Are squatting with the bar harmful?

Squats are the king of strength training, but do not the risks associated with squatting outweigh their advantages? If you want to find out right now just how bad squats really are, read on!

Author: Eliot Reimers

If you look for bodybuilding analogs of the famous Shakespeare's "To be or not to be? That's the question, "I think, we can safely say that" To squat or not to squat? That's the question "will be at the top of the rating.

But let's leave the classic of world literature alone. Squats are undoubtedly one of the most powerful strength training exercises for musculature development and strength indicators. Nevertheless, many bodybuilders and ordinary exercise lovers avoid squats and prefer them to isolated leg exercises in the gym section of the gym. Do not get me wrong, some benefit from performing straightening or bending of the legs in the simulator in combination with the foot press will be, but no exercise will develop such muscular power (and strength of mind) as old school squats with a barbell.

In that case, why do many adepts of strength training evade squatting on the days of leg training? Afraid to get injured? Or they do not have the courage to climb under the bar and put it on their shoulders? Both options are correct or none of them hit the target, all the same, there is no place for excuses when it comes to avoiding a time-tested exercise for the development of leg musculature and strength. Read on, and we will tell you why squats with a barbell must necessarily be part of your leg training, especially if you are aiming for athletic and harmonious physique.

What kind of beast – squat with a bar?

I hope that the people reading these lines have repeatedly crossed the threshold of the gym and have at least a general idea of ​​squats with a bar. Nevertheless, I dedicate these lines to those who are not yet in the know. With the bar fixed on the trapezius muscles, you sink down until the thigh line is parallel to the floor and then go up.

Sounds easy enough, right? That's right, but the situation will become much more complicated when the bar weighs 250 kg on your shoulders, and gravity will try to bury you alive. True, this is what makes squats such a pleasant exercise . of course, if you have concealed masochistic tendencies.

But jokes aside. Many people pay too much attention to the basic aspects of biomechanics of squats, while man himself is adapted to the execution of this exercise. Yes, sit-ups with a barbell are really technically complex movements and require hard work on the technique, but in the end, it all comes down to smoothly lowering down with the barbell on the shoulders and the same smooth rise to the starting position.

The most ridiculous justification for fear of squats

I often meet people with well-developed leg musculature that avoid squats due to unreasonable fear of injury. The question is, why do people so strongly associate sit-ups with a bar with an increased risk of injury?

I dare to suggest that, despite their willingness to recognize the use of squats, they simply do not know how to properly perform this exercise, and are too lazy to allocate time and make efforts to study the technical aspects. And you know, many people who have been training for years without squats with a barbell are well built and seem strong, but it's worth putting them on the shoulders of an 70 kg barbell, and their legs are shaking. Therefore, some part of my mind suspects that people who allegedly avoid squats due to fear of injury, in fact, find a convenient excuse not to expose themselves to unnecessary stress when mastering and performing squats.

Moreover, many simply can not leave their ego behind the threshold of the gym, and therefore they desperately try to squat with a weight that far exceeds their real capabilities. I lost count of how many visitors to the gym decorate the bar of the bar with a string of discs, and then struggle to overcome at least an eighth part of the normal range of motion. Of course, during such an approach it is easy to get injured! Any exercise will be dangerous when you portray yourself as the Hulk, and yourself do not even know the basics of technology.

Imagine what a dangerous scam turn bench press, if you hang on the bar for 50 kg more than you can really squeeze from the chest. Without the help of an insurer, you literally risk yourself killing!

The truth about squats with the bar and their safety

If you do not suffer from chronic diseases / injuries, when traditional squats with a bar are contraindicated, you have no reason to avoid this basic movement. Especially if you really want to develop a strong and powerful lower half of the body (and for that matter, the whole body).

To avoid injury during squats, you simply need to do four things:

If you are really worried about your health, take extra precautions and buy knee protectors that will protect your joints, a belt that will help stabilize the spine, and even a special "squat shoes" that many companies produce.

It's nice to find convincing evidence of the validity of a theory in life, so let's take a look at the fantastic bodies and leg muscles that were created thanks to squats with the bar:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – 7-fold Mr. Olympia

Conclusion and further recommendations

It's time to draw a line under this article, but first I want to say that I do not presume to say categorically that people who do not squat with a bar do not see athletic build and powerful legs. True, even representatives of the elite of power sports seldom managed to achieve this, if at all, once it was possible. And in this place I want to focus on the fact that even elite athletes could learn a lot from squats, but they have the right to refuse this exercise if they think that it will be better.

For most healthy and physically fit trainers, I see no reason not to include squats with a barbell in lower body training. As it was said before, the squats with the bar are really safe with the correct execution with the feasible working weight. And, like in any other exercise, you first of all have to focus on the technique, and already after thinking about putting the disks on the bar.

And now stop looking for excuses and get under the bar if, of course, you do not like looking at fragile toothpicks instead of powerful muscular legs!

Squats with "iron" lead to osteochondrosis, gonarthrosis and coxarthrosis. It is a fact! Is not the price high for a beautiful ass?

Can I do sit-ups with a barbell if you have scoliosis?

In scoliosis, all exercises that exert a compressive effect on the spine are prohibited, including squats with a barbell.

WHO KNOWS HELP. is it true that squats and stanovaya (and in general all exercises with a lifting of gravity in an upright position) can stop the growth since? gives a load on the spine and pulls down.

In fact, no, for your growth, the hormone, the growth hormone answers). I myself (110) and squat (120) and still do a lot of things in 16 years, I grew up 1 cm (5-185) for 190 year, do everything correctly and do not tear yourself and do not forget about the hitch) Good luck)

I believe that if you can not do less than 17, then do not undermine yourself. If you are less, then do not ever (until you get 17), because in the period from 14 to 17 the spine is actively growing and then you can earn, but not money, but scoliosis!


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