Benefits from green beans: diet

A diverse menu of green beans can hardly be called a diet, because you can prepare as many different nutritious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it is often not even possible to realize that this diet can deprive you of several kilograms in a short time.

A common opinion is that using ordinary beans can create disruptions in the work of the kidneys, but the pod is very easy for the stomach, it is well digested and does not create discomfort in the digestive tract.

Caloric content of beans is low. It contains the right carbohydrates and fiber. To that there are many dishes from this vegetable, which can be cooked quickly and easily.

Bean diet for weight loss

Useful properties of beans:

  • Vitamin saturation
  • High content of minerals
  • A large amount of fiber removes toxins and toxins from the body
  • Beans improves liver and kidney function
  • Normalizes the secretion of gastric juice
  • Useful for pregnant women with anemia, toxicosis, mood swings
  • Low caloric value of the plant, in 100 g 23 Kcal.

Diet on green beans

3 day

The first day: for breakfast we prepare an omelet from two egg whites, 200 g of boiled beans, a teaspoon of olive oil. For lunch: 150 g of low-fat meat, vegetable salad from cabbage, tomato, green beans and greens. We have supper with string beans for a couple, one green apple. Before going to bed we drink a glass of skim milk or kefir.

The second day: let's have a salad of boiled beans, pepper and dill, seasoned with 0% yoghurt. For lunch, we make soup puree from beans, zucchini and tomatoes. You are allowed to eat two toasts from bran bread. Before dinner you can eat a pear. Dinner 200 g of beans for a couple. Seasoned with olive oil.

The third day is promising, today one can safely stand on the scales and count the lost kilograms. We prepare a portion of beans (1.5 kg) per pair, season with olive oil and lemon juice. Divide the portion into 4-5 times and eat with equal parts. We drink it with still warm water.

Are you satisfied with the result? No, then try a seven-day bean diet.

This diet is suitable for both vegetarians for regular meals, and for a fasting day on holidays and culinary fun.

The diet involves five meals a day. Strictly every three hours. During the bean week system, alcohol, coffee, sweet sodas and diuretics are prohibited.

Experts do not recommend dieting for more than 7 days, such food is low-calorie, unbalanced and inexpedient. Yes, and beans can soon get bored, and you need to lose weight in pleasure and with light dreams.

Sample diet menu for one day:

Breakfast: 200 g steamed beans. Two toast and 200 g porridge.

Lunch: 200 g fresh berries and 2 fruit, except bananas, and grapes.

Lunch: a serving of soup-puree with green beans, 200 g of low-fat meat or fish, 150 g of cheese.

Snack: a glass of soy drink.

Dinner: 200 g string beans, vegetable salad.

Late snack: a glass of low-fat kefir.

Bean Diet Reviews

"Due to the structure of the fibers, the string bean perfectly satiates the body, it is easy and convenient to lose weight. The diet is varied and pleasant. For three days you can lose up to 5 kg, but I sat on the bean diet only to create for the body unloading days, improve digestion and normalize metabolism. I succeeded, I'm totally delighted. I will advise a similar diet to relatives and friends. Or maybe tomorrow you will learn about this curative diet for losing weight and improving the body as a whole. "

Reviews of the bean diet for weight loss

After the May holidays, I decided to put myself in order and help my body. I do not weigh too much (65 kg.), But the feeling of heaviness a couple of extra pounds needed to be removed. Not a bad diet because apart from asparagus there are many more different ingredients. For me personally, kefir was a minus, just because I do not like it. Replaced with yogurt. On the third day it became much easier, and a week later the balance was -NNUMX kg. I was satisfied with the result.

Although I was not a girl, but when I began to play sports, I was told that proper nutrition is the key to the success of any figure, to many results. And if your goals are not only to reduce weight, but also to leave it as before, I would personally advise adding some sports loads. This will reduce the stress of the body after removing the diet. It is not necessary to engage in slaughter for several hours, at least for the beginning easy loads, And see how your body reacts (we all respond differently)

Cognitive article, learned a lot about the beans. By the way, I had a chance to try the beans in action, 3 spent the day on the bean diet – 3 kilograms lost. Beans are actually quite hearty, you do not feel hungry, but due to the high content of vitamins and minerals, you do not bury the body. I'm not hesitating to recommend it to my girlfriends, the swimming season is just around the corner, and the extra load is useless.

Allochka, you're done! I was also impressed by the efficiency of the string bean, but I was only enough for a one-day diet. Half a kilogram passed. Still, beans are not a very favorite product. I prefer other vegetables, for example, carrots and cabbage.

