Apple diet for 7 days: lose weight and get younger!


Apple diet is rightly considered one of the most effective and safe mono-diet, correcting the disturbed metabolism and successfully fighting with extra pounds. Undisputed advantages of this weight loss program is its availability, economy and the ability to hold at any time of the year. Stick to the diet on apples is difficult, but the result is worth a little to wait and show restraint with respect to other products – 7 days of "apple" weight loss can get rid of 5-7 kilograms of excess weight.

Magic apple on a gold plate!

Apple diet allows not only to quickly adjust the weight, but also significantly improve health. And all this thanks to the beneficial properties of these tasty and juicy fruits, containing a sufficient number of vitamins and trace elements. The English even have a saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," which translates as "one apple a day – and you do not need a doctor!".

10 reasons for the presence of apples in the diet

  1. In apples contain potassium, calcium, iron and iodine, which ensure the removal of excess fluid from the body, normalizing blood pressure, purifying blood and increasing the elasticity of blood vessels.
  2. The presence of fiber in the fruits of apples helps to improve digestion and easy weight loss.
  3. Fruit acids contained in apples stimulate the intestinal peristalsis and prevent the active absorption of fats.
  4. Glucose and fructose, present in the "forbidden" fruit perfectly satisfies hunger and energizes the entire body.
  5. Contained in apples zinc, strengthens the immune system and actively struggles with excess weight.
  6. The presence of phosphorus and potassium in the "juvenile" apples has a beneficial effect on the work of the brain and the musculature of man.
  7. Apples are a storehouse of iron that prevents the development of anemia.
  8. The apples contain ballast substances that improve the work of the intestines and eliminate intestinal bacteria.
  9. The trinity of vitamins A, C and E strengthens the immune system, helps the body cope with stress and prevents aging of the skin.
  10. Scientists have proved that the regular use of apples of any sort promotes longevity and rejuvenation of the body. This is due to the fact of the presence in these fruits of the substance "epicatechin polyphenol", rejuvenating the heart and improving blood circulation.

Apple diet for 7 days: lose weight and get younger!

Apple diet for 7 days

Among the huge variety of options for diets on apples, the most common and effective is the diet for slimming apple, designed for a week. Such a program of losing weight allows you to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, lose weight and do no harm to your health. But all this is possible only with strict adherence to the rules of apple slimming.

Apple diet: the axioms of carrying out

  • To reduce the feeling of hunger during a diet, the daily norm of apples should be divided into 6 receptions.
  • You should drink a lot of water (at least 2 liters per day), which can periodically be replaced with green tea.
  • It is necessary to be more often on fresh air, to try not to overstrain and enough to have a rest.
  • With increased acidity of the stomach should eat sweet varieties of apples.
  • If you feel unwell, you can add a few loaves or rye croutons to the diet.

With increased flatulence, diarrhea, or bloating, fresh fruits can be replaced with baked ones, which at the same calorie content less irritate the walls of the intestine. Baked apples are characterized by a high content of pectin, which, in addition to cleansing the body of toxins, stimulates metabolism, improves the digestive tract and promotes general strengthening of the body.

Apple diet: menu on 7 days

A weekly diet on apples is, perhaps, the most difficult kind of weight loss on the basis of fruits. The daily diet of such a program of weight loss includes only apples, and in strictly defined quantities. You can drink and even need – green or herbal tea without sugar, mineral water or water with lemon. The diet plan is extremely easy. On the first and last day of the diet, it is allowed to eat only one kilogram of apples. The second and sixth days allow the use of 1,5 kilograms of apples per day. In the middle of the week it is allowed to eat on 2 kilograms of raw or baked apples a day.

Apple diet for 7 days: lose weight and get younger!

The cons of the apple diet

As in any other method of losing weight, the apple diet has its drawbacks, the main one of which is the presence of contraindications and the complexity of its compliance. So the use of a significant amount of raw apples is contraindicated in people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, ulcers and high acidity of the stomach. As evidenced by numerous reviews, compliance with the diet can cause general weakness of the body, irritability and headaches. The high content of fiber in apples can provoke irritation of the intestines and give a lax effect.

Apple diet: reviews and results

Diet on apples has very conflicting reviews. Someone has this option of losing weight, but someone can not stand such a diet and a couple of days. Choosing a weight loss program, you need to take into account that the diet is a strictly individual set of procedures, selected depending on the personal characteristics and capabilities of the human body. Therefore, only by trying this method, you will be able to determine whether it suits you or not. From a medical point of view, the apple diet is unbalanced and monotonous, which is why it is not suitable for long-term use. As for the result, it is always, as evidenced by the photo of women before and after the diet on apples. "Molodilnye" fruits contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals that help to cleanse the body, normalize metabolism, reduce blood pressure and reduce weight. Therefore, in the absence of contraindications, it is even useful to sit on such a diet, only in moderation!

