Atherosclerosis Diet

Why is it so important diet for atherosclerosis – yes, because this disease is directly related to food.

In humans, disruptions of lipid metabolism occur and on the walls of the vessels the fat layers (the same cholesterol) are gradually deposited. From this, the vessels narrow, the blood supply deteriorates. Violated metabolic processes and it is understandable that patients with atherosclerosis more often than others suffer from obesity. There is good news – the disease can be defeated. And just here the diet at an atherosclerosis in a combination to physical exercises acts on the first place.

Treatment of atherosclerosis diet provides a thorough and informed approach to food. For example, refined products are not suitable for patients with atherosclerosis. Therefore, pasta, semolina, high-grade flour and refined white rice are hardly suitable for treating atherosclerosis with a diet. Cleaning vessels should be bran – both wheat and oat. Use unrefined cereals for cooking, offer only coarse bread to the table. Promote the cleaning of blood vessels in the treatment of atherosclerosis with a diet of fruits and vegetables. So we must take into account in the daily diet of at least 200 grams of fruit and 300 grams of vegetables (potatoes are excluded). If you take a plate of a patient with atherosclerosis, it should look like this – half of the vegetables (or fruit salad), from the remaining half of 2 / 3 porridge, or another richly carbohydrate product. And only the remaining third – protein products. It is important in the treatment of atherosclerosis diet do not forget all the same and about the variety in the menu. If you eat fruits and vegetables with different phytochemicals, then the antisclerotic effect will be stronger. It’s just if you turn on the color – eat something yellow (orange or mandarin orange), red (tomato or apple), burgundy (beet), green (lettuce, greens, cucumbers, rhubarb), white (cruciferous). Bright garlic, for example, has anti-sclerotic properties. If every day to eat just a clove of garlic, then the cleaning of the vessels will be good. The effect occurs if you do so for at least six months in a row. Preferably, of course, a fresh slice of garlic, and not a dried analogue in spices. In the treatment of atherosclerosis, moderation in food is also important. The usefulness of food can be simply destroyed by a huge amount consumed at a time. A sedentary lifestyle of a patient with atherosclerosis is also not suitable.

Diet for atherosclerosis of vessels

So what should be the diet for arteriosclerosis of the vessels? This article examines in detail all aspects – what to exclude from food forever, with which you will have to part temporarily. And that on the contrary it is important to enter the menu as soon as possible. A person resorts to a diet with atherosclerosis of blood vessels, as a rule, after the appearance of serious enough problems – when the lumen artery less than two thirds. To avoid arteriosclerosis, it is very important to eat right, and preferably from childhood. Cholesterol, which is deposited on the walls of our vessels, is contained in products of animal origin.

The diet for atherosclerosis excludes from the diet food that is rich in cholesterol, so that its blood level does not increase abruptly, and that the formation of cholesterol deposits arteries in the inner walls of the arteries does not begin. In order to cleanse the vessels from excess cholesterol, a diet for atherosclerosis of the veins is needed, vegan. It provides for the absence of products of animal origin in general. Then the body produces only its own cholesterol. And if you add a moderate physical load, the body absorbs atherosclerotic streaks in the vessels and plaques. Therefore, often allow the use of products of animal origin with low cholesterol. Nutritionists have proven in numerous studies that it is not the very fact of having cholesterol in the diet that is dangerous, but the lack of sufficient fiber in the form of fruits and vegetables.

What is the diet for arteriosclerosis of blood vessels?

Diet in arteriosclerosis of vessels implies a decrease in the daily caloric intake by about 10-15%, compared with the average daily norm. In case of atherosclerosis development against obesity, the number of calories per day consumed with food should not exceed 1500 – 2000 kcal. It is recommended 1-2 once a week to spend unloading days – to eat only apples, kefir or low-fat cottage cheese. The energy value of food can be reduced by carbohydrates and fats of animal origin – from the latter generally refuse from atherosclerosis of the vessels. Almost exclude from the diet cholesterol-containing foods – brains, liver, egg yolks, caviar, kidneys.

When dieting from atherosclerosis, patients should consume only unrefined oils as they are rich in poly saturated fatty acids, vitamin E, phospholipids. On the day of a diet from atherosclerosis, you need to consume up to 80 g of fat. Patients with atherosclerosis should abandon the sweet – severely restrict the consumption of sugar, honey, jam – in the body these products are converted to cholesterol and triglycerides. Carbohydrates in the day menu of a patient with atherosclerosis reach 300-400 a day. And salt at a diet from an atherosclerosis use no more than 8 of a day. The amount of proteins in a diet from atherosclerosis can be calculated – approximately 1, 4 per kilogram of body weight of the patient, most of them are proteins of animal origin. Enrichment of the diet is due to additional intake of patients with atherosclerosis ascorbic acid, pyridoxine, niacin and routine. Ascorbic acid and rutin strengthen the walls of blood vessels, contribute to reducing the penetration of cholesterol, vitamin C accelerates the breakdown of cholesterol in the liver of the patient and his withdrawal from the body. The necessary amount of vitamins in a diet from atherosclerosis can be balanced by nutrition – vegetables and berries, juices and fruit drinks, greens. It is useful to introduce in the diet sea kale, squid, crab, mussels – such trace elements as iodine and manganese are in them in sufficient quantities. At a diet from an atherosclerosis the patient should drink hydrocarbonate-sodium, hydrocarbonate-sulfate mineral waters.

