Jumping with squats

Jumping with squats – technique of doing the exercise: Cross your arms in front of you, as shown. The head is raised, the back is straight, the legs are shoulder-width apart. On inspiration, do squats. Keep your head up, your back straight. Squat until the upper part of the thighs is parallel to the floor […]

Joint Bubnovsky gymnastics for beginners

If you do not want to spend a lot of money and time on drug treatment of locomotor system diseases, then the gymnastics of Dr. Bubnovsky will come to the rescue. How to restore health with Dr. Bubnovsky According to statistics, about 75% of people from the general population of the world suffer from diseases […]

Isolating exercises

Isolating (isolation) are called exercises, which always involve only one group of muscles or one muscle (it works in isolation) and only one joint. These exercises are focused on the qualitative development of one muscle. Isolating exercises are also called grinding exercises, because it is they who grind your muscles and give them a relief […]

Isodynamic training: more use of dumbbells!

Isometric training is a laborious and monotonous process. To introduce an element of novelty and to enjoy the benefits of isometrics is possible with this simple technique. Take a pair of dumbbells, but lift only one of them! Author: Nick Tumminello Fundamental exercises of bodybuilding are considered fundamental, because they really work. On the other […]

Is it worth it to pull back?

Do you like pulling back, but do you hate joint pain? You need a more balanced approach. Here is the plan for painless pull-ups for the year ahead! Author: John Paul Catanzaro For years, we were told that we should not pull up on the bar and pull the top block by the head. The […]

Is cardio useful before breakfast?

We have all heard the statement that aerobic stresses in the morning on an empty stomach can accelerate the process of fat burning. If only this were true . Author: Brad Schoenfeld In 1999, Bill Phillips published his famous book on fitness – "Body for Life" – which promises the reader a new look in […]

Intensive program for breast

Primary goal: build-up of muscle mass A type: for one muscle group Level of training: average Number of workouts per week: 1 Necessary equipment: dumbbell, barbell Audience: men and women To the beach or pool was not ashamed to undress, attack the pectoral muscles in all directions and use the drop sets, combined in an […]

Injured the back? 7 ways to continue training

Injury of the back is not a joke, and no one is immune from it. However, this is not an excuse to stop training. These 7 rules will help you train with a damaged back. You do not realize the importance of the muscle group until it becomes dysfunctional or, worse, traumatized. Most people are […]

Information for beginning bodybuilders

Learn about training different parts of the body, sets, exercises, the number of repetitions, the technique of performing exercises, the speed of movements, rest between sets, the amplitude of movements, the frequency of training, duration and much more! Author: Daniel Samar Bodybuilders group exercises in accordance with body parts and train one muscle group at […]