Almond – pleasant taste and recognizable aroma

Almonds are usually called a nut, however, in fact it is a stone fruit of the genus Plum.

It is of two kinds – sweet and bitter.

The latter is not used for food because of the content of toxic substances in it.

From the bitter variety make almond oil, in the process of production of which all the dangerous elements are neutralized.

This oil is used in the manufacture of cosmetic products.

The native land of this nut is Central Asia, today this plant is successfully grown on the territory of America, Asia and Europe.

The largest number grows in California.

Composition and nutritional value

Almonds are a very high-calorie product, so you need to use it at moderate doses.

It contains vitamin E, as well as B vitamins: niacin, riboflavin, panthenol, thiamine, pyridoxine.

Almond is rich in potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium – essential for the human body microelements, it also contains iron.

The aroma of almonds is determined by the presence in its composition of essential oils.

The bitter grade of walnut contains a poisonous substance – glycoside amygdalin.

Features of almonds

Almond kernels help improve a person's health in various kinds of anemia, diabetes, anemia.

The reason to add to the diet of almonds can serve as a problem of severe urination, the walnut perfectly removes stones from the kidneys.

Diseases of the stomach and duodenum, such as an ulcer or gastritis, also require the consumption of almonds.

This nut normalizes the acidity of the gastric juice, is used as a cholagogue, useful for normal liver and spleen.

Almond perfectly saves from headaches, migraines and insomnia. These delicious nuts with their regular use improve the work of the brain.

The fruits of sweet almonds have a therapeutic effect with numbness of limbs and cramps.

They perfectly clean the blood, are an excellent antioxidant (especially the skin).

Used for the prevention of cancer.

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Almonds are known in folk medicine as an antitussive.

Children who have a delay in growth, also give almonds, as an option – in a crushed form.

Almond oil will help health

The oil, obtained from the kernels of the seeds of almonds, also has many useful properties.

Almond oil has an expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect, is widely used in the treatment of asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, as well as otitis and other ear diseases.

Oil normalizes the work of the intestines, helps with flatulence and swelling.

Almond oil in medicine is used to combat stomatitis, kidney disease, vision, heart, for the prevention of heart attacks.

It is actively used to treat pressure ulcers, as well as to prevent their occurrence in bedridden patients.

By the way, it will also help to recover.

This oil contains a lot of nutrients, contributes to the appearance of appetite, getting rid of painful leanness, and, at the same time, removes toxins from the body.

On the protection of female beauty

Useful properties of almonds for women are undeniable.

Widely distributed this nut in the cosmetic industry.

Almond oil can be used to clean the skin, even as a means to remove makeup from the eyes.

In this case, the oil will also nourish the cilia, making them shiny and thick.

Almond smoothes, softens and moisturizes the skin of the face, prevents the aging of cells, promotes regeneration.

Almond oil is often chosen for massage, it does not cause allergy or irritation, gives skin elasticity, fights cellulite and displays stretch marks on the skin.

The composition of many hair products includes almond oil, because it gives hair shine and silky, makes them soft, strong and thick.

Are you in position? Eat almonds!

Pregnant women need to regularly receive a sufficient amount of vitamin E, magnesium and calcium, zinc, phosphorus, iron.

These substances are contained in almonds.

You also need folic acid, which is rich in this nut, and you need to start taking it at the planning stage of pregnancy.

Women in the situation and after childbirth often have problems with digestion.

Alumina in the almond will help to cope with this trouble.

Thanks to its analgesic effect, you can limit the use of medications harmful to your baby.

A pregnant woman who regularly eats almonds, suffers less, for example, headaches.

This nut effectively contributes to the normal growth and development of the fetus.

Also, almonds are recommended in the presence of pregnant women in chronic diseases or for the prevention of such diseases.

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Almond fights with hair loss, which is also typical for women in the position.

What a nut is good for men's health

Almond is the strongest aphrodisiac.

In addition, it enhances the production of sperm, and also improves its quality.

The consumption of almonds reduces the impact of alcohol on the body, and it is also an excellent remedy for a hangover.

It also helps to cope with alopecia.

Crushed cores, mixed with milk, are applied to the problem areas in the form of a mask.

In each barrel of honey – its own fly in the ointment

It would seem, what harm can there be from this harmless nut?

But the almonds do not have useful properties, but contraindications.

First of all, you need to observe the measure.

Twenty nucleoli a day is enough.

With a significant overeating of almonds, severe poisoning is possible.

It is better to eat almonds not salted and not fried.

When buying these nuts, give preference to the product in a sealed container, keep almonds at home, too, in a closed container, away from direct sunlight, best of all – in the refrigerator.

The spoiled nut becomes dangerous.

A common phenomenon is an allergy to almonds.

In this case, the use of these nuts must be discarded.

With rapid heartbeat, caution should be taken to consume the nut, because the condition may worsen.

Edible cheese

So in France they call Chufu or earth almond – a herb plant, the nodules on the roots of which are used for food.

Ground almond chufa also has useful properties.

The nodules of Chufa taste like almonds and contain a lot of fiber, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and other microelements.

Also, Chufa is rich in B vitamins and amino acids.

Nodule chufy contribute to the normalization of digestion, have a calming effect, are useful for the nervous system.

Used to prevent cardiovascular diseases and to combat toothache in the form of a rinse broth.

As we see, the benefits of almonds are undeniable for men and women of any age.

Thanks to its composition, the nut easily provides us with health and beauty.

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I try to eat almonds as often as possible. It's tasty and healthy.

I always eat almonds. I just have some kind of mania: I'm already shaking, if I do not put a nut in my mouth. And then it turns out that he is so useful. Thank you for the article.

Shit . ь, or you did not know that the nut is useful.

Thank you for the article! I am helped by almonds to get rid of heartburn and pain in the esophagus and stomach. No remedy for heartburn so does not help instantly relieve pain. And the almonds also heals!


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