I sit down on diets and after a few days I break. This is constantly repeated, even regardless of what diet I'm on. Then I decided to try bean diet thanks to this site. I sat on a three-day diet. The diet is very good. But it took me a few kilograms and I decided to sit on a seven-day bean diet. The result is excellent!

That's it on these weakly charac- teristic and this bean diet is calculated, because it's very easy to break with long diets. And seven days for the sake of beauty and health can be tolerated.

I really love this green beans, so I always try to put it in my garden and use the season, and I also freeze it in my freezer to indulge in beans in the winter. The truth is I never sit down on a strict bean diet, because I'm very much afraid that as a result I may lose interest in it, yet it is difficult to eat one bean.

After the birth of the second child, I recovered for 20 extra kilograms, since before pregnancy I did not have problems with being overweight, I began to select the optimal diet by searching on the Internet and reading the reviews decided to try the Bean diet, I can say she really works for 5 days, I dropped 7 kilogram, and for me it was not difficult, because it is not just useful, but also delicious

After winter, I began to notice that in a week I can gain 1-1,5 kg. I began to worry, like I have stopped, but the figure on the scales is growing and growing. I tried already a bunch of diets, but kilograms do not go anywhere. For me, as for a lover of meat (yes fatter), eat vegetables, something unreal, and certainly from the legume family, so generally beyond, but the swimming season is getting closer and closer, so I decided to try the bean diet. The first day was sick of her, but even liked the second taste, it turns out a lot depends on what you will eat. The week comes to an end and voila -3,5кг! PS of the meat, I did not refuse, with the bean ate, just need a piece of popostney and smaller, but the beans are more :))

I did not even think about vacation this summer, but here such a case, in general, it is absolutely necessary to urgently bring your weight back to normal. It was necessary to drop only 6 kg. And the bean diet seemed to me quite tasty and not too hungry. And there is. So far, dropped 4 kg, to the ideal very little left. The state of health is excellent, nothing disturbs and I can get my favorite dress

Also insert their 5 cents! Like many women, I was long in search of an ideal diet, until I learned what the bean diet is! This really "bomb"! And if you also learn how to cook it – you will not notice at all that you limit yourself to something – it can be very tasty. For myself, I began to call this diet "3 on 3" – for 3 days I lose 3 kg – this is a great option when you need to quickly pull up at the waist)

My husband is an alcoholic already two years engaged in bodybuilding and I can say with confidence that the beans are not only vitamins but also help in such a case as cleansing the body of all "blockages"! In such a sport as her husband, he needs to consume a lot of fiber, because in order to build muscle mass to consume a lot of protein (and protein is very hard to digest) in a bite with vegetables. And the last half a year the most part of vegetables was exchanged for a string bean, explaining that the bean helps cleanse, thereby helping to lose unnecessary weight and normalize the work of the body. I myself have already become, as a few weeks to use this product combining with this diet, there are no big changes in weight yet, just 3-3,2, but the most important thing is that I do not feel hungry. And this is very important for me. Yes, and I need to lose weight only on 6-7, so it suits me. Thank you for the article

Oh, so this is my New Year's diet! When I had to throw off a kilogram of 6-8. By the way, everything turned out. String beans are now in stores all year round! So there are no problems. My results: with the growth of 175 was 65kg. After such a diet – 59. There is no weakness or constant feeling of hunger at all. In the summer I'm going to repeat when there will be a harvest of young beans. She's so delicious!

Like many women, I am in the eternal race for a beautiful figure. After childbirth, I was injured in 15 kg – for me it was a real tragedy, however, 10 kg left quickly by themselves, but I could not throw off extra 5 in any way, even though I tried to sit on kefir or buckwheat, I still do not eat buckwheat, but the yogurt did not quench the yogurt. Almost desperate that I do not lose weight until the end of breastfeeding, I tried the bean diet. I will be brief – tasty, useful, unusual, and most importantly – it really works! My result is minus 4kg per week !! I want a second baby, and now I'm not afraid to grow stout, tk I have a secret weapon – bean!

And my wife from buckwheat and yogurt became ill. The organism for some reason did not take such food. And she did not know how to cook the string beans, but I managed to convince her that the beans can also be deliciously prepared! Now we grow thin together!

Usually I try to keep such a diet plan for a little more than a week, the result of weight loss is somewhere 4-5 kilograms, a little, of course, but without harm to the body). And the asparagus diet is very tasty, and also hearty, at least I did not feel hungry. I like such diets, and in general, products with negative calories – a rescue for those who do not have enough patience in diets))

Absolutely agree that such diets are an excellent option for people who do not have the patience to sit on hard diets. I myself am. But the bean diet helps me not the first year. I even froze for the winter.


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