Banana Diet

The use of bananas has a beneficial effect on the human body. They act as an excellent source of phosphorus, iron, calcium and potassium, which is simply necessary for the stable functioning of the heart muscle, and they also have a significant content of useful vitamins. In addition, these sweet fruits have a positive effect on the skin, mucous membranes, vessel walls and nerve fibers.

The banana diet menu is usually designed for 3 or 7 days, it includes bananas, boiled fish, poultry or meat, as well as milk, which can be replaced by a favorite sour-milk product (its fat content should be low). Exit from the diet should be cautious, if you immediately start the excessive consumption of heavy food, then the probability of a quick return of dropped kilograms increases.

Before the start of this power supply system, some experts recommend that you pass the preparatory stage. During the day it is forbidden to eat sweets and a variety of smoking, as well as fatty, fried and salty foods. To obtain the maximum result from the diet, special attention should be paid to the fruits purchased. Categorically, one should not choose unripened bananas, because the useful substances present in them are poorly absorbed by the body.

If there is no possibility to buy fully ripened fruit, then you can wrap green bananas with food paper and put it in a dark place. Peel bananas carefully, eliminating not only the skin, but all the white threads. During the diet, it is necessary to use exclusively the pulp of fruit bananas, and the so-called fodder bananas (differing in green color and thick skin) are unsuitable for such a diet. The consumption of dried bananas is also highly discouraged – they are characterized by increased calorie content.

Banana mono-diet refers to the category of rigid weight loss systems, therefore, before its use it is recommended to get medical advice. The diet lasts three days, after which it can take about three excess kilograms. The menu of each day consists of three glasses of skim milk (in case of good tolerance) and three bananas. The ration can be divided into several parts (depending on how many meals a day was carried out before the diet).

In the case of milk intolerance or allergy to this product, it is permitted to replace it with a one-percent kefir – such a diet will be no less effective. It is possible to prepare a banana neck or yogurt. It is recommended to drink green tea without the addition of sugar and sweeteners or high quality still water. This nutrition system is good because bananas contain a lot of potassium, which contributes to the stable functioning of the heart muscle.

In addition, bananas have a laxative and diuretic effect, due to which the body naturally clears from toxins and excess fluid. Due to this, during the discharge regime, there should be no problems with the stool. Exit from the banana diet should be gradual – do not immediately eat your favorite dishes in excessive quantities, otherwise dropped pounds quickly return.

Banana seven-day diet is very popular. Approximate weight loss is one excess kilogram per day. Compared with the three-day option, this type of diet is considered more simple, but its productivity is not less high. The daily diet is one and a half kilograms of peeled bananas (all white threads and skins are eliminated). You can eat fruits when you want. Drink follows quality drinking water without gas or green tea – the volume of fluid is not limited and is regulated by the body's need.

In the case of a feeling of excessive hunger, you can drink a few sips of yogurt and eat a thin piece of boiled meat or a spoonful of low-fat cereal. During the observance of the banana seven-day diet, first of all the contents of the intestine leave, which helps to normalize the metabolism. After leaving the diet, you should refrain from consuming a large amount of sweet and fatty foods, otherwise the achieved result will not survive. It is recommended to repeat the course of losing weight not earlier than in a month.

Before the beginning of this technique, a medical consultation is necessary. Banana diet is contraindicated in case of intolerance to this fruit, chronic intestinal diseases and a number of other diseases.

This diet is one of the fastest methods of losing weight. One of the most important factors is the correct way out of the diet – if you do not follow the principles of healthy eating, then the weight dropped will return again. Compliance with the milk and banana diet allows you to get rid of 3-7 excess kilograms. Many people consider milk and bananas to be products that perfectly match with each other, but some dietitians question it, believing that such a diet can cause negative consequences.

Such a diet can not be called full-fledged and balanced in content of the necessary chemical elements, therefore, before observing it, you should get medical advice. The most effective and most stringent is a three-day diet.

The menu is as follows:

The first day's diet consists of nine bananas and 1 a liter of milk (1,5% fat content). Products are divided into equal parts and are used for 4-6 approaches.

On the second day, six bananas and one and a half liter of milk are taken (1,5% fat content). The second day menu also implies 4-6 meals.

On the third day, the number of bananas decreases to three, and the amount of milk increases to two liters (1,5% fat content). The number of meals remains the same.

