Bodybuilder diet for weight loss: recommendations, menus

The bodybuilder diet is one of the most common nutrition programs that helps to quickly build muscle mass, while reducing the fatty layer. It consists of three main stages: a set of muscle mass, increased strength training, drying the body.

Stages of a diet for a bodybuilder

All these