Balanced diet for weight loss

A balanced diet is one of the most effective and, most importantly, safe diets for today. With any excess weight, it is sometimes enough to balance the diet and give up the most harmful and high-calorie foods – and health will gradually come back to normal. For a person who wants to lose weight, the normal caloric intake with a balanced diet will be 1200 calories per day. If you are actively involved in sports, you can increase the amount of energy consumed up to 1600 kilocalories, but you can additionally load only the morning meal, and preferably protein products.

To comply with the rules of proper nutrition and fast weight loss on a balanced diet, one should not abandon any natural products, but fatty and high-calorie foods should be replaced with fat-free foods, and from factory sweets and baked goods it is generally to be abandoned. Add more vegetables to your diet, minimize the amount of meat, in the first place – red and fat, replace the fried foods with boiled and baked.

The main plus of a diet with a predominance of vegetables, sea fish and low-fat dairy products is the cleansing of the body. Beginning to eat dishes based on these ingredients, you fill the intestines with cellulose, which speeds up its peristalsis and removes toxins, as well as a beneficial microflora. In addition, in vegetables and fruits, there are a lot of vitamins and microelements, without which the body can not function properly.

It is proved that a balanced diet significantly reduces the risk of developing cancer and atherosclerosis. Such a diet provides almost a 100% guarantee of protection against stroke and ensures longevity. For urgent weight loss, however, it is not very suitable: for a week with a balanced diet can be reset to 3-4 kilogram, depending on the initial weight, but such results are not achieved in the first week of a new diet. The first days after the rejection of harmful products can be difficult, so in advance, develop for yourself safe and useful options for sweets and favorite harmful delicacies.

Efficient balanced diet

In the diet of slimming, there must necessarily be protein products – kefir, low-fat cottage cheese, soft cheese, as well as sea fish and dietary meat. They are better than vegetables saturate the body and help digestion. In your menu must be all the components of a balanced diet, but the amount of fat should be reduced to a minimum.

Do not exclude from your diet cereals and legumes: this is the main source of vegetable protein. Nevertheless, they should be used moderately, mainly in the form of cereals, but bread will have to be abandoned. If you have chosen a vegetarian balanced diet, you can afford sweets to increase the blood serotonin hormone (hormone of joy). Choose low-calorie sweet foods – marshmallows, natural marmalade, bitter chocolate. You can cook sweets yourself – pay attention to raw raw fruit culinary and cottage cheese casseroles or diet cheesecakes with the addition of cocoa, raisins, honey.

If you work a lot, it will be difficult to keep a balanced diet, because when calculating calories it is not easy to achieve diversity, and cooking takes longer. In the warm season, it is easy to make fruit or vegetable snacks throughout the day between basic meals: for example, eat several carrot sticks, a handful of berries or a pear. And do not forget – no diet will not be useful if you constantly feel hungry or feel worse health after a week of a new lifestyle. In this case, you need to contact a gastroenterologist and a nutritionist.

A balanced diet for weight loss: a menu for a week

The dishes described below can be assembled and replaced, we offer you only a small assortment of existing dietary items in world culinary from lean meat, fish, vegetables, eggs and milk. When cooking, avoid frying with sunflower oil, buy non-stick cookware or cook in a microwave oven, bake the dishes. Salads are also not recommended to refill with oil, as a last resort – choose the most useful types of vegetable oils. Try to give up potatoes and white rice. Remember that the main caloric content in the salads is provided with sauces: replace the factory mayonnaise and tartar with homemade dressings from soy sauce, low-fat sour cream or yogurt. Do not forget to add spices and herbs – let your balanced diet for a week be delicious!


Breakfast : a loaf of bread with a round of boiled eggs, a cucumber and a lettuce leaf, yogurt or kefir

Dinner: 200 ml of vegetable soup, for example, from cauliflower, or fish broth, 1 crunchy rye flour, 200 g of green salad with different fresh vegetables

Dinner: 150 g of boiled brown rice, vegetables with salmon on the grill or "steep" egg


Breakfast: a couple of "cool" eggs, a piece of tuna, a loaf with soft cheese and a tomato

Dinner: 200 ml of oxalic soup with egg, cabbage salad with carrots and herbs, a few kiwi

Dinner: a cup of braised beans in tomato, a piece of boiled chicken breast, 2 rye bread


Breakfast: 150 g curd casserole or low-fat cheesecake

Dinner: Japanese miso soup based on soybean paste with tofu and eel cheese, 150 g stewed vegetables, grapefruit

Dinner: stewed in low-fat sour cream mushrooms with the addition of vegetables


Breakfast: 150 g (3-4 spoon in dry form) buckwheat, one tomato, a glass of kefir with zero fat content.

