Benefits of Brazil nuts for the body

Bertheleta, commonly known as the American or Brazilian nut, grows in Brazil, Guyana, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia.

Despite the fact that this fruit is called Brazilian, Bolivia acts as its leading supplier.

Brazil nuts are grown as a cultural plant, but by the number of crops wild plants of this species outstrip cultural ones, because they need much more large bees and bumblebees to carry pollen.

The tree of a nut can grow up to the big sizes.

It can grow over 500 years.

The fruit of the tree is pretentious: it is a box in the width of 15 cm and weighing up to 2 kg.

Distributed these trees in an extremely unusual way.

Rodents agouti climb into the fruit and eat nuts, some nuts they dig in the kidney, and they eventually sprout.

Not only can agouti get to nuts.

They are also broken capuchin monkeys by means of stones.

Useful properties of Brazil nuts

Experts say that the Brazil nut has high nutritional values, and is extremely useful to people, namely:

  • prevents the appearance of cancer cells in the intestines, chest, lungs;
  • is the prevention of prostate cancer;
  • has antioxidant properties;
  • helps to cope with depression and other emotional disorders;
  • have the property of rejuvenating;
  • stabilizes the level of sugar in the blood;
  • stimulates immunity;
  • beneficially affect the metabolic processes;
  • tones up the body;
  • increase blood coagulability;
  • useful for muscles;
  • tone the cardiovascular system;
  • prevention of thyroid disease;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • in the treatment of eye diseases;
  • useful for the skin;
  • for the treatment of burns and other skin diseases;
  • treatment and care of hair;
  • Helps reduce cholesterol.

Composition, calorie content of the fetus

Brazil nut is a high calorie product, which consists of 69% fat, 18% protein and 13% carbohydrates.

Fatty acids, of which the Brazil nut consists, are divided into:

  • saturated – the material for building cells, provide the body with energy;

Nuts are saturated with a lot of vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin E – a strong antioxidant, which supports the health of the nervous and muscular systems, skin, hair;

Caloric content of fruits – more than 680 kcal.

This nut is very useful for the body, because such a set of valuable substances is unique.

Useful properties of nut oil

From this nut, brought from South America, get the oil, which has such positive properties:

  • used in cosmetologists;
  • has healing properties;
  • perfectly moisturizes the skin;
  • is used to treat burns and other skin diseases;
  • cares for the hair;
  • prevents early aging;

fights skin inflammations;

Contraindications and harm associated with eating nuts

Given the useful properties of this South American walnut, it is necessary to note that it is necessary to introduce it into the diet in reasonable quantities.

Experts advise eating two or three nuts a day.

This is enough for the body to get all the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Contraindications to use are:

  1. idiosyncrasy;
  2. presence of allergy;
  3. prevents getting rid of excess weight;
  4. presence of radium – a radioactive substance;
  5. Selenium in large quantities is also harmful.

This article describes the useful properties of bean pods, it is recommended to read.

How to choose and store

Buying Brazil nuts, keep in mind that they should not rattle in the shell – this means that they are old.

Purified fruits must be taken dense, crunchy and heavy: light and dry fruits, too, will not be fresh.

Brazil nuts without a shell can be kept in a cool place or in a refrigerator, in a sealed bag, as they absorb foreign odors.

Who would have thought that the oil of this nut is not only suitable for eating:

  • it is so perfect that the master watchmakers consider it to be the best for lubricating the clock – it helps the mechanisms to work without problems for many years;

It is enough to take a handful of fruits, and you have a full meal for a few days, and as an addition you can eat fruits or vegetables without straining yourself with kitchen preparations.

Video dessert

This video completely reveals, what are the useful properties of the Brazil nut.

I buy Brazil nuts for my husband. Due to the high content of zinc, these nuts have a beneficial effect on the male reproductive system. I also eat it, for it is very tasty)

Already 2 months I make masks for hair from peanut butter. Helps from falling out. Hair began to grow faster. I advise everyone)))


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