Amazing Macaroni Diet

I can imagine how surprised you were when you heard that using macaroni you can lose weight. No, you will say, they grow on the contrary, but they do not. Betting? Now we will talk about everything in detail.

Macaroni is a very tasty and healthy product. But this does not mean that you need to rush into the store and buy pasta.

First. We study the composition from which the "rounds" are prepared, it must be solid varieties of wheat, because in them the starch is in crystalline form. This does not allow the dish to stick together with lumps, and the nutritional value is an order of magnitude higher than other pasta.

The second. The shelf life of the product! Do not allow macaroni to dry out and turn them into hardened sticks.

Third. Read carefully the composition on the packaging. Only those products that do not contain dyes, spinach, dill, beets for a representative species, only water, flour and eggs will be suitable for a diet.

The note! In no case can not digest pasta, it will already be a high-calorie mixture that will not allow you to effectively lose weight and make your waist slimmer and more attractive.

Preparing for a diet on pasta

  • Consultation with a specialist.
  • Making a menu for the week.
  • Preliminarily spend a day of unloading on milk.

Scheme of eating pasta.

During the dressing, use only olive oil, in addition it can be used to prepare sauces to make the dish more tasty and useful.

Enrich the diet with vegetables, fruits, seafood, various cereals, etc. Macaroni should be taken in the morning, without satiety. Small portions.

During the diet, you need to forget about meat, cutlets, bakery products, sweets, carbonated drinks, salt, spices, including ketchup and mayonnaise, too sharp vegetables and high-calorie fruit, bananas. Also avoid store and home preservatives, smoked products, sausages, lard, various sauces. After all, they are the cause of excess weight, and pasta is not at all.

We go further. The benefits of a diet on pasta are as follows:

  • Weight goes slowly, but stably.
  • The skin condition improves, the digestive tract will work.
  • Kilograms go away forever.
  • Do not feel hunger throughout the diet.
  • Permissible for pregnant and breast-feeding. It does not contain any harmful substances.
  • For seven days of a diet, you can lose 1,5-2 kg.

Diet for a week according to a macaroni diet

On the first day we cook one egg for breakfast, wash down with unsweetened tea. After a few hours, we eat 10 g dried apricots. Lunch – appetizing pasta with seafood (as part of pasta), for a snack again dried apricots. Supper with a salad of greenery and fresh cucumbers, dressed with olive oil.

The second day: a toast of grain bread, low-fat cottage cheese, green tea. Dried apricots. Lunch spaghetti with sweet pepper. On a mid-morning snack – vegetable salad. Supper with a light soup of champignons, without potatoes.

On the third day, let's have a salad of grated carrots and apples, dressed with low-fat yogurt. Next prunes, 5 pcs. Lunch noodles with zucchini and shrimp. Before dinner, eat an 1 apple, and before going to bed – a salad of greens with fresh cucumber, dressed with olive oil.

The fourth day we start from fat-free yogurt, a little later we eat three walnuts, for lunch – noodles with pesta sauce. For a snack a little walnuts, and for dinner – a green salad.

Pasta diet continues, on the fifth day we eat for breakfast 100 g skimmed cottage cheese, then a green apple, we have lunch with spaghetti with tomato sauce, some dried apricots and we have dinner with vinaigrette with fresh vegetables.

The sixth day will give us a delicious breakfast, one boiled egg and tomato. For the second breakfast dried apricots. Lunch – pasta with salmon and broccoli, before dinner – 3 pcs. walnuts and before bedtime baked eggplant in foil without salt.

We finish the diet on the seventh day. We have breakfast with fat-free cottage cheese, 100 g, after 1 raw carrots, we have lunch with noodles with pesto sauce, again one carrot and for dinner we prepare a light soup from champignons without potatoes.

The note! And you knew that the legendary Sophia Loren owes her grace and slenderness to MACARONAM. Thanks to them, the actress has been able to hold weight for several decades – 60 kg.

Lose weight with taste and pleasure!