Dinner: stuffed with rice with stewed vegetables, chicken and mushrooms, peppers, apples or berries

Dinner: lobio from green beans with tomatoes and walnuts


Breakfast: 100 g oatmeal with berries and a teaspoon of honey, a glass of low-fat yogurt, 1 small banana

Dinner: a salad of carrots, apples and celery with spices and lemon juice, baked salmon in yoghurt-spinach sauce

Dinner: casserole from vegetables and asparagus with low-fat cheese.


Breakfast: 100 g cottage cheese with honey and berries, 150 ml yogurt

Dinner: 200 ml lean borsch, 100 g vinaigrette with mushrooms, apple or other fruit

Dinner: 150 g of cauliflower baked in egg with herbs, yogurt


Breakfast: 150 g pearl barley or corn porridge, unsweetened fat-free yogurt, a pair of pears or apples

Dinner: 150 g rice with vegetables, 100 g stew fish, tomato juice, preferably without salt

Dinner: 250 g vegetable stew (it is desirable not to add potatoes)

Nutritionists offer different options for a balanced diet. The main thing in any way of such safe weight loss is to eat all types of foods in small amounts, eat small meals five times a day and exclude high-calorie foods from the diet. Here are a few video recommendations from physicians and fitness professionals to develop a balanced diet:

Video with a diet from Malysheva

Video about proper nutrition for losing weight

Video about balanced nutrition

Reviews about a balanced diet

I started with this because I like to eat oh as I like, but to sit and starve for me is like death. And then there is more or less variety. In a week lost on 1-1,5 kg. Of course, I broke up sometimes and ate something wrong, but we are all people . As a result, for a month-5 kg, the hair and nails are fine, not hungry and not angry. Now I try to follow it in my life. Not so strict, but I hold the weight.

For about a month I try to follow a balanced diet. It took about 3 kg, mainly due to the fact that the excess water left. Quickly, of course, the volumes will not go away, but overall well-being is excellent!)

Yes, I also tried this diet. So really the state of health has much improved) And the extra kilograms are gone)

Stunning diet, girls, all dreaming to lose weight by the summer definitely advise! I dropped as much as 15 kg, I even had to throw out my entire wardrobe. But this is for the best, I'm terribly happy with my figure, now I'll buy a couple of swimsuits and a tear on the sea by summer!

Has typed or collected almost 15 kg when has married. It became worse to look, the appearance of a true married woman appeared in the worst sense of the word. My friend advised a balanced diet for weight loss, on which I threw off almost 10 kg! I advise!

and for a long time I could not regain weight after childbirth. I've always been thin and refused to eat myself, so I just cried when I looked at the arrows of the scales! for me, a balanced diet is ideal, because does not force to refuse immediately from many things

I like this diet! You can eat a variety and delicious and at the same time lose weight. There is no this eternal sensation of hunger, as happens with many diets. So after its end, you do not want to eat everything. I have been trying to eat a balanced diet for some time – and there are already the first results. For two weeks – 1,5 kilograms! I hope this is only the beginning. Although, of course, to rebuild and abandon your favorite delicacies a bit heavy, but the result is worth it.

I tried this diet six months ago, I had to lose weight urgently to leave, to wear a new swimsuit without embarrassment of my body. To be honest – the diet is just awesome, not only that the dishes are delicious, you do not need to exhaust yourself with a hunger strike, so it helps! For a month I dropped about 5, which was an excellent result for me. In total, I adhered to all the rules of 8 weeks and during this time I was able to achieve the desired result.

I always thought myself just awfully fat. Although I knew that there is a thicker! Fitz did not help me, because I ate, as it turned out, wrong! And a balanced diet really helped me! I gradually began to lose those extra pounds!

I believe that this is one of the most sparing diets, where you do not have to give up almost half of the usual products. Previously, it was skeptical about such diets, because you want to lose weight quickly, but here it takes time for the result. But you do not have to torment yourself. I threw off on the fly on this diet 4 kg, I at that time more and did not have to. At what and on rest it is very simple to support such a mode.

