Beer diet for weight loss

For all beer lovers, there is great news. There is an opinion on the ability of this drink to provoke the development of obesity is refuted and there is even a beer diet that effectively copes with excess kilograms. How does it work? Let's figure it out in more detail.

The Benefits of Beer

At the heart of the beer diet is the composition of natural beer and its mechanism of action on the human body. So, you should pay attention to its main components.

  • A living biological culture is yeast. They are rich in almost all B vitamins, which, as is known, have a restorative function for the hair, skin, nails, nerve cells and actively participate in metabolic processes at all levels.
  • Hops – a medicinal plant that can quickly reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and fights with cholesterol plaques on the walls of the vessels. Thus, it has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. In addition, it has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps restore sleep processes.
  • Magnesium – well affects the human reproductive system.
  • Iron – raises the level of hemoglobin in the blood and, thus, helps all systems of organs and tissues to get it in sufficient quantity. And consequently, it is effective to work and recover.
  • Potassium is an element that controls the processes of urination and fluid exchange, which is important for the regulation of pressure, cardiac and vascular activity.
  • Alcohol in small doses performs a relaxing function for the body and is able to activate the metabolism, which leads to the loss of excess weight.

In addition, the calorie content of beer is quite low and is about 60 kcal per 100 grams of the product.

Why beer is harmful?

All the well-known opinion that beer "grows beer belly", is based on its incorrect use. Here are the main mistakes that turn this useful drink into poison:

  • consumption with salty foods – cracker, salted fish, nuts, chips, etc .;
  • excess daily intake (except diet time) – more than one glass;
  • drinking in a warm form and adding sour cream, etc .;
  • use in the form of alcoholic cocktails.

Principles of beer diet

Beer diet for weight loss includes several basic rules, on the success of which depends the success of the whole process of losing weight.

  1. Carry out a beer diet no more than 1 a week.
  2. You can repeat the course not earlier than in 3 weeks.
  3. You can not combine drinking beer with salty and sweet food.
  4. Drink a day 2 liters of plain water.
  5. The daily norm of beer should not exceed 1 l.
  6. Last meal not later than 19 – 20 hours.
  7. The total daily calorie content of all meals, taking into account the beer in the first three days should not exceed 800 – 900 kcal, in the second three days 700 – 800 kcal, on the last day only mineral water is drunk – 1.5 -2 liters.
  8. Give preference to protein and hard carbohydrate foods.
  9. Adhere to the system of separate power supply.

Approximate menu of beer diet

In the daily diet should include the following ingredients:

  • 1 liters of beer;
  • alternation of daily diet of the same products (cereal cereals or fish meat, or poultry meat, vegetable salads, or cheeses, or nuts, or fruits).

Example: 1 liters of beer is 600 kcal. Therefore, it is possible on the first day to consume a portion of meat with a mass of 300 g or porridge (buckwheat, oatmeal) 250 g for 3-4 intake.

Beer Diet Reviews

With regard to the beer diet for weight loss reviews from people who lose weight, mostly positive. They consider this method effective (getting rid of 3-4 kg) and very enjoyable emotionally. The disadvantages are that the course can only be conducted during the holidays.


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