Armrestling: exercises for the hand and forearm


Exercises for the wrist and forearm

Look at the experienced arm wrestler, and you will immediately understand how important the muscles of the forearm are to him! The strength and power of the forearm and hand are alpha and omega armwrestling, as they crown the leverage system. Arm wrestling is a lever sport, and the elements of the leverage system are the position of the body, the position of the hands, the position of the hand and even the location of the legs.

In this system of levers, the strength indicators of the forearm and hand are crucial. I do not consider myself an outstanding physicist, but I also understand that the effectiveness of the lever depends on the distance between the point of application of forces and the fulcrum. In arm wrestling, flexing the brush reduces this distance and improves the power enormously. If you do not believe, try to compete with an opponent who actively bends the brush, but at the same time do not wring your wrist. Try again, now twisting the brush. After this exercise, you will understand exactly how important this lever is for arm-wrestling.

The wrist itself plays a giant role in arm wrestling. Ability to bend the brush more than the opponent does, allows you to occupy a higher (and more profitable) position of the hand. Exercise "lifting one-sided dumbbell" is ideal for strengthening the brush. In addition, the strength of the wrist depends on the effectiveness of resistance to the actions of the opponent. If the strength of the hand does not match the power of the muscles of the forearm and shoulder, the wrist will bend in a direction that is beneficial not to you, but to your opponent. As a result, the brush will be in a weak position, and this often happens with wrestlers whose wrists are not sufficiently strong. To work with an upper hook in this position is at least not too comfortable. This is fraught with loss of adhesion to the surface and slipping of the hand, which in turn leads to overlays, and in rare cases, to injuries. But most importantly, it is difficult to win if your hand is not up. Therefore, developing the power of the wrist is very, very important.

If you still doubt the great importance of the muscles of the forearm and hand, we recommend that we conduct the following experiment. Do a few exercises for the forearm, as they say, for wear, and immediately after training compete with a rival equal to you in strength and experience. A few days later, do a similar experiment: load any other muscle group (the muscles of the forearm should be rested and restored) and compete with the same opponent. Repeat the experiment with several muscle groups, and in the end you will find that the fatigue of the muscles of the forearm affects the outcome of fights much more than the fatigue of any other muscle group.

Let's immediately clarify the situation: just bending the brush is not enough! To become a great arm wrestler, you will have to learn a lot of other skills and abilities!

Raising the hammer or one-sided dumbbell

For this exercise, you will need a lever with a weight at one end, for example a hammer or sledge hammer. We recommend purchasing a one-sided dumbbell "Hammer Bar", which is designed specifically for this exercise and is equipped with a thick 6-cm handle for better grip. Or buy a heavy dumbbell "Heavy Handle Dumbbell" with a five-centimeter thick handle. Below are the photos that depict "Hammer Bar". Unlike shells with a thin handle, this shell better imitates capture in the process of single combat, and therefore more effectively develops the strength of the necessary muscle groups.

And the exercise itself is very simple: lift the weight by flexing in the wrist joint, and not by moving the entire arm. Carefully study the pictures, which show how to perform this movement.

Armrestling: exercises for the hand and forearm

The next exercise is also the lifting of a one-sided dumbbell, but not forward, but backward. Once again, we draw attention to the fact that the forearm should be immovable, movements are performed exclusively in the wrist joint.

Armrestling: exercises for the hand and forearm

Extension of the wrist with aggravation

This exercise literally VZORVET your forearm. I guarantee, after unbending the brush with the help of the "Hercules Bar" simulator, the muscles of the forearm will burn like never before. And not only the forearm will be exhausted to the limit – even the fingers will be on the verge of exhaustion! We do not recommend doing this exercise, if in a short time you have to type the text on the keyboard – the fingers will simply not obey you!

If you do not have the Hercules Bar, try expanding with a conventional dumbbell or barbell. The main problem is that when working with large weights the handle can slip out of your hands literally halfway, and all because of holding a dumbbell from below is just one thumb. And since the thumb is much weaker than the forearm, it is rather problematic to strengthen the muscles of the latter with a conventional barbell (dumbbells). In other words, the thumb plays the role of a limiting factor during training, and you will never reach your forearm.

The Hercules Bar simulator eliminates this problem due to the stops that fix the projectile on the back surface of the brush. Stops evenly distribute the weight of the dumbbells, and the thumbs are no longer "limiters" during the training of the muscles of the forearm. The projectile will never slip out of your hands, so you can really blow up your forearms. Photos are attached.

Armrestling: exercises for the hand and forearm

Note that this exercise can be performed without holding the handles at all, the stops on the back of the hand reliably fix the projectile. This allows you to pay all attention to working with your forearms, without being distracted by your thumbs.

Armrestling: exercises for the hand and forearm

The next exercise of our complex I call a horizontal lever lift. I do not have very good photos, but the essence of the exercise is to take a long lever (preferably with a light weight) and perform everything as shown in the pictures:

Armrestling: exercises for the hand and forearm

Additional exercises for the forearms

For this exercise, we will need two small towels. We throw the towels across the crossbar, the distance between them should correspond to the width of the shoulders, the fragments hanging from the horizontal bar should be equal. We grab for these hanging areas so that the palm faces of the hands look at each other, and the thumbs, if extended, point upwards. And we perform pull-ups with which we not only work the biceps and the broadest, but also develop tenacity and increase the strength of the brushes.

I'm sure this exercise is very familiar to you, so we will not go into too much detail. You can take dumbbells or a barbell, but the best thing is, perhaps, for this exercise is suitable shell "Heavy Handle Dumbbell". Make sure that the length of the simulator is set taking into account the amplitude of the movements. In the first approach, perform the movements in full, and in the following add weight and limit the amplitude to the central 3 / 5 from the maximum volume of movements.

This exercise is carried out in the same way as the usual flexions of the brush, with one exception: we limit the amplitude of movements by the upper sector. In other words, you start the exercise with the straightened wrist (without re-twisting) joint and bend the brush until it is completely cut. The photo shows the world champion in arm wrestling Steve Phipps, performing this exercise with a weight of 163 kilograms.

Armrestling: exercises for the hand and forearm

Armrestling: exercises for the hand and forearm

Armrestling: exercises for the hand and forearm

Armrestling: exercises for the hand and forearm

Armrestling: exercises for the hand and forearm

Armrestling: exercises for the hand and forearm

Thank you partner with equal strength, one of the best simulators

Still very strongly strengthens force of a grasp and a forearm such exercise how to squeeze water from a towel. This exercise was done by the founder of Sambo

What kind of arm do the fighters fight?

they fight both left and right

For tendons and ligaments, there are separate exercises for fighting style, + everything must be done at the beginning of the training, you should treat Armrestling as a sport when spending free time, and you can not earn money on it, it's already so probably for many people understand

Yes, I thought, only strength is important in arm-wrestling and skill, and here it is also drawn attention that it is not enough just to bend the brush! To become a great arm wrestler, you will have to learn a lot of other skills and abilities! Probably, many liked the film "With all my strength" with Sylvester Stallone in the title role, in which he just showed all the skills of this sport. To date, many get not only the pleasure of arm wrestling, but also a good profit.

Thank you. Helpful information.

thanks, I found some new exercises. force develop quickly enough (I as a beginner have well felt it). but there are still important and tendons (?) Brushes and those that are at the elbow bend. these exercises also work through them? or is static load important to them?

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