Video about slimming macaroni

Reviews about macaroni diet

My favorite foods have always been bread and spaghetti. I knew that I gained my weight in 75 kilograms because of baking. I found out about such a diet – macaroni and was incredibly happy! And just give up bread. I ate some spaghetti with vegetables and mushrooms. Eggs 2 times a week as an additive. Held 2 months. You will not believe, without sports and physical activities, I dropped 6 kg? How do you like the result? Now I believe in it! Now summer, I will add tomatoes and greens!

When I learned that there is a macaroni diet, I decided to try, because pasta with tomato sauce is my favorite food. Especially liter of rolled tomato jars we have about twenty pieces! Of course, I corrected my diet in accordance with this diet. At first it was difficult, but still mastered myself. And a week later I could not believe my eyes: on the scales was -NNUMX kg. I'm very glad!

Girls, this is really a very worthwhile diet, if you want to throw off a couple of extra pounds in a short time! Has typed after any holidays two superfluous kgs, all did not know, as with them will consult, and here subtracted or deducted about such fine diet. I just do not agree that you do not feel hungry, maybe I'm such a glutton, but I still wanted to eat. For a week I threw off a half kilogram. Try a macaroni diet!

Girls, hello everyone. I found for myself such an interesting diet, called "Macaroni". Yes, I did not expect it to work. Observed strictly all the recommendations and still achieved the results I need, although I honestly say I've tried many diets before, but there was no result. The main plus of a macaroni diet is that the kilograms go away for a long time Yes, and besides, these are my favorite foods ..

Very adore macaroni and therefore decided to try this diet. She immediately seemed interesting to me. I have been following 2 all week long and have not even approached the goodies. The girls know how surprised I was when I found out that during this time I threw off 2,5 kg. I was very pleased. I still sit on this diet and I advise everyone to try it! I'm sure that you, too, will be satisfied.

Winter passed, but not without a trace, this winter I gained a significant amount of kilograms, instead of my usual 55, I began to weigh 62 (!), And this is all buns and sausages for the night. In spring I stumbled upon this diet, my joy was no limit, that you can lose weight using your favorite product. Probably, I should have been born a passionate Italian, because My love for pasta is boundless, and this love played into the hands. Since April I have been following this diet, and slowly, but surely I have regained my weight! And without damage to health, and now it's July, but the weight keeps on, I feel fine, and I look the same. In general, I recommend! Try it, it's delicious and effective)

Hello! Very good diet, really helped. After the operation, too quickly began to gain weight, and plus, by profession, a lot of time has to be spent sitting at the computer.

Many revisions of different diets, but the macaroni diet seemed very interesting to me, and I decided to try it.

First with the growth of 1.80 m, the weight was 86 kg, but now it is already 76 kg. Even I advise you to attend a diet at the gym, from this effect will increase

Hello! A good diet, justified all my expectations! I gained 6 extra pounds during the winter (and I had to throw off excess weight by the summer and my friend recommended a macaroni diet, I did not believe it at first, I thought, "How can I lose weight from macaroni?" But it turned out that after the first week, I could not believe the result I zbrosila 2 kg, but for me this is a very good result.

Everyone should have known for a long time that macaroni from solid varieties are not only not harmful, but also useful. And a different price in the store is not for "firm" and "packaging" to overpay, but for the amount of useful trace elements and a smaller number of calories. I liked very much that the diet is balanced, there are no empty windows between doses. It is necessary to try it somehow

Pasta is my passion, my love, my lunch and dinner. So it was, until I realized that it was time to lose weight! With an increase in 158 cm, I weighed 71 kg, and that's agree, bust. In general, I sat on PP (proper nutrition), who are interested in diets (that is, everyone who reads this), knows that the food there is diverse, but at the heart of its cereals, and not my favorite flour products. The matter is that I hate buckwheat, rice and other porridges and the PP was for me a true suffering. I honestly suffered for two weeks: the weight stood, nerves spoiled. As a result, I was tired and I started looking for a diet that suits me. And then I get a macaroni diet. Who would have thought that on macaroni, too, grow thin! What can I say, for three weeks on macaroni weight decreased from 71,3 to 67,5 kg, what else to dream about? Of course, rolls, mayonnaise and sweets for me under the ban and a plate of spaghetti before going to bed can not be, but I live and do not exist and eat what I really like! This is not the main thing in losing weight: to return a healthy appearance without compromising on psychological health.


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