Benefits and harms of bananas for your health

Bananas are one of the most favorite fruits in the world, and let them not grow in our latitudes, but they are sold in any store and are quite inexpensive.

Long ceased to be exotic, these soft and sweet fruits are loved by many, used in different desserts and as an independent dish.

Bananas are often used in dietary nutrition.

But is this correct?

What is the benefit and harm of bananas?

What distinguishes a banana from other fruits?

Bananas are an excellent snack during the working day, this nourishing fruit will relieve the feeling of hunger for a long time.

Also, these fruits do not cause allergies, so they are recommended for use even for the youngest children.

What is the use of this fruit?

Bananas contain a large number of vitamins and useful elements.

They are especially rich in magnesium and potassium – these are the substances that are necessary for the work of the cardiovascular system, they also saturate brain cells with oxygen and normalize the water-salt balance of the body.

These fruits are shown to all smokers, they reduce the level of all harmful properties of nicotine, and also help to overcome cravings for cigarettes.

Bananas contain a huge amount of B vitamins, so regular use of these fruits will help cope with nervousness and stress.

The substance tryptophan contained in them, is processed in the human body into serotonin, a hormone of happiness, so these fruits help to fight depression.

Special features:

  • Bananas contain iron, which is necessary for the production of hemoglobin in the blood.

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What is their energy value

Bananas are composed of 1 / 4 from carbohydrates – natural fiber and starch.

But when heat treated, carbohydrates turn into sugar.

And sugar, as we know, has no benefit.

The fruit of medium size (140g) has a caloric value of 120 kcal, and also contains 30 g of carbohydrates, 1,5 g protein and 3 g fiber.

Contraindications and possible harm

Bananas also have some negative qualities.

So, they should not be used by people with poor digestion, you can not eat immediately before meals, it can cause heaviness in the stomach and bloating.

Bananas should be eaten on an empty stomach and not washed down with water, especially it is impossible to wash down with fruit juices.

After all, they have the property of thickening the blood and increasing its viscosity.

It is often said that bananas are harmful to potency. And this is far from a myth.

They slow down the flow of blood, so badly affect the erection.

However, this happens with the frequent use of a large amount of this product.

Low-quality fruits can badly affect human health.

Often, chemicals are used to improve taste, for long-term transportation and attractive appearance.

Such a product is fraught with poisoning.

It is always necessary to wash bananas before consumption, on the skin of the fruit can contain harmful nitrates.

It is not necessary to lean on them to people suffering from excessive body weight, and especially to drink banana cervix – cocktails with milk or ice cream.

This product is very high-calorie, besides bananas with milk – not the best combination, this drink causes bloating.

Dessert for people without problems with excess weight

Dried bananas are a popular dessert or ready-made snack, they are easily snack on the run when there is no time for a full meal.

Dried bananas are much more calorie than their fresh counterparts. If the fresh fruit contains about 96 kcal per 100 g, then dried approximately 330 kcal per 100

Therefore, they are consumed with small doses and better in the morning.

People suffering from excess weight, it is better to completely refrain from this delicacy.

However, most of the useful properties of dried bananas are preserved, all vitamins and trace elements remain in full.

They are safe to eat, as they are prepared without adding any chemicals.

Purified fruits are dried on charcoal or in the sun naturally.

Humidity of such bananas noticeably decreases, and they decrease in size several times.

In general, it is an excellent dessert for people who do not have health problems and excess weight.

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You can use this dried fruit in combination with oatmeal.

In this case, the charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day is provided.

Dried bananas have a mild laxative effect, like other dried fruits, so regular consumption of this dish in moderation will help to establish the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Crunching crisps?

Chips are the favorite crunchy delicacy of adults and children.

In Asian countries, banana chips are the most common snack.

They are prepared with salt and with sugar and eat even with beer. Chips are delicious, nutritious and convenient in use, they can snack on the run or eat a whole mountain, sitting in front of the TV.

Banana chips are addictive, not worse than seeds.

This delicious product is eaten in huge quantities in a matter of minutes.

Sweet banana chips are prepared with the addition of sugar syrup, caramel or liquid honey, which can not help but affect the calorie content of this dish.

Chips are the most harmful form of cooking this product.

The main danger of such a product is that the fruits are fried in oil, and the oil is most likely used repeatedly.

All harmful impurities and carcinogens that are obtained during roasting are contained in such a product.

The caloric content of chips is very high – 540 kcal per 100 g, so their use is not recommended for people who are overweight.

Banana Diet

Many people use a banana diet to quickly lose a couple of extra pounds.

With such a power system, you need to eat 3 per day and drink 1 liter of fat-free kefir.

This diet perfectly cleans the intestines of toxins, removes excess fluid and reduces swelling.

With proper and reasonable use of bananas have a beneficial effect on the entire body.

But do not abuse this product.

Bananas are better in the morning, they will be an excellent addition to breakfast, they can be given to the school for children or take with them to work as a snack.

In any case, a fresh eaten fruit will be more useful than a sandwich caught on the run.

Video dessert

Always believed that in bananas only good. And it turned out that they should also be treated with caution.

Bananas are very fond of, but I do not buy more than 2 once a month. From them you can prepare different dishes, baked or simply add with something. In a banana, first of all, fewer calories.

Bananas are very fond of, they would eat them often. I heard that after them you can not drink water, as they hold it.

That is, if a person ate a banana, then he will have to die of thirst?

Men tend to give preference to such a delicacy, because this fruit has long been known for its positive properties for sexual life due to the production of the hormone oxytocin

"Bananas are an excellent snack during the working day, this nourishing fruit will relieve the hunger for a long time."

Not true. I want to eat even more after a banana. Was almost not hungry, ate two bananas and through

20 minutes began to appear and gradually increased hunger. It is useful in Google to look for information, it turns out that bananas cause hunger and this is written on many sites. And for this reason, by the way, they are contraindicated to people with excess weight. I had felt hunger after bananas before, but did not attach any importance to it.

(I wonder if they'll tell me how I find out about this?)


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