Blood pressure diet

The problem of high blood pressure was relevant at all times. But if earlier this pathology was most often diagnosed in elderly people, now this problem concerns even very young people. Quite often the diagnosis of hypertension is put already in 30-35 years.

Hypertension is a serious disease, which is a consequence of disruption of the work of various systems, from cardiovascular and ending with abnormalities in the musculoskeletal system. In particular, the cause of the development of arterial hypertension can be osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

Treatment of the disease involves an integrated approach. And one of its stages is adherence to a certain diet. So, what food for hypertension (high blood pressure) is recommended?

Proper nutrition at high blood pressure, especially at the onset of the disease, can restore the pressure to the accepted norm without taking medications.

In general, the issue of nutrition in the treatment and prevention of hypertension takes a special place. Certain foods present on the hypertonic table are capable of both increasing blood pressure and reducing it.

But before you go directly to the menu, you need to know the following rules:

  1. A person who has hypertension diagnosed should practice fractional nutrition. The meal should be divided into 5-6 receptions.
  2. Caloric content of the diet should ideally correspond to such norms: 15% proteins (meat, fish, beans, nuts), 55% carbohydrates (porridges, especially useful buckwheat and oatmeal) and 30% fats (prefer vegetable, not animals).
  3. The consumption of salt should be reduced to 5 gr. In general, the salt should be discarded completely, since it is able to retain water in the body, contributes to puffiness and provokes an increase in pressure.
  4. It is very important to drink plenty of clean water. It is extremely important for many chemical reactions that occur in our body.

Power at increased pressure: what can I do?

As already mentioned, there are a number of products that can have a stabilizing effect on blood pressure indicators. At an increased pressure should include:

  • Meat and fish. It should not be fatty grades.
  • Dairy and sour-milk products.
  • Fresh vegetables, berries and fruits. Especially useful are beets, viburnum, cranberries, cranberries and others.
  • Greens and garlic.
  • Cereals and pulses.
  • Nuts, seeds.
  • Honey, jams, jam.

It is worth noting that the juice of beets, berries (cranberries, chokeberry, raspberry, etc.), tea karkade, green hour with lemon, etc., perfectly lower the high pressure. Herbal broths and tinctures are very beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

High-pressure food: Prohibited products

First of all, you must stop using alcohol and smoking. In addition, it is necessary to exclude from your diet:

It is important to avoid stressful situations. Be sure to include exercise and walking. Do not also forget about a full sleep (at least 8 hours) and quiet rest.

A high-pressure diet can look like this:

Breakfast: tea with lemon, juices, fruit, low-fat cottage cheese, large-grain bread, oat flakes with milk, cheese and vegetable salad

Snack: a salad of fruits or vegetables, decoction of rose hips or tea karkade, apple or pumpkin puree, a glass of water or green tea.

Dinner: Low-fat fish or meat, vegetable stew or porridge, steamed or baked fish, boiled potatoes or baked fruit, compote or vegetable juice with pulp.

Afternoon snack: fruits, juices, vegetables, rusks, cottage cheese, green tea, karkade.

Dinner: sour-milk non-fat drinks, vegetable cutlet or zraza, porridge, vegetable salad, tea.

Light snack before bedtime: kefir or milk, apple or grapefruit.

Food can be cooked only for a couple, and cook or simmer.

Fruits and vegetables are useful in any form: cheese, boiled, stewed and baked.

A few tips for hypertensive people

It is useful to drink fruit drinks prepared from fresh berries of viburnum and cranberries. Do not forget about dried fruits. Especially useful are raisins and dried apricots.

If the cause of hypertension is covered in constant stress, then the infusion of valerian, motherwort, and other herbs that have calming qualities will be very useful. They have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, which leads to normalization of pressure.

Useful for the body in hypertension will be the berries of Kalina, aronia, black currant. They can be eaten fresh, simply rubbed with sugar. But you can also cook broths from these berries.

Compliance with the diet will also help get rid of excess kilograms. It has long been known that the higher the weight, the greater the stress the cardiovascular system of a person. In addition, every kilogram of excess weight adds to your pressure 1mm. Hg.

It is important to control and its water-salt balance. It sounds incomprehensible, but it all boils down to the fact that during the day you must consume at least two liters of clean water. It is dehydration that promotes blood thickening, which in turn leads to increased blood pressure and the development of hypertension.


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