I have been doing bodybuilding for a long time and I have gained enough muscle mass and decided to dry it, drying was normal, but a small layer of fat on my legs and on the torso remained, I can not drive it off, the diet is good, I cut down carbohydrates, regular anaerobic exercises and intensive, aerobic until stopped doing, for lack of time, I would like to ask you what you will advise in my situation to drive away the last layer of fat?

Hello, Eugene. Thank you for the nice feedback about our site!

If the diet and training is all right, then you can additionally resort to the help of pharmacological agents – fat burners. L-carnitine (levocarnitine) has proved very good in this respect. But note that in the absence of aerobic exercise it will be difficult to achieve a positive result.


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