Diet in pancreatic pancreatitis

Diet in acute pancreatic pancreatitis: Exacerbation of chronic recurrent pancreatitis in the vast majority of cases proceeds according to the type of acute or subacute pancreatitis. In the early days, conservative treatment of patients has the features of emergency care. Liquid and carbohydrate food in the least stimulates pancreatic and gastric secretion, enteral nutrition begins […]

Diet in Oncological Diseases

Diet in cancerous diseases depends on many different factors: the stage of development of the disease, the affected organ or system, the patient’s condition, the degree of disruption of mineral metabolism in cancer (protein-energy deficiency, hypercalcemia, Iron-deficiency anemia, water-electrolyte disorders and so on), the treatment methods currently in use. In addition, cancer diseases in many […]

Diet in menopause

Sooner or later, every woman faces a climax, and to reduce the severity of his symptoms, you do not always need to take medications – in a number of cases, it’s enough to follow a simple diet. Features of nutrition and diet with menopause ^ The most important principle of proper nutrition in menopause is […]

Diet in kidney stones kidney disease

The formation of stones of various composition in the kidneys is considered one of the most common pathologies. Most often, due to the peculiarities of the structure of the body and the humoral regulation of processes, it affects the female half of the population. Therapy of urolithiasis includes a change in the daily regimen, regular […]

Diet in kidney nephritis

General dietary rules for kidney nephritis – salt and protein is limited, the liquid is controlled, food is fractional, light. 5 basic rules for nutrition with jade By adjusting the patient’s menu with jade, you can achieve the following results: facilitate the work of the diseased organ; reduce or align pressure values; reduce the volume […]

Diet in high cholesterol in women after 50. Menu and products

An increase in the level of cholesterol in the blood is considered the main factor that negatively affects the state of the blood vessels and provokes the development of cardiovascular diseases, including atherosclerosis, stroke, myocardial infarction, thrombophlebitis. Increased blood levels of low-density lipoproteins, the so-called “bad cholesterol,” and triglycerides with a decrease in high-density lipoproteins […]

Diet in high cholesterol in women

The human body produces such a quantity of cholesterol, which is enough for the normal functioning of all systems and organs. But with an improperly organized dietary system, the substance in question is in abundance in the blood. To cope with this problem and protect your body from dangerous consequences will help a special diet […]

Diet in high cholesterol in men. Products. Variants of dishes

Atherosclerosis as a consequence of an increased level of cholesterol is relevant for both sexes, but up to 50 years among women this problem is less common. Men already from 30-year-old age fall into the risk group due to their physiological characteristics and lifestyle. Essential role in the cholesterol metabolism is played by nutrition, since […]

Diet in fractures of leg bones

Unfortunately, no one is insured against injuries. Most often in the emergency room people are treated with fractures of hands and feet. The number of such incidents increases several times with the onset of winter and ice. The bad news is that you will have to wear gypsum for at least two weeks. Diet accelerates […]