Become thicker and wider: hardcore breast training

When these two Beasts enter the gym, they put the knee pads on their elbows. To develop such a mass of the top of the body, you need a large volume, a brutal appetite and a high pain threshold.

Author: Vincenzo Mason

My trip to FIBO Expo 2017 in Cologne, Germany, was full of discoveries. I first came to Europe, and it was my first international exhibition. In addition, I for the first time in my life trained with Roman Fritz, representative of the brand Animal. Mentally going back, I can say that that training session was, perhaps, the most exciting part of the trip, and there were serious reasons for that.

I will say directly, to train with a respected professional bodybuilder IFBB – is not the same as doing with familiar guys from the local gym. At the same time, even other IFBB profiles told me that Roman is one of the most irresistible guys they've ever met. And the best (or worst) thing was that I had to train with Roman on his home ground in Germany.

Since the first training was not the legs, I did not experience, at least not too much. Except for a few "pouring sets" for caviar – Roman's choice, as he tries to pull them up – it was an assault of the upper body muscles with the gas pedal on the floor. From the first repetitions it became clear to me that there was still work to be done, but I did not intend to include the back.

On the city bus, Roman and I arrived at the Simply Fit gym in Cologne. I thought that we would do the shoulders and a little chest, but Roman had other plans. When we got to the hall, he told me that we would train the chest after we slightly relax our back – because it is a chest antagonist – and caviar. Then we will squeeze out all the juices from the chest . and finish with shoulder training in the evening of the same day.

Since I have not yet departed from the flight and the change of time zones, and besides I knew that today I have to get deep into the resources of the body, the pre-exercise was vitally necessary. For three months, I alternated Animal Fury and Animal Rage, taking one and then another, and then a month resting from pre-exercise to avoid addiction. In addition, before long and heavy workouts, I usually took a portion of amino acids with 30-50 grams of carbohydrates Universal Carbo Plus. I knew that I had to work on the limit, so the need for strategic fueling was not in doubt.

The philosophy of Roman – to work out two or three parts of the body in training, and so twice a day. For most people, such a load for one day seems insane; he listened to such remarks hundreds of times, but he does not care about them.

"People will say that this is an excessive load. You start with the calves, then go to the back, and then you make the chest. I say that if you eat well and sleep enough, nothing will stop you. Believe me, there will be no overload, because of which you will not be able to build muscle, "he continues. "To hell with overtraining." Feel the pain. Strive for it. "

Breast exercises "Chasing after pain" by Roman Fritz

Note. Begin training with a general warm-up and specific warm-up approaches for the target muscles. Warm-up sets are needed. The program lists only working sets.

Go for pain, find pain and become her friend

I live for training sessions like this. When Roman screamed at me, a feeling was created that he could wake the dead. But even with his cries in my ears, during the whole training I had to psychologically overcome myself and work through the pain that I felt. 10 approaches in bench press with dumbbells, then 5 multi-repeat supersets from the information in the crossover and the bench press bench – this alone is more than what most people do in a week. I remember that by the time I thought that the training was already coming to an end. I was wrong.

Roman saved the best for dessert. He made me do one of his favorite exercises for the chest: a pullover with a dumbbell. Exercise not only effectively works over the chest and back, but also improves mobility of the upper spine and shoulder. When carrying a pullover it is important to remember several important things: keep the head and lower back below the bench, take a deep breath at the stretch and do not lose concentration for a second. Of course, the motivating support of a professional also helps to overcome the last repetition – or the last five repetitions, as it was in my case. And I did not want to beat myself a tooth with a dumbbell, and this also motivated me to be very good.

So, what did I learn in Cologne? I flew across half the globe to get a lesson: you have to chase after the pain. And when you overtake it, you have to go through it. Improvements occur in additional repetitions, in additional sets, which, as you thought, will not suffice. I know that I will continue to train with the intensity that I discovered in Cologne. I hope one day I can return the debt to Roman and train him here on Long Island.

With such a natural program all the muscles that he has, will burn and there will be nothing left of your nursing)

I think not only the muscles will burn, but also die 🙂

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