I was never very slim, but after my marriage I relaxed (I was ashamed of how) and gained extra 15 kg. What did not I try – kefir, buckwheat, hunger-strikes . after such mockery always happened a breakdown – and everything in a new way. I realized that diets with strict limitations are not an option, I started looking for one that was based on the principles of proper nutrition. And I found a balanced diet! It's just a holiday of some sort. And eat enough, and kilograms go away) I'll try to stick – there's still a minus 10 kg ahead!)

Before going through a balanced diet, I used a lot of fat. I'm a rare glutton, so I did not disdain any delicious food. And the most delicious food, as you know, is the most harmful. While there was a lot of moving, there was still nothing like it, but as soon as I sat in the office, it blew me away like a yeast dough. I had to go on a diet. Yes, there is a result. I have minus 4,5 kg per month.

I'm only 18 years old, but I already know a lot about diets. Since childhood, he was plump, and in 8 class decided to start losing weight. I started, as I think, many girls with starvation, but stood a maximum of 2 a day and ate again. Then she started looking for diets on the Internet, and trying to "sit" on them. All this did not lead to any results, only the stomach spoiled. Then I came up with the problem of losing weight to my mother and she advised me not to stop eating, but to eat right and balanced. I typed it on the Internet and found a balanced diet. In it, in my opinion, and you eat a lot, but there is nothing harmful. I follow the prescriptions of this diet for the second month, and so far the result pleases me! And the stomach does not hurt, and finally began to lose weight. Voobshchem, successfully I go to the purpose 🙂

Catherine, I agree with you. The question of proper healthy nutrition plays an important role in our life. An effective balanced diet not only leads to a one-time weight loss, but also a balanced development of the body, cleansing of toxins and toxins, saturation with useful micro and macro elements. I myself use this diet and am very pleased. Weight is always stable and never increases.

The question of proper healthy nutrition plays an important role in our life. An effective balanced diet not only leads to a one-time weight loss, but also a balanced development of the body, cleansing of toxins and toxins, saturation with useful micro and macro elements. I myself use this diet and am very pleased. Weight is always stable and never increases.

A balanced diet should be the norm for any person and our problem is that we "zhrem" beyond any measure. For the third month I've been sitting on this diet, even if the weight did not go away, but the feeling of lightness and the desire to live appeared. Frankly: it was difficult at first, but it's worth it.

Agree with you. Proper balanced nutrition – should be the norm. It's not even a diet, but part of a healthy lifestyle!

You here say it was hard for the first in the first time, I just the opposite as it immediately joined and I liked the diet, has already achieved certain success.

Indeed, the best is a balanced diet. I know this from my own experience. For a year 2 has been sitting on it.

Rita, I want to advise her to her girl, who is engaged in a debilitating sport. Have you been sitting 2 for a year already and do you have enough energy for everyday activities? What if you add to them also classes in the hall?

Really without interruptions? It's stressful, at least I use it for quick weight loss, but I want to constantly

Hello everybody! I really like to eat. Diet balanced diet was for me the most acceptable of all diets that I tried on myself. I for a week never felt hunger, malaise, my head did not hurt. Most importantly, I lost weight. This diet is the safest. I lost a week on 3 kilograms. And on this I decided not to stop, but continue to struggle with excess weight. Thank you very much to the author.

Just think about going on a diet, so now I read all the articles that are related to diets and choose for myself the right one. Over the winter I gained extra 7 kg (((So I need to lose weight, I already bought enterosgel, as soon as I clean it from slags before the diet.) And of course I choose a good diet only)))

Without fats (useful Omega) hair, nails will drop out, skin will quickly grow old and you will be an unbalanced person . Without hormones the hormonal background is broken.

and still wanted to add . the menu presented does not contain the norms for proteins and fats, and you will not get the right amount of calories ((doubtful menu . Although the article as a whole is correctly written, except for "minimize fat." A person should consume fats in the norm 1g per kilogram of weight and they should be both vegetable (nuts, butter) and animals (fish) .The norm for proteins in different scientific sources, as well as according to doctors and nutritionists is different (from 0,85 g per kilogram of weight to 2 g. per kilogram of weight.) But even if you take the minimum rate – 0,85, according to the "calculator" a large shortage of protein . hence the anemia, fatigue, thyroid problems, etc.


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