Atrophic gastritis menu. List of foods

Atrophic gastritis is rather tricky. This is expressed in the fact that the disease is still difficult to diagnose, no less complicated and the subsequent treatment process. And all this against the backdrop of the fact that most often at the initial stage the disease runs unnoticed. Reading this, the question may arise: what does this have to do with atrophic gastritis?

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And besides, that most often about the illness the patient learns only after reception of certain food. Then what can a diet do? And with the help of a balanced diet, you can moderate the pain syndrome, which in turn leads to the fact that the stomach will start to work better. It means getting more useful elements from food.

With this ailment, dietitians prescribe a diet The goal, which is to provide the body of the patient with all trace elements, vitamins, fats and carbohydrates in the required quantity.

There is a list of foods that should be completely removed from your diet. And first of all it concerns the so-called “heavy” products – that is, those that are digested for several hours. These are all fatty foods, rye bread, pork, beef, all kinds of smoked foods and pickles, mushrooms in all kinds. Also prohibited are oil dishes, canned vegetables, legumes, battered and breaded.

There is also a list of products that include the so-called “questionable” list. Products from it can be consumed, but only carefully and in small quantities. And some, such as table salt, are best replaced, for example, by sea. In this list there are besides sugar salt. Milk and products made of it, alcohol, especially strong and loved by many fizzy water. Read more about alcohol with gastritis .

To use only those foods that increase the patient’s appetite and the production of stomach acid are allowed. It is recommended to extinguish or boil food.

Soups are best done in the form of puree, using meat, fish or herbal broth. For breakfast, doctors recommend to prepare themselves porridge – semolina, rice, oatmeal. It is allowed to eat small quantities of meat dishes – lean beef, dairy sausages, meat without fat, chicken meat, rabbit meat. All except sausages must be passed through a meat grinder.

Proteins can be filled with the use of seafood – mussels, shrimp, octopus. Permitted drinks are tea, cocoa, fruit and vegetable juices. Juices should only be freshly prepared. No baking, you can only crackers and bread from bran. All fruits and berries must undergo the necessary heat treatment.

From mousse sweets, honey, jelly, marmalade.

All dishes are served only warm.

With atrophic gastritis with reduced acidity, nutrition regulation is one of the important stages in the treatment of the disease. Foods in the diet should stimulate the production of acid. This is lean meat, dishes from fruits and vegetables. You can not use those dishes that can cause fermentation in the stomach – whole milk, baked goods, especially fresh.

Nutrition with gastritis with high acidity also has its own characteristics. Frozen, fatty foods are completely excluded from food. The patient also needs to give up cigarettes, alcohol and alcohol containing drinks.

Menu with atrophic gastritis by days

Breakfast – potatoes and fish in a boiled form. Tea;

Lunch – fruit jelly;

Lunch – soup with meatballs, potato baked and juice from tomatoes;

Snack – a decoction of wild rose berries;

Dinner – sour cream and sour cream. Tea with honey and lemon;

Late dinner is a glass of kefir.

Breakfast – cooked on the water semolina porridge, soft-boiled egg, coffee with milk;

Lunch – decoction of rose hips;

We have dinner with soup with noodles, casserole from potatoes with meat, berry compote;

Afternoon snack – apples baked;

Dinner – steamed potatoes and fillets of fish, cocoa;

Late supper is yogurt.

Breakfast – porridge rice knitting consistency, tea with a slice of lemon;

Lunch – crimson jelly;

Lunch Рsoup on vegetable broth, meat soufflé, compote from dried fruits;

Snack from apples baked;

We are eating cottage cheese with honey and sour cream, compote;

Before going to bed, a glass of yogurt.

Breakfast – a steamed omelet from a pair of eggs, lean ham. Tea with lemon;

Lunch – blueberry jelly;

Lunch – rice soup-puree with carrots, boiled buckwheat porridge, steamed meatballs;

On the afternoon snack apples are baked;

Dinner consists of mashed potatoes and baked meat in foil. Broth of a dogrose;

Before going to bed, a glass of yogurt.

For breakfast, a viscous porridge of rice with a piece of butter, coffee with milk;

Lunch consists of bilberry jelly;

For lunch, pickle. Cooked chicken meat cutlet. Boiled potatoes. Dried fruits compote;

The snack consists of tea with lemon and marshmallow. The latter can be replaced with a paste;

You can have supper with mashed potatoes, a portion of boiled beef tongue and a glass of tomato juice;

And before going to bed you can drink a glass of kefir.

We have breakfast with a mannish pudding. Boiled sausage and tea with lemon;

For lunch, freshly made apple juice, and the juice must be diluted with boiled water;

The dinner consists of soup-puree from cauliflower and zucchini, boiled beef and tomato juice;

On a mid-morning snack baked apples;

For supper are served pancakes made of buckwheat groats and fruit jelly;

Before going to bed, you can have curdled milk.

Lunch oatmeal porridge and boiled egg soft. A glass of cocoa;

Lunch from a glass of fruit juice. The juice is diluted with water;

Lunch consists of vegetable soup with meatballs, chicken meat in baked form and jelly from berries;

On a mid-morning snack marmalade and broth of a dogrose;

Supper from boiled buckwheat porridge and meat cutlets for a couple. Tomato juice;

Kefir before bedtime.

If the menu causes a deterioration in the patient’s condition, dietitians recommend either taking one meal away, for example, not eating after dinner or alternatively increasing the number of meals to 7 or even 8. But portions need to be reduced.


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