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Osteoarthritis is a degenerative-dystrophic joint disease that develops mainly when there is a corresponding genetic predisposition, excessive loads on the knees, severe injuries, etc. Along with this, “oil in the fire” pours and improper diet, which can provoke all kinds of violations of internal metabolic processes and, as a result, a lot of health problems. Determined that Overweight is one of the key provocative factors with regard to arthrosis of the knee joint in particular and the health status in general .

Diet and getting rid of extra pounds to fight with arthrosis

After reading the information below, you will find out what products will benefit the body, which is prone to the harmful effects of arthrosis, and which dishes should be avoided.

How does weight affect the course of arthrosis?

Completeness does not add to health

In the overwhelming majority of cases, a person who has gained a few extra pounds becomes less attractive externally and puts himself at risk of many health problems. A rapid increase in body weight contributes to the appearance of a violation of the functions of a variety of internal organs and systems. One of the first to begin to suffer is the musculoskeletal system, which is the basis and main support of the body.

Extra pounds – extra burden on internal organs and joints

The pattern is simple: the heavier the person, the higher the load the musculoskeletal system in general and the knees in particular.

Constant increased loads on the knees can provoke the development of such a pathological process as arthrosis.

Due to increased loads on the joints, arthrosis may occur

Osteoarthritis of the knee

For the treatment of this disease use the appropriate medicines, methods of manual and physiotherapeutic effects, etc. Along with this, in the therapy often enough the diet is given insufficient attention, and absolutely in vain. In order for the treatment to be most effective, the diet should necessarily be revised in favor of reducing caloric content for subsequent weight loss (if there is, of course, that).

Diet for weight loss

Along with a small amount of calories, the diet should sufficiently include vitamins and other important for the human body trace elements.

Important note! Although the main task of a diet for arthrosis in most cases is reduced to weight loss, it is impossible to fast or too severely restrict oneself in food. Various “helpers” such as laxatives and diuretic teas are also banned. Against the background of the use of such, many useful elements are washed out from the body, which causes an even more severe blow to the patient’s condition.

Patients with arthrosis is recommended to adhere to a fractional food system. Do not bite snacks. Only they should not consist of buns, sandwiches and sweet bars, but of fruits and vegetables.

Breakfast is necessary – by “running” the body in the morning, you will contribute to more effective consumption of calories throughout the day. The habit is to leave the night in the past – the last time allowed to eat a maximum of 2-3 hours before bed.

Last meal of a maximum of a couple of hours before bedtime

Sweet soda, fatty and unnatural – all this is excluded from the diet. All kinds of snacks and, in general, any foods containing a large number of food additives should not be eaten categorically.

In order to improve the digestion of food and the work of the gastrointestinal tract as a whole, it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of pure water – 2 L per day for people of medium build, 2,5-3 L for owners of relatively large height and weight.

It is important to understand that the more clearly and conscientiously the patient complies with the recommendations for a proper diet, the sooner his state of health and condition will improve. At the same time, positive changes are noted almost instantly – having lost even just 5-7 kg, a person begins to feel much better and less often experience all sorts of inconveniences associated with arthrosis and other possible diseases of fat people.

Decreased body weight – the way to cure arthrosis

Key principles of diet for patients with arthrosis

The main recommendation is this: the ration is divided into several small meals with an 3-hour interval (small deviations are permissible, but there is better at the same time).

Food in small portions by the hour

Important! To fill the stomach to a sense of satiety or, worse, the severity and discomfort is an unforgivable mistake. On average, the saturation is felt after 20-30 minutes after eating. That’s why because of the dinner table you have to get up with a slight feeling of hunger.

You can not eat up to the heap

Patients who are unable to mentally control themselves in terms of eating, you can advise to lead the so-called. “Food diary”, recording in it information about what, when and in what quantity was eaten. Maintaining and regular re-reading of such a diary is not bad disciplining and motivating.

It is worth paying attention to the time-tested recommendation: do not eat after six in the evening. Rather, it is not necessary to completely refuse food, but there should definitely not be any heavy food during this period. Good go, for example, cottage cheese and low-fat yogurt.

If possible, do not eat sour berries and fruits. Use the onions, potatoes, tomatoes, too, reduce to a minimum.

It is not necessary to talk about the harmful effects of tobacco smoking and alcohol-containing beverages. Not only that these habits are incredibly harmful to the body, in the case of treatment, the beneficial effect of such because of them will be minimized.

Specialists recommend at least 1-2 once a week to arrange for your body unloading days and eat during them vegetables or fruits.

If necessary, a specialist can advise a medical starvation. Such practices, provided that the right approach and no contraindications, give very good results. Against the background of stress experienced on stress-free days, the body activates the production of special substances that help to extract energy from fat reserves and improve internal metabolic processes, as well as reduce pain in unhealthy joints.

Recommended products

The diet should be as balanced as possible. It is better to entrust a detailed diet to a professional – a specialist will prepare a program that will give the most pronounced beneficial effect in a particular case. Along with this, there are a number of positions that can be recommended to each person (of course, provided there is no individual intolerance to him).

Important role in the fight against degenerative-dystrophic pathologies of cartilage and bones have chondroprotectors and collagen. Of course, it is not possible to extract them in the necessary quantities solely from food (in view of this, appropriate medication is prescribed), but it is quite possible to increase the effectiveness of medications. These substances are part of, for example, broth on bones.

Patients with arthrosis are encouraged to consume more protein. It is best to get it from low-fat meat (wonderful rabbit and chicken fit) and natural dairy products (if there is excess weight – skimmed). Vegetable protein is present in beans, peas, etc.

Be sure to include in the diet foods rich in vitamin E, for example, pine nuts and baked fish.

For complex carbohydrates, eat a variety of cereals and fresh fruit. With regard to vegetables, the greatest beneficial effect is observed when using zucchini, cauliflower, carrots, etc.

Fats need to be minimized, but you should not completely abandon them. For example, to get a sufficient amount of fatty acids, you can eat small amounts of butter and sunflower oil.

Patients with arthrosis will have to forget about a number of products, the use of which depresses internal metabolic processes and increases the risk of complications.

Alcohol is prohibited – disintegration products have a negative effect on the condition of all internal organs and systems, and also increase appetite.

Forget about fat meat – henceforth beef and pork remain in the past.

From fried foods we abstain – we cook everything for a couple or bake.

Roast is replaced with baked and boiled

We exclude from the diet some fruits and vegetables: citrus, bell pepper, tomatoes, cabbage.

We refuse from tomatoes

White cabbage under the ban

The human body is able to adapt to almost any condition, but for this it needs time. For the overwhelming majority of patients, especially those who like eating, the rejection of the usual diet becomes a real stress and a very serious test, accompanied by a constant feeling of hunger. Adhere to the following recommendations, and it will be easier for you to survive the adaptation period.


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