Video about apple diet

Video about the diet on apples

Video about apples for weight loss

Reviews of the apple diet for 7 days

In general, I'm an experimenter in terms of diets and weight loss, so I tried many different diets and when new diets appear I constantly experience them on my own. So this fall has been a week on the apple diet, the single-valued advantage of the diet is the fact that apples are a cheap product, especially in the fall, and they are delicious. The weight slowly began to decrease, not drastically, but I did not expect more, I have to drink a lot of liquid, and I always eat apples.

Diet on apples is a great idea. Now I will explain why. My girlfriend tried it twice. The first time she did not last two days (you still want to eat). But the second time, when she decided to return to her, the result did not take long. For two weeks it has changed beyond recognition. We even had to go shopping to buy her new clothes, because the old one was now hanging on her with a sack. Perhaps it's all about her metabolism, but this diet is now her favorite, and it is unlikely she will ever go to another, because apples are not only useful, but also extremely tasty!

Before deciding to eat properly, I decided to unload. And since there was a season of apples, I did not come up with anything better than to sit on an apple diet. For a week, I took 2 kg and after an apple diet, and apples, which I was tired of, the right food seemed to me a paradise. The only downside is that apples due to fiber slightly weaken, although, maybe it's not a minus.

Always ran to work in the mornings and there was neither the time nor the imagination to cook a morning porridge or a sandwich. So there appeared in my life apples, which I eat in the mornings constantly for 12 years. And the apple diet, of course, I tried, since apples are always at home in stock. I will only say that this diet should not sit down sharply, but prepare your body for it: a couple of days before the apple diet to eat boiled potatoes with boiled chicken breast without salt, drink kefir. Then the diet will go smoothly. To me, the apple diet has approached, weight decreases. Then I'll make myself an apple-free days.

About the benefits of apples knew from the "school bench". In addition, I like them to taste and quite often I eat them. I do not have any contraindications to this diet. In general . I decided, because the extra pounds (and I have extra about 10) very much prevent me from living. This was, perhaps, one of the most difficult tests in my life (from a psychological point of view). The first two days are all right, but then . I was already beginning to dream of different delicious food. I even fell a little on 4 day – diluted the apple diet with a few vegetable salads. With grief in half, I took this test on myself. The award was minus 5 kg of excess weight. I'm just happy)))

Oh, for me, excess weight is a long-standing predicament problem. It is only a little relax, as soon as I fly into + 10 kg! And instantly! And then I shed them painfully for months ((lately, I keep myself toned up only thanks to the apple diet.) Somehow I got addicted, I buy different types of apples and crunch them)) It's good that I have no side effects, so it fits me perfectly!

I'm already tired of all kinds of diets. I do not know what to try. But my pampushka-girlfriend advised me an apple diet for weight loss. So now we compete with her together, who has more thrown off. During the first week they removed 5 kilograms from her. I do not even recognize myself in the mirror. I feel very easy and comfortable. Soon we will go new things to buy, or else all things hang on us.

Diet on apples my girlfriend did not fit – she could not eat in this mode, but I still endured a week. The result was tangible – 3 kilograms per week off. I agree, the diet is rather complicated, because the diet is limited only to apples and tea. After about a day, three began to feel a slight weakness, but this is because the level of carbohydrates is maximally reduced.

Good afternoon, girls.

I want to tell my story.

After the birth of her second son, she began to recover actively, she did not pay much attention to it, but when she almost became like my mother (she is my full man), it became terrible that even a husband could turn away in the future, although he always said that I had him the best. But who does not want to see the most beautiful next to him. That I just did not try, and I drank tea, and even tablets, because of which I got to the hospital. In general, nothing helped, in general, I was very upset, but still decided not to give up and go to the end. I forgot to say that I'm a man who likes not to deny himself nothing.

I want to say right away, until you adjust yourself, then the diets will not help either.

I decided to try this apple diet, because I love apples, and I do not see anything wrong with them. Plus, I went to the fitness in parallel.

In general, for 2 months I reached my ideal weight.

I advise everyone to at least try this diet, you will not regret it.

I wish everyone to be the most loved and the most beautiful, good luck, girls.

The diet is not bad, I somehow sat there. The only thing, I broke in the end, probably the body demanded its own. In general, the diet is good, but my stomach was constantly swollen, grumbling and all that connected with it. Constantly in the stomach, some wars were going on. I know that apples are very useful and contain a lot of vitamins and microelements. This is what I myself motivated when my stomach muttered! Maybe it's just such a reaction to them? 🙁

After giving birth, I gained extra pounds. I tried different diets, but the apple diet 7 days really helped me, I managed to "overcome" 5 kilograms per week. Of course it was difficult, because she used to pamper herself with various delicacies during pregnancies, but nothing got together and the result is there. Only girls remember that it is best to use this diet, if there are no problems with the stomach. In any case, it is better to consult a doctor. I wish all successes in our hard struggle)))))

At first I grew thin on apples with mineral water, it seemed hard, switched to kefir, and then the cottage cheese was added, very tasty and effective diet. Apples I buy local, I cut off a peel, sometimes I beat with a blender with kefir, I add honey. Kefir and cottage cheese, too, I cook myself, on leaven "Bakdzdrav", they are very useful and well affect the microflora of the stomach. While there was no multivarka, the thermos was quietly managing.

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