Angelina Jolie’s diet – the secrets of harmony

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The famous film star Angelina Jolie in her 39 years with the growth of 173 cm weighs only about 55 kg. by its slenderness the actress is obliged to the diet regime, which she developed herself. To the general public, this method became known as the Angelina Jolie diet.

The original version of the diet assumed the consumption of only liquid food. The essence of this method was to feed every two hours. The result of Angelina Jolie’s diet was expressed in the purification of the body of toxins and toxins. At the same time, any solid products must be strictly excluded.

The technique developed by Jolie proved to be very effective and allowed her just a week to say goodbye to 3 extra pounds. But too severe diet turned into unpleasant consequences in the form of dizziness and weakness. Therefore, Angelina added solid food to her diet.

In its final version, Angelina Jolie’s diet is a very gentle method of losing weight, not causing stressful conditions. The diet consists of several stages, the duration of which is selected individually depending on the result:

  1. During the first stage, it is necessary to exclude all products contributing to weight gain. In this case, weight loss is rapid. At the time when the desired result left to lose a little kilogram, you can go to the second stage.
  2. The second step in the diet of Jolie allows you to eat forbidden foods, but you need to add them gradually and in small portions. In this part of the diet, weight is lost more slowly, but weight loss does not stop. After achieving the desired effect, it remains to complete the final stage of the diet.
  3. Stage three implies the consolidation of the results obtained. In the daily menu, the previously excluded products are returned. Every day their volume increases and is brought to the usual rate.
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Thus, despite the age and growth, Angelina Jolie’s diet keeps weight in a constant framework. And for a long-term effect throughout the diet and at its end, the actress does not stop physical training.

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Reviews about the diet of Angelina Jolie

When I quit smoking, I began to improve very much in weight. For a month I scored + 5kg. I read many forums and advice on diets and decided to try Angelina’s diet Jolie secrets of slimness. I lost weight by 10 kg due to the fact that I excluded from the usual diet all solid foods switched to soups, cocktails and juices. Angelina Jolie’s diet promotes weight loss since it does not have a special menu

I had the same problem, quit smoking and for six months I got better at 8 kg. I tried several diets, but I always felt weak with them, I could not work normally. My friend advised the diet of Jolie and I decided to try. I switched to liquid nutrition and frequent meals, after two weeks there was a result, and the state of health was excellent. So this diet suited me very much, I still sit on it, it was left to drop quite a bit to my ideal weight.

After a long illness unrealistically greatly recovered, became, literally, a real behemoth! Accordingly, from this health problem I did not become less. Long tried to lose weight, do not eat, eat low-calorie food, but it’s all useless. Accidentally stumbled on the diet of Angelina Jolie and a little rejoiced! It offers a fairly wide diet and at this excellent results! For the first month, I dropped no less than 10 kg without much difficulty. Further – it is easier. For 3 months, I regained my weight in 57 kg with the growth of 173 see. And I also corrected my health. In general, I advise this diet to everyone who wants to lose weight and improve their health!

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I agree, diet, helps not only to lose weight, but also very positively affects the general well-being! The main thing is to constantly adhere to proper nutrition and not allow yourself to eat too much!

Not so long ago she became a mommy and when she stopped breastfeeding, seriously thought about the time to lose weight. Especially looking for a diet. that the dumped weight did not return, because it had a sad experience. The Angelina diet seemed to me interesting and effective, and I started the process of losing weight. The first stage was the most difficult for me. but then, when I dropped my last 11 kg, I went to the second stage and everything went like clockwork! Girls, the main thing is not to throw everything half way. but to go to the end and believe in yourself – then everything will turn out! Highly recommend.

Alena, how much did you just fold? I also recently became a mother, while at the first stage. The diet is simple and does not harm health, for a week I lost weight on 5 kg, I want to know how much you can lose?

And the truth Alain tell my sister in the same position as you. And does not the diet affect her feeding already twins? And how to hold out in the first stage? Is it really true? Thank you in advance for your advice.

Girls. With the help of this diet dispelled the myth that it is impossible to lose weight after taking hormones! At one time I drank Yarinu . the doctor advised . .the result: plus 22 for 2 months . with my growth 153cm it’s awful, at the same time, I’ve never been thin . . and that I just did not try . .did not eat after 18 : 00, tried the English diet .. as a result: I brought myself up to an exacerbation of gastritis, without any visible results. I fell into depression, tk. want and dress beautifully, and heels to put on heels with a short skirt . Joy did not add what was written everywhere, as if to lose weight after taking hormones is impossible. And Jolie is so pretty, she wants to be like her! Has solved: was-was not! The first stage took me about 3,5 months. It was terribly hard! I want to eat something, but at night it tastes better)) I broke down, of course, but the process started. Has grown thin for 15 kg. Now I’m approaching the second stage. Tomorrow I will eat a chocolate bar)))) Already possible)))

For a long time I dreamed of trying Angelina Jouilly’s diet. Heard that she helped many. For a week already there was a shift, I combined a diet with physical exertion. She ate not in large portions for a month, consumed foods with low calories and noticed that she began to lose weight. As a result, dropped 5kg. I want to try again. The diet has impressed me, I do not think that it is necessary to stop.

I, too, like Angelina Jolie do not eat bread in my diet, only in exceptional cases and that, very, very rarely. Such a woman as she does not advise bad. I admire her!

Lovely girl! Tell me, how can I make myself continue to lose weight? I was able to cope with extra 12 kg, but the ideal is still so far away. A simple restriction on the amount of food on me already does not work at all. I read about the diet of Angelina Jolie and of course the results were impressive. And left me to my goal of some 4 kg. It seems that it is not difficult at all, and an example of this is what is remarkable.

Devonki, I really want to lose weight .. Very, very ..

Me no diets help! ((I myself since childhood is not very slender, or rather pyshechka .. And after childbirth in general became thick ((

I came across this diet .. I want to try! I can manage to lose weight for a bit!

Tell me, how much have you been able to lose weight due to this diet? And then according to reviews, she chutli is not one of the best))

Angelina Jolie, has always been my ideal woman, so seeing her diet, I decided to try it in action! To be honest, the diet is very happy! Thanks to her, I began not only to eat properly and legibly, but also not to gain excess weight! Now, keep a stable mark, strictly, 55 kg! Thank you Jolie for helping with easy weight loss!

After I left work from boredom, I ate and ate and ate constantly. For more than two months, I scored 30 kg! It’s just an eerie weight for my build up of growth I have 157 cm and before that I more than 50 never weighed. I began to develop complexes, I did not get into my favorite things, my stomach and sides began to hang . Depression. And at the moment of my despair, a friend came to help me, she told me about Angelina Jolie’s incredible diet. With the help of this diet, I easily came into shape, extra pounds melted in front of my eyes! The hardest part was to pull yourself together and start, and then it was like clockwork! Incredibly, but for 3 months, I fully came into shape and continue to keep my weight!

In principle, Angelina Jolie’s diet is very good, first to exclude all harmful products (sweets, smoked products, etc.) – this is the most difficult stage, then when the result will be noticeably quietly included in the diet these products, since it is very difficult to completely refuse ))) And the main thing is not to break and over time the body will begin to get used and such a diet will become a habit! By the way, looking at Angelina Jolie, you can not doubt the effectiveness of her diet. ))

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Miriam Josey
Miriam Josey is an RD and expert in healthy diets and sustainable lifestyles. She has a B.S from Cal State (Nutritional Science) and an M.S. from the University of Southern California (Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity). Miriam’s professional chef certificate allows her to develop rich, non-restrictive diets for weight loss.


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