Benefit of prunes for weight loss, diet

Prunes as the main component of the diet . Can this sweet and high-calorie dried fruit help get rid of excess, always harmful kilograms? The answer to this question will become familiarity with its useful composition and mechanism of action on the body.

Composition and useful properties of prunes

Coming back to childhood, everyone can recall the compote of dried fruit, popular in the garden and school meals, in which prunes were always in rather large quantities. Well. and if the product is perfect for children, it means that it is really useful, and you can safely use it in your daily and diet menu.

However, it should be noted that in 100 g prunes contain 250 kcal and many fruit sugars. Ie, if you use it in large quantities, you can achieve the effect of reverse weight loss. But what made him so popular in numerous and, I must say, effective diets?

First of all, this is the balance of the composition.

  • Microelements – potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron and sodium. Such a rich set of elements perfectly affects almost all organ systems, especially the walls of blood vessels and heart, the reproductive system, bone tissue and muscles.
  • Pectin substances – bind and remove all the slag from the body.
  • Vitamins C, B, PP – increase the body's resistance to infections, improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails.
  • Alimentary fiber. In prunes in 100 g contains their 7 g. This is a decent indicator, providing improvement in peristalsis and cleansing of the intestines. Due to these fibers prunes are often used as a laxative.
  • Fruit sugars in combination with dietary fiber form a unique complex that allows you to quickly and for a long period of time not to feel hungry. At the same time, the amount of food eaten remains small.

All of the listed properties of prunes indicate its high value for the health of any person, regardless of age. This dried fruit has practically no side effects. But, starting to actively use any product, it is still worth remembering the saying of an ancient healer and sage: "Any plant is a medicine, and there is poison. It all depends on the dose. "The fairness of this phrase applies to prunes as well, for its use in excessive amounts can lead to some problems, among them the rapid chair, excessive body weight.

Variety of diets with prunes

For the process of losing weight prunes can be used as an ingredient for mono-diet "Diet on kefir and prunes", and with a multicomponent diet, for example "Seven-day diet on prunes". In addition, dried fruit is a very good addition to any daily menu when organizing proper nutrition.

Having decided to lose weight by any of the methods based on the use of prunes, remember the following rules:

  • Do not eat salty, smoked, sweet and flour products;
  • drink at least 2-liters of water daily;
  • do not eat later than 19 hours;
  • do physical education.

If these simple "taboos" are observed, you can achieve good results in a short time, which can last for a long time if you follow the elementary norms of a balanced diet.

Monodiet on 3 days

Monodiet, which uses prunes for weight loss, is carried out in emergency cases, when you need to quickly lose weight on 2-3 kg. At once it is necessary to say that it is not recommended to use such methods for people with acute or chronic diseases of any type. This is due to the fact that the mechanism of their action is based on a strong decrease in caloric content and variety of food, activation of excretory processes (frequent urination and stools).

As the main sources of food serve kefir and prunes. For a day should use 1.2 l kefir and 100 g prunes (1000 kcal). The entire diet is divided into 6-7 receptions. You can make kefir cocktails with small pieces of prunes and drink a portion slowly, or eat it with a teaspoon for half an hour.

Kefir diet on prunes, reviews after which, show its speed in achieving results and overall health effects, should be conducted after a week of preliminary training.

Multicomponent diet with prunes on 7 days

A multicomponent diet is not just a way to get rid of excess weight, but also a general wellness course for any person. Often it is prescribed even to children suffering from obesity.

The principle of this method is that during the week the daily diet for calories should not exceed 1200 kcal. In this menu should contain a variety of products, both fresh, and in a boiled and steam form. Preference is given to vegetables, low-fat meat, fish, sour-milk products and whole grains, except rice.

Daily menu

The menu for each day can be made individually, adhering to the following scheme.

  • For breakfast is eaten 100 g buckwheat (another porridge) with one prune and a glass of green tea is drunk;
  • At the 1 th afternoon snack – a glass of kefir and one prune;
  • For lunch – lean soup, garnish of any vegetables in any form with a piece of fish or meat in 100 g plus a glass of compote of prunes. You can prepare and drink based on other dried fruits. For example, dried apricots and prunes for weight loss are a very useful combination of products.
  • On the second afternoon snack – 1 a glass of yogurt and one prune.
  • For dinner – a salad of fruits with prunes and a glass of yogurt can be alternated with a vegetable salad with 100 gram portion of any protein food (meat, fish, seafood) and a cocktail of yoghurt and prunes.

As a result of such a diet, you can get rid of 2-4 kg of weight. At the same time the process of losing weight is psychologically and physically very easy.

With regard to the prune method for weight loss, reviews from all women are only positive. Many of them choose it as a daily food system for a long time, until the weight becomes desirable.

"All ingenious is simple," – this phrase is perfect for multi-component diets based on prunes.

