Bench press for girls: tips for training


Without training the muscles of your chest, you will not achieve perfection. Find out why you should not avoid chest exercises!

Author: Shannon Clarke

Most women who go to the gym say to coaches that they would like to get a more elastic stomach, beautiful buttocks and slender hips. And almost never they say that they want a more resilient chest. The fact is that many women believe that the breasts should not be part of their training program.

They think that it is necessary to train the pectoral muscles only for men, since they fear that training the breasts can make them less feminine. Ladies, such reasoning is nonsense! Forget about it. If you want to be proud of your body, you need a complete program, including exercises for the chest.

Debunked myths about training for girls and tips for making a program will help you get rid of fears and make your breasts attractive!

Exercises will make my breasts smaller

This myth spread because of the fact that in women of bodybuilders who compete in competitions, the chest seems absolutely flat, which, of course, does not look feminine. But their breasts are not decreasing due to muscles, but because of their stiff diet.

Usually in professional bodybuilders, the level of fat deposits is much lower than the norm necessary for a woman's health. The breast basically consists of adipose tissue, so when the fat level decreases, the chest also decreases. Apart from women with implants, most women athletes and bodybuilders simply do not have enough fat in order to maintain the volume of the breast.

Bench press for girls: tips for training

If you keep the body fat level at least normal, you will not have problems with breast size. According to the American Council for Training, women need at least 10-13% body fat to maintain "physical and mental health." Reducing body fat levels below 10% (for women) can have health consequences.

Exercises will make my chest tight

From this statement, it makes me laugh. Suppose, because of the bench press, your soft-hearted chest turns into a stone chest. Who then buys sports bras?

Exercises form the muscles of the chest, which are under the fat of which your breasts are made up. If you do not stick to a strict diet, your body fat will stay in place. Extra muscles will increase your breast more quickly and possibly even lift it up a little.

It is enough to do push-ups

Most women add push-ups to their regular workouts, and then wonder why the upper body does not change. For the chest need a variety of exercises with a variety of weights, as for any other muscle group.

Bench press for girls: tips for training

After reaching a certain level, push-ups can no longer help to increase strength. To push-ups remain effective, you will need to put something on your back or increase the load in another way.

But it's better to add them at the end of the workout, as the final exercise.

For those who are not afraid to train pectoral muscles

Now that we've determined what not to worry about, we'll figure out what you need to know about the pectoral muscles training.

  • You may think that it is better to use a small weight for toning, but remember that the more the load, the more effective it acts on the muscles. If you raise a small weight a large number of repetitions, this will not give a good result, except burning calories.

Depending on your usual set of exercises, pectoral muscles can be trained 2-3 times a week. Be sure to have at least one day off between training sessions.

If you use a split for the upper and lower parts of the body, turn on the pectoral muscle training in the upper body program.

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