Between the main meals it is recommended to drink green tea without added sugar and quality non-carbonated drinking water, volumes are not limited. During the observance of the milk-banana diet, it is allowed to replace milk (for example, in case of intolerance) with a low-fat dairy product. After exiting this diet, it is not recommended to immediately abuse heavy food – this can lead to a rapid return of the original body weight.

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Any banana diet requires careful selection of consumed fruits. All bananas should be fully ripe, the use of green or unripe fruit is strongly discouraged. Also, they should be well cleaned by removing all white threads and skin. Only in this case it will be possible to achieve the best result. Cottage cheese and banana diet lasts four days and allows you to lose about four extra pounds. Such a food system involves alternating curd and banana days.

Bananas and cottage cheese are quite satisfying foods, which have gained great popularity among slimming people around the world.

Menu: the first and third day – cottage cheese. Their diet is as follows: breakfast – one fruit, cottage cheese 120g (fat content up to 5%). Lunch – vegetable salad, curd 120. Dinner – grapefruit, cottage cheese 120. The second and fourth day – banana. Their menu is: breakfast – 120 yogurt or cottage cheese, banana. Lunch – boiled egg, a couple of bananas. Dinner – a couple of bananas, lean meat – 200.

Bananas contain a large amount of potassium, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart muscle. Also the use of these fruits promotes comfortable digestion. When observing banana diets, the intestines are cleared, which helps normalize the metabolism. If after the cessation of the curd-banana diet not to abuse fatty foods, the results will be preserved for a long period. In addition, the skin condition can significantly improve.

Some experts recommend this system of food for people with digestive problems. Bananas contain a lot of easily digestible sugars (they have a positive effect on the emotional background, contribute to saturation and are a wonderful source of energy for the brain). Also in them there are various microelements, minerals and vitamins. Kefir is a very useful product and has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Before the start of the kefir-banana diet, you should go through the preparatory stage. Its duration is four days, during which you can not eat a variety of smoking and sweets, fried foods, fatty and salty foods. Hard version of the unloading regime lasts three days. The daily ration during this time is limited to three glasses of kefir (0-1% fat) and three bananas. From the liquid it is recommended to drink green unsweetened tea and good drinking water without gas.

Bananas with yogurt are allowed to be consumed separately or mixed depending on taste preferences. Exit the diet should be done carefully. This process should be stretched on 5-7 days, gradually increasing the caloric content of the menu due to cottage cheese, nuts, fruits, cheeses. The amount of salt and spicy spices in this period is sharply limited.

Kefir-banana diet refers to mono-diets and has a limited diet, so before it starts, medical advice is needed. This method of weight loss is contraindicated in women during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, adolescents, people with certain diseases.

Reviews and results of a banana diet

Judging by the reviews, many people were satisfied with the results achieved during the use of banana diet. However, such a diet is characterized by a limited amount of substances necessary for the human body, so sticking it for longer than this time is highly discouraged. In addition, the importance of a correct exit from a banana diet is noted – this is necessary to retain the result obtained.

Veronica: I want to start this diet from next week, my goal is to eliminate five extra pounds. I'll start with a three-day option, because I will not last long on such a meager menu, and then we'll see. My friend was on a similar diet and it helped.

Catherine: I do not believe in such a method of losing weight. Bananas are a very high-calorie product, and it will be very difficult to lose weight with their help. Most likely, nothing will change radically.

Anna: the diet is interesting and has many varieties. I think that at least one of them can solve the problem with excess kilograms.

There are universal methods of losing weight in the general plan, which do not require great feats for their implementation. The reverse side of the coin is in the low effectiveness of such diets. Only your intention will lead to the implementation of cardinal techniques that have proven effectiveness.

A diet lasting a week is a wonderful solution to the eternal problem! Scientists have proved that it is this term that the body needs to maximize the positive effect of experiments with weight loss. At first glance, this is not a long time, however, from the psychological point of view, it has a great deal.

As you know, the popularity of a diet depends on how quickly it helps to get rid of excess weight, because more often than not we remember this vital problem only on the eve of any important events or holidays. Naturally, in such situations almost all women are looking for the most.

To date, separate food is a fairly popular way to eliminate excess weight. Many popular people claim that they used this method to adjust their weight. Many nutritionists believe that it is easier to follow an established diet in the event that a person alternates foods in.

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