Angel diet – the way to a healthy diet and a beautiful figure

The angel's diet is a whole philosophy and the first step on the way to a healthy diet. According to the popular version, this power system, or otherwise it will not be called, was specially developed for the models of the company Victoria Secret and later became popular among ordinary girls who dream of an angelically attractive look.

In addition, it helps to develop the correct eating habits, so after it is perfectly possible to switch to a balanced diet without difficulty.

Due to the high protein content in the diet of this diet, there is no need to give up training – eating 13 days in a given mode, you will have enough energy and energy to go to the gym.

Before learning the menu, it is necessary to understand what angels do not eat.

The list below is a stop list, breaking points of which will reduce all efforts to "no":

  • for the entire period of the angel's diet, you need to exclude from the diet salty and sweet dishes;
  • sauces, especially store, must be thrown out of the refrigerator (they should not be used at all, no matter what type of food system you use).

You can fill the salad with low-fat natural yogurt or olive oil with lemon juice;

  • forget about alcohol (because this is carbohydrate bombs provoking, among other things, a feeling of hunger and disabling the system of self-control);
  • limit consumption of coffee (one cup of natural americano in the morning will be quite enough);
  • completely exclude semi-finished products (including sausages, sausages and frozen dumplings);
  • enrich the diet with green vegetables and herbs, and reduce meat consumption;
  • exercise and, if possible, massage;
  • be sure to observe the drinking regime.
  • About the need to drink enough water, for sure, everyone heard. Only it is not clear how much to drink, and most importantly – what.

    In the cold season, to force yourself to drink a glass of water is a rather complicated matter, and in the heat you can recommend two liters and not quench your thirst. The optimal option in this case will be to drink 8 glasses of water a day – let the bottle always be in sight, sooner or later the habit will work out.

    It is best to drink water without gas, which, if desired, you can squeeze a little lemon juice.

    The essence of the diet of angels is, first of all, in the inculcation of proper eating habits. Food should be balanced and, depending on the purpose, it is dominated by certain nutrients.

    This food system is based on a high content of protein and plant foods – this is one of the principles of healthy eating. Rich in vitamins, this diet will not lead to a deplorable state of either your muscles, or hair with nails, or a general health condition.

    What to eat while following an angel diet

    The menu is designed for 13 days, during which time you can hardly stay hungry. However, snacks and eating "on the run" are completely unacceptable – breakfast, lunch and dinner should be a ritual for you.

    Get beautiful dishes and tablecloth, serve the table, as if celebrating a birthday, cook dishes with love and serve in a restaurant manner.

    Why such a ceremony?

    Because, having chosen an angel diet, you decided to become easy, like a feather on the angel's wing, and by all means just have to reach the goal. Thorough preparations for food intake will distract you from the desire to eat some harmfulness, if it arises.

    The menu of the "angelic" diet for 13 days for convenience will be placed in the table:

    It must be remembered that in tea and coffee, with the angel's diet, sugar is not necessary to add, vegetable salads fill with a small amount of olive oil and lemon juice, do not salt (fruit can be filled with a small amount of low-fat natural yogurt). Meat, presented in the menu, you need to cook without using oil – bake in the oven or on the grill, boil.

    Starting from the eighth day, full democracy is supposed – you can change the places of meals and days, but it is important to observe all the regulations and restrictions.

    How to lose weight on 10 kg for a week on an angel's diet can be learned from the video.

    One diet for weight loss is usually not enough, muscles must be kept in a tone, which is ideal for aerobic exercise. In view of the fact that the breakfast of the "angelic" diet is rather modest, it is best to run for jogging during the morning.

    The fact is that overnight, the nutrient reserves in our body are depleted, and fasting training contributes directly to the burning of fats, rather than previously consumed calories. The only rule in this case is that before you need to drink a glass of water.

    In the morning, human blood is much more viscous, respectively, the load on the heart will be too high, and this is not good for the body. After jogging, be sure to have breakfast.

    If in the morning you do not find the strength or time for training, then postpone it for a later time. It is best to practice an hour before meals, but not before going to sleep – as this can provoke insomnia.

    Remember that the load should be uniform, you need to use all muscle groups, and not just "shake the press" or "poprisedat." Before training, be sure to thoroughly warm up the muscles in order not to get injured, after – spend a short stretch.

    Categorical contraindications to the angel's diet is not, because its menu is very close to the balanced diet menu.

    Of course, the question remains about the meager breakfasts of the "angelic" diet, in addition, the adherents of proper nutrition insist that one should eat more often, in small portions. Perhaps the first days you really will not eat up an angelic breakfast, but such a forced measure is guaranteed to reduce the volume of the stomach, so that portions will gradually decrease, and with them the amount of calories eaten.

    On the water diet learn on our website.

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    Reviews about the salt-free diet here.

    Started the fight against excess weight 7 days ago, dropped already 4 kg! The diet is tolerated quite easily, although the first two days a little dizzy because of a modest breakfast. Three times a week I attend a dance studio – a sea of ​​positive emotions and a wonderful load! If it continues in the same spirit, then by the end of the angel's diet, I will achieve my ideal weight!

    -Natalia Resurrection, 33 years

    And me with my weight need to eat all my life on the menu of an angel's diet! I plan to switch to proper nutrition in the future, I hope this will really help me to instill the necessary nutritional habits. I started only yesterday, tried to run before breakfast – hypoglycemia started, I had to abandon this idea. But the regime did not violate, and even drank eight glasses of water! Today I go to the gym after lunch, I'll try, maybe there I will be able to accustom myself to the sport.

    Girls! Angel diet for 13 days really works! During pregnancy I gained an additional 20 kg! With the growth of 170, we can not weigh 95 kg! Of course, I was not skinny before, but after the birth of my son, I began to actively pursue myself. I stumbled upon an angelic diet at some forum for young mothers, now I do not remember, I decided to try. The only deviation from the menu I had was that I replaced coffee with a special tea that increased lactation, but I think it did not really matter. And the sport, of course, I was, basically, in cleaning and walking with the child. Now I already weigh 65 kg, that is, even less than before delivery. Periodically I repeat the diet of an angel, once every three to four months. Everything is super, I feel great!

    About the Angel's diet from Monica Bellucci is told in the video.

    A good drug, most importantly – do not overdo it with a dosage, which seems to have been a couple of times.

    Hey. I even did not know that there are such drugs for slimming, and it's very good to make them in syrups, pills, tablets.

    And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?

    Exercise for stretching is only for those who are professionally engaged in their body for example bodybuilders.


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