Bench press lying: what muscles work and technique


Certainly, bench press bench on a horizontal bench this is the most famous and common exercise for pectoral muscles in a "rocking chair" both among beginners and among experienced athletes. All who wonder how to pump the pectoral muscles, have high hopes for this exercise. Nevertheless, many make mistakes when it is carried out. How to properly press the prone, what muscles work with the bench press lying down read on in this brief article.

What muscles work with the bench press lying down

Bench Press Bench Press first of all pectoral muscles, triceps and anterior deltas. Experienced athletes can also use the latissimus muscles of the back when performing bench press, which allows them to increase the result in this exercise. Changing the position of the trunk and the width of the grip can shift the focus of the load between the working muscles. The wider the grip, the more stress on the pectoral muscles. Therefore, if you want pump up pectoral muscles, make the bench press a wide grip, spreading your elbows to the sides. The narrower the grip, the greater the strain on the triceps. The bench press and the inclined bench, respectively, allow you to shift the load to the bottom or top of the pectoral muscles, depending on the angle of the bench.

The technique of doing bench press exercises

Lay your back on the bench for bench press lying down and grasp the bar of the bar with a grip slightly wider than the width of the shoulders. This grip promotes the optimal distribution of the load between the thoracic, triceps and deltoid muscles. Your eyes should be directly under the neck of the bar. The feet are tightly pressed to the floor, the shoulder blades are brought together.

On exhalation, remove the bar from the racks. Then gently lower to touch the chest, while taking a breath. As soon as the neck touches your pectoral muscles, squeeze the bar up, while making a powerful exhalation. Carry out a set number of repetitions and approaches.

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