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Balanced Vegetarian Diet

People are always looking for something new and food is not an exception. Some are in search of such a diet, which would lead them to health and longevity. Others are ready to eat anything and anything, just to achieve the main goal – losing weight.

There is a diet that will help both, and others – this is a vegetarian diet! It contains useful products that help you lose weight and improve your health. Lose weight on a diet, judging by the reviews, you can for a month at about 10 kg!

Vegetarian diet for weight loss at 10 kg

Vegetarian diet for weight loss on 10kg involves the rejection of meat and meat products. A strict diet excludes fish, eggs and dairy products from food.

When losing weight, the use of bakery products, sweets, coffee drinks and fast food is excluded. With a vegetarian diet sweets will completely replace dried fruits, and coffee and teas – herbal and freshly squeezed juices.

The benefits of a vegetarian diet for weight loss:

  • improves overall health, there is a surge of strength and energy;
  • goes excess weight and comes to normal pressure;
  • the sugar content in the blood decreases.

Vegetarian diet for weight loss at 10 kg sometimes called the Kremlin diet. Basic contrast is that the menu should completely eliminate meat.

Diet time – from two to eight weeks. In the first two weeks, gradually move to "not meat" nutrition. Sharp refusal of meat will bring only stress and harm to the body.

Gradual exclusion from food of meat, sausages and meat semi-finished products – will help to hold out for several weeks without meat.

The best time for a vegetarian diet with losing weight – summer-autumn period. The result of such nutrition is fast and effective. For the first few days, lose a few pounds and achieve the desired result of weight loss.

The rules and direction of the diet

The rules of a balanced vegetarian diet for weight loss are as follows:

Do not mindlessly abandon foods with animal protein content. The main principle of the diet is its balance! It is necessary to include in the menu those foods of vegetable origin that replenish all trace elements and amino acids contained in meat and dairy products.

The main list of substitute foods for a vegetarian diet:

  • protein – a substitute for protein of animal origin – soy products, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, wheat germ and buckwheat;
  • fats – can be obtained from linseed oil, dark green leafy vegetables, sesame, walnuts, soy;
  • calcium – found in all kinds of cabbage, celery, hazelnut, almonds, soy milk, sesame;
  • iron – dried fruits, persimmons, apples, strawberries, broth of dogrose, buckwheat;
  • vitamins – are found in all vegetables and fruits.

For the effectiveness of diet, it is necessary to comply with its diet. Morning is better to start with fruit, and finish the day with vegetables. Eating after six in the evening is taboo for any diet. To consume a large amount of water – at least two liters a day.

During the diet – forget about sweets, carbonated drinks and fast food. Food is acceptable: raw or braised.

Ration and menu for the week

Before applying a vegetarian diet, you need to read the rules of nutrition and an approximate menu for a day or a week.

Recipes of vegetable salads, vegetable soups, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices should be present in the diet. It's better to eat better. 5 once a day. Do not overeat.

Drink more food.

Vegetarian diet menu for the week:

  1. Morning: dairy-free oatmeal + herbal tea + medium banana;
  2. Day: Vegetarian borscht without meat;
  3. Snack: dried fruits;
  4. Evening: steamed or fresh vegetable products.
  1. Morning: dairy-free buckwheat + broth of wild rose + pear;
  2. Day: Vegetarian soup without meat;
  3. Snack: fruit smoothies;
  4. Evening: stewed cabbage with soy meat.
  1. Dairy-free oatmeal + herbal tea + apple;
  2. Vegetable vegetable soup;
  3. Fresh juice;
  4. A fresh vegetable salad.
  1. Muesli with soy yoghurt + broth of wild rose + medium banana;
  2. Vegetarian hodgepodge;
  3. Berries;
  4. Porridge of wheat germinated with dried fruits.
  1. Dairy-free buckwheat + herbal tea + pear;
  2. Vegetarian borscht without meat + a plate of fresh vegetables;
  3. A cocktail of almond milk with a banana;
  4. Stewed vegetable products.
  1. Oat flakes with soy milk + apple;
  2. Vegetarian soup without meat;
  3. Fresh juice;
  4. Sprouted buckwheat with dried fruits.
  1. Dairy-free oatmeal + rose hips + medium banana;
  2. Vegetable vegetable soup;
  3. Green smoothies;
  4. A fresh vegetable salad.

The most satisfying is to have lunch. But do not overload it. If you are used to eating soups for lunch, the second dish should be raw vegetables.

The body of the slimming is not used to such "loads", so breakfast should be diluted with cereal or cereal. Do not forget about the afternoon snack. It should be easy in the form of a snack. Dinner should consist of raw or stewed foods. Again for a couple of days leave the sprouted porridge and add soy meat.

The most delicious recipes

The most delicious recipes of a vegetarian diet are dishes made from healthy foods, charging with energy for the whole day!

Let's start with soups. All recipes of soups: vegetable, borsch or soup are prepared like ordinary soups, but without meat.

Vegetarian hodgepodge

Regarding the recipe a vegetarian saltwort, then here is the "hero of the day" – mushrooms, which replace smoked meat and meat. It will be enough to have four hundred grams of any mushrooms, but it is better to give preference to salted and pickled mushrooms.

  • one carrot
  • pieces five potatoes
  • Bell pepper
  • onion head
  • salted cucumbers
  • olives and lemon

All this is added to taste. Also for flavor you can add tomato paste or a plain tomato.

  1. Chopped mushrooms with onions fry over low heat.
  2. Add tomato paste or tomato.
  3. The mixture is poured into hot water, where we add all the vegetables.
  4. If necessary, add salt and spices and cook after boiling for 15 minutes.
  5. Two minutes before the end of cooking, we add olives and lemon.

Recipe for porridge from sprouted buckwheat


As a recipe for weight loss porridge, we offer sprouted buckwheat, which does not require cooking. For one serving of cereal we need 100 grams of green buckwheat. It must first be germinated.

  1. Buckwheat left for several hours in cold water.
  2. After this, the rump needs to be rinsed well and placed in a damp cloth for 12 hours.
  3. During this time, small shoots should appear.
  4. Everything, buckwheat is ready for use.
  5. Again it is well washed and add cabbage and greens.

Nutritious cocktail for a mid-morning snack


Recipe for a delicious cocktail of almond milk and banana:

  • 100 gr pre-soaked almonds.
  • From the latter we will make milk.
  • To do this, dilute nuts 200 ml of water and grind in a blender.
  • Filter the mixture and add the same amount of water to the resulting milk.
  • Start the blender again.
  • In the received milk we add a banana and a spoon of honey.
  • You can dilute the cocktail with any berries.

Smoothies are blended to a dense condition in the blender vegetables, fruits and berries. The menu offers fruit and green (based on green vegetables and greens) smoothies recipes.

Slimming smoothie recipes:

Strawberry smoothies

  • 100 ml of orange juice mixed with the same volume of yogurt and add 10 strawberry berries.

Smoothies of kiwi (variation of green smoothie) for weight loss

Smoothies of kiwi

  • You will need 4 pcs of kiwi, 100 g of parsley, leaf lettuce, banana and 100 g of water.

To make smoothies you will need a blender, with which we will mix all the ingredients.