Pre-fatigue – a method of training, the essence of which is to fatigue the target muscle in advance (or muscle groups) with the help of isolating exercises, after which they pass to performing basic exercises. For example, you perform simple crossovers, directing the load directly to the pectoral muscles, then proceed to a fairly heavy […]


Swimming on the back – technique of the exercise: Often swimming on the back becomes the second style, the technique of which is taught to a beginner swimmer. Like freestyle, swimming on the back is based on alternating strokes. Swimming on the back (which is also called a crawl on the back and a windmill […]


Squats with a bar – technique of the exercise: For safety reasons, perform this exercise in the frame for squats. To begin with, adjust the racks so that the bar is slightly above your shoulders. Load the bar with the required weight. Stand under the neck and place it on the back of the shoulders […]

Handstand. Training

For those who prefer training with their own weight, the handstand is one of the most important exercises. It allows you to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders and arms, and also develops the coordination of the body. The description of the stand on the hands is given in stages, so that it is possible […]

Yoga: where to start studying and how to practice at home

Every year, such a mystical occupation as yoga is gaining more and more fans around the world. In addition to being a great way to keep a figure and develop flexibility, it will also teach a person spiritual cohesion with himself, help to achieve absolute harmony. Now yoga classes have become a symbol of prestige, […]

Workout for beginners at home: exercises for girls and boys

Vorkaut is a new direction, the name of which is borrowed from the English workout – checking, training. This kind of sport comes from the United States, more precisely from American street sites, where young people did not have access to sports halls and shells. The mandatory requirement in the vorouth is great endurance and […]

Why you should strengthen the muscles of the cortex

Is it hard to do some exercises? Weak bark muscles can be the root of the problem. Find out how strengthening the torso will help in the gym and beyond! Authors: Tiffany Lee Gaston Most people at the mention of "bark" think of a smooth and sexy belly with six cubes. But the term kor […]

Why do not your muscles grow?

Author: Damien Mace At forums dedicated to bodybuilding and fitness, I regularly meet such a question: Hello, I am engaged for a long period, but I could not even gain a few pounds. I train intensively and take sports supplements. But weight and strength do not grow! Help me please! A fairly typical situation for […]

Why do not the muscles grow?

Whatever one may say, sooner or later, every athlete faces a situation where the muscles simply stop growing. In addition, the longer the period of regular training, the higher the risk of encountering this situation. That is why, more often than not, why do not muscles grow Experienced athletes are asked than beginners. So what […]