At least three times a day you need to drink such mineral water. From the calculation of 3,3 ml per 1 kg of human weight. It turns out to 900 ml. mineral water a day, drinking water thirty minutes before eating. The course of treatment with water lasts about six weeks.

A diet for atherosclerosis is prescribed for lesions of blood vessels of various parts of the human body – it is universal for all types of atherosclerosis.

The purpose of the diet is to improve blood circulation, reduce the amount of cholesterol.

The peculiarity of this diet is a restriction in the fluid used – in a day a patient with atherosclerosis can drink no more than one and a half liters of liquid, including tea and coffee.

The general characteristics of the diet for atherosclerosis are 100g, the proteins 70-80 (30% vegetable, carbohydrates 350-400g (share of simple carbohydrates 30-50g).) Cholesterol-free, hyponatric diet with polyunsaturated fatty acids and food fibers.

Maximum of used kilocalories – no more than 2500 kcal. But if the patient suffers also with adiposity, then the energy value of food consumed per day should not be more than 1800 kcal.

The principle of cooking – do not salt food when cooking, cooking methods – cooking and subsequent baking. The patient gets salt on his hands for a day – no more than 3.

The amount of salt is taken into account even in finished products, for example bread.

Number of meals a day – six.

There are some limitations in the choice of products that must be adhered to. Let’s remind only a few things – it is very important to use, but to limit yolks of eggs, rice, semolina, pasta. Radish, radish, sorrel, spinach, mushrooms can not be consumed.

In food from a diet of atherosclerosis use a small amount of grain bread, not a biscuit. Soups better to cook vegetarian – on vegetable broth with cereals. But if you really want, then not fatty broth. Recommended milk soups.

Diet for atherosclerosis of the lower extremities

Atherosclerosis of the lower limbs, blood circulation is disturbed, pains and numbness appear in the tissues. The danger of insufficient oxygen production by the lower limbs is the possible occurrence of trophic ulcers and gangrene. Treatment should necessarily include a diet for atherosclerosis of the lower extremities. Doctors identified risk factors that lead to atherosclerosis of the lower limbs – smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and insufficient physical activity. The most important thing in the fight against atherosclerosis of the lower extremities is to quit smoking. Diet for atherosclerosis of the lower extremities is the basis of treatment. The purpose of such a diet is to reduce cholesterol-containing foods, regulate salt, liquid and animal fat.

Diet in atherosclerosis of the lower extremities turns into a way of life. It must always be adhered to. Subkalorionnuyu diet prescribed to patients with excessive body weight. We advise you to bring sick atherosclerosis of the lower extremities to such products as white cabbage – it produces cholesterol and is rich in vitamin C. The recommended norm of cabbage is one hundred grams a day, you can also take sauerkraut cabbage. It is very important for atherosclerosis of the lower extremities not to overeat. Is often in small portions. Full people consume much more oxygen and their circulatory system works more.

Diet in Atherosclerosis of the Brain

Atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels leads to a stroke. The treatment of cerebral arteriosclerosis is medication and diet. The diet for atherosclerosis of the brain is extremely important for success and recovery. It will have to be adhered to for a very long time, even if you periodically move away from a diet with cerebral atherosclerosis, you will need to return to new eating habits. People who are prone to atherosclerosis should better take care of the prevention of the disease. Therefore, we return to the diet of atherosclerosis – it is the same treatment and it is the prevention of the disease. Minimize the amount of cholesterol in the food. Get used to eating foods that purify the body – cabbage, oatmeal, garlic. Get used to eating enough fiber. Aerobic exercise should become the same habit as scratching and brushing your teeth. Follow the body weight and blood sugar – be sure. Smoking is forgotten like a terrible dream. No diet will save from atherosclerosis, if a person smokes.

Diet in atherosclerosis of carotid arteries

A serious and unpleasant disease requires comprehensive and fairly long treatment. Diet in atherosclerosis of the carotid arteries will allow the patient to avoid stroke, cerebral circulation disorders. The basis for successful treatment is a diet and a healthy lifestyle, no matter how trite it sounds. Our body is a mechanism that needs to be cleaned and lubricated and energized. All this will provide a diet for atherosclerosis of the carotid arteries. If the patient is diagnosed this way, the diet menu for atherosclerosis, which is universal for all vascular diseases, is suitable. But if atherosclerosis of the carotid arteries is already in a sufficiently serious stage, doctors can recommend surgical intervention.

Diet in atherosclerosis of the heart vessels

It is unreasonable to rely only on the effect of drugs in the atherosclerosis of the heart vessels. I’ll have to sit on a special diet and reconsider my way of life. It is the diet with atherosclerosis of the heart vessels will give an excellent therapeutic effect and lead to recovery. Simple, steamed or baked food, low-fat soups, the lack of offal, mushrooms, smoked products and salinity in the menu will improve the health of a patient atherosclerosis of the heart vessels. It is important to remember that a diet is not a restrictor, but a friend. And if you can not without it, then you need to love and diversify it. The diet is perfect. A sample menu of such a diet in the next section of the article.

Menu diet for atherosclerosis of blood vessels

Despite rather strict restrictions, the menu of a diet at an atherosclerosis of vessels can be diversified, to make attractive and not boring. The most important thing to remember is that if you can not change things, change your attitude to them. Begin to create a menu-we will take the allowed list of products, write an approximate menu for a week, go and buy these products. To make it fun, allow your children (or grandchildren) to decorate a beautiful menu and hang it on the refrigerator on a magnet. So you will not forget that you can and need, and that absolutely not. Remember that you must prepare meals approved in advance in order to satisfy hunger with useful food. Step by step you can succeed, recover and even lose weight. So an approximate menu for the day:

  • Breakfast: Curd pudding – 150 g. Or semolina porridge – 150gr. Tea
  • Lunch – apples – 100.
  • Lunch – a pearl barley with vegetables on the water 150; baked meat with pumpkin and carrots – 55g + 50; apple compote – 200ml.
  • Snack – apples – 100g, broth of wild rose – 200ml;
  • Dinner – mashed potatoes with boiled fish – 150. + 85; fruit pilaf – 90; not a strong tea with milk – 200 ml.
  • At night you can drink a glass of kefir. Bread – 120. per day, sugar – 50; Butter – 35.

Consider the menu for another day.

  • Breakfast – buckwheat porridge – 150, tea – 200ml .;
  • Lunch – an apple or a pear;
  • Lunch – cabbage on the water with the addition of vegetable oil – 150 ml .; steam sticks, stewed vegetables – 80 – 200g; compote of dried fruits – 200 ml.
  • Snack – a decoction of wild rose or chamomile tea with a piece of biscuit;
  • Dinner – sea kale with vegetable oil and vegetables – 150; fish baked with lemon and parsley – 80. boiled potatoes – two small potatoes; tea – 200 ml. At night, the traditional fresh non-fat kefir – 200 ml.

So, everyone understood perfectly well that a diet with atherosclerosis significantly facilitates the patient’s well-being, speeds up the process of treatment, is simultaneously a preventive tool – people prone to arteriosclerosis can periodically sit down on such a diet.

What can you eat with arteriosclerosis of blood vessels?

Here is an indicative list of foods recommended by dietitians for patients with atherosclerosis. This is a bird fillet, peeled from skin and fat, tender veal, rabbit, maybe even game. It is recommended to eat sea fish more often. Unlike other diets, a diet with atherosclerosis provides for the presence in the diet of fatty fish containing poly saturated fatty acids, which so beneficial effect on blood vessels. In addition, all fermented milk products (kefir, cottage cheese, yogurt, fermented baked milk, yoghurt) are allowed to be consumed. True milk is recommended to use only fat-free. In a week it is allowed to eat up to two eggs. The use of yolks should be strictly limited. Fruits and vegetables are allowed with a few exceptions – not grapes and dates. Cereals – can be any. A small amount of pasta is allowed. Bread from wholemeal flour – a small amount, a couple of thin slices a day. It is allowed to season the food with different dried herbs and spices to taste. Tea and just not strong.

What can not be eaten with arteriosclerosis of blood vessels?

At once we will agree – no animals and hydrogenated fats. The first contain cholesterol, while the latter contribute to its deposition on the walls of the vessels. Therefore, we exclude for the time of a diet such food products: fatty meat. It is those pieces where the fat is visible, where it is between the fibers. Butter is very, very little. Categorically you can not use margarines, and so-called spreads.

You can not eat pâtés (especially the beloved liver), offal – liver, brains, kidneys, too, is not desirable to use. Exclude from the diet soups on rich, fatty and strong broths. In order to make the broth not bold there are two ways. The first is to remove the fat in the already cooled broth with a spoon. And the second – bring the broth to a boil. Pour out. Pour the meat with water and cook the soup on the second broth. It is necessary to exclude from the diet sausage, sausages. Fat whole milk, fat cheese, cream, condensed milk, sour cream (especially home, such a spoon in it). We must give up ice cream for the time of the diet. Do not eat fried potatoes and chips. Mayonnaise, store fatty sauces – to exclude categorically. In the buns contain light sugars, which increase daily intake of calories and contribute to the deposition of fats.

But the following products can be consumed, but with caution and in a very small amount: vegetable and olive oil (we recommend buying a salad dispenser), honey – you can have one teaspoon with unsweetened tea as a substitute for sweets. Meat – low-fat beef, low-fat ham, low-fat ground beef. You can eat cheese with a percentage of fat less than thirty (let’s be honest, it’s very hard to find such cheeses on the shelves, it’s mostly Italian ricotta). You can season the food with a small amount of soy sauce. From alcoholic beverages only red dry wine is allowed. With the rest (especially with strong spirits) you will need to part for the time of the diet.


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