Video with recipes from prunes

Video with a recipe for casseroles with prunes

Reviews of prunes for losing weight

After the birth, my daughter gained about ten kilos. I thought "what a horror." All my life I was slim, but here is what a surprise. I made several fat-burning boilers and all for nothing. My friend advised me a diet with prunes for 7 days. And about the miracle, all the extra pounds melted before our eyes

I had the same problem after the birth: I had to get rid of extra pounds. Prunes helped me a lot. I really chose a three-day diet, to start. But after her excess weight began to go away gradually. Now I also eat prunes, to maintain a balance of vitamins and trace elements.

Prunes, in itself a good thing, but as for the diet, you have to be very careful. Especially those who have stomach problems. Especially if gastritis or even ulcer. In prunes a lot of acid, which is likely to cause an exacerbation of the sore. But, thank God, I have nothing like that. And the diet with prunes went to me in order, threw off 8 kilo. It was 84, and now only 76!

I love prunes! And I tried such a diet, although some dishes were replaced or replaced in some places. For a week goes to 3 kg! And sometimes I make a decoction of prunes or a salad of prunes and beets, a good laxative.

summer traveled to the program in the US, there was a little relaxed and gained extra kilograms, arrived decided to go on a diet, a friend advised this on prunes, tried and got a good result, threw off 5 kg

Hello, I decided to quit smoking, but at the same time to sit down on a diet. I'm very scared for this difficult period to gain weight, plus I have 5 kg extra. I'll try a diet with prunes. I wonder if it will suit me? 3 dney.I chronic diseases, I do not suffer, and you can throw off 2-3 kg. Then gradually move to 7 dney.Kto sat on a multicomponent diet, what result?

Well, just do something, I must say that this is perhaps the most delicious diet of all that I have tried. At least for me, because I really like prunes. I tried this diet, it really gives an effect, though not as noticeable as I would like, I lost 1,5 kg in three days, but I did not expect much more. I would repeat it again, but now prunes are so expensive that you have to wait a little.

Madly I love prunes. And as I saw a diet with this fruit without a doubt sat on it. Especially since I have extra weight. The result was like. For a week lost 4 kg.

I, like many girls, on which only diets did not sit. The diet is really delicious. And useful. After all during a diet you try to limit yourself, as a result, not only fewer calories get into the body, but fewer vitamins. And in prunes a lot of everything useful. And he also cleans the intestines. I often eat at night 3-4 prunes and drink with a glass of kefir or yogurt.

I tried many different diets and alas, I was not the only one not approached until I came across a diet with the help of prunes. Not only is prunes tasty and useful, it is also affordable and easy to buy. Dishes with prunes are delicious, hearty. And a miracle I managed to lose weight – with a mono diet 5 kg. Even preferably a couple of pounds and in general I will be happy – I will continue to sit on prunes, until I achieve weight before pregnancy.

I have unfortunately another result .. Total 1 kg ..

Something I probably do wrong (

Can tell me what is your secret?)

I understand you, girls, how terrible it feels to be, when you're overweight, you look at the girl's figurines and you understand how beautiful they are, and you're fat. But, first of all, in order not to become like that, you do not have to run yourself, watch yourself and your food. When I started gaining excess weight, immediately rushed to the Internet to look for useful diets and got on an article about prunes, tried it and this way helped me a lot, about a month I threw off 7 kg. The diet is very good – I recommend!

In the diet, the meaning is not in the absorption of prunes, but in that by limiting yourself to vitamins, you thus compensate for the beneficial substances by the use of prunes. And you would lose weight with such food and without prunes!

I never liked prunes, but when a colleague told me that I had lost weight with mono-diet on prunes, I decided to try. For me, the diet was very difficult due to the fact that I did not like prunes. But after three days of diet, I began to adore him! Prunes are very nutritious, there are a lot of vitamins and nutrients in it. I advise this diet for those who need to urgently lose a few pounds.

I'm an eerie sweet tooth. Prunes, and other dried fruits, my salvation! At work I always want something sweet. Replaced sweets with prunes. And I do not consume extra calories, and a portion of vitamin for the body.

I'm an eerie sweet tooth. Prunes, and other dried fruits, my salvation! At work I always want something sweet. Replaced sweets with prunes. And I do not consume extra calories, and a portion of vitamin for the body.

Kind time of the day! Prunes are not only delicious but also very useful. His properties and sorcery tried on myself. Especially delicious salad from boiled beets with prunes. Lose weight with delicious and healthy food. What do you want!

I also like the usefulness of prunes. Has thrown off pair kg. Very delicious additive in salads, and also prepare compote.

I like this diet. From 27 March begins my diet 3 days! I'll see what the result will be.

Hello Tatyana as your health .. I hope you have achieved your result . I'm new to this business . I want to throw off 15 kg .. Has already started to steal prunes . Refusal of many products and sporting activities is the only way out)) thanks


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