Biceps training: 4 common beginner errors

If you want to pump up muscular arms, avoid four classic mistakes, stealing the result. T-shirt sleeves, prepare to stretch out!

Author: Roger Lockridge

Heavy squats and deadlifts – yes, here you need warm-up approaches, the right technique and attention to the smallest details. But what about flexion on the bicep? It's simple: they took the maximum possible weight, and forward. Do you recognize yourself? I think we just found out why your hands do not fit your ideas about the ideal. Fix four classic mistakes and get ready for an avalanche of muscle growth!

1. The misconception that "the first approach is the best approach"

The worst that can be thought up for not warmed up muscles – and it does not matter what kind of muscles – to start training from side to side. Take a few minutes to perform light approaches with working scales, from which self-esteem does not swell. Increase the blood flow to the biceps, adjust the neuromuscular "brain-muscle" connections and prepare the elbow joints for the work that is ahead of them.

2. Bracse lifts in the powerlifting style

Yes, there is such a competition as the biceps. In fact, at one time it was even part of the powerlifting program. But you know what? It was about 50 years ago, and even more so. Today – sorry – no one cares about your personal records in the biceps flexion. And if someone does, do not listen to them.

Of course, you can find a lot of photos on which athletes lift huge bars, but hard repetitions for "times" or "two" are good only for photo sessions, there is no real benefit from them. Make the main priority a good pumping, perform at least 8-10 repetitions, and your efforts will definitely be rewarded!

Approximately on the third repetition of the first approach, you understand that the 1 and 2 numbers have already committed errors. Forgot to warm up, and the shell grabbed too heavy. Really hard .

What is the solution? Reduce weight? No matter how! Instead, you use jerks and wriggle your whole body as soon as you can to finish off all the 8 repetitions.

We all did this once, but that does not mean that we were right. In fact, such a cheating steals the load from the biceps and redirects it anywhere – including the vulnerable waist. Bad news. If you use light chitings, do this at the very end of the last approach, when the biceps are already tired, and you want to really wear them out.

4. One movement for all occasions

Look at any hand training program, and you will see in it the basic exercises – lifting the bar to the biceps standing, raising dumbbells while sitting or standing. And all this . almost the same movement, the difference is only in the technique of execution.

This is not a stone in the garden of basic exercises. They are super! But your hands, like any other muscle group, benefit from working out at different angles with different types of resistance. Compose the following movements to put both heads of biceps in the center of the target and make a variety in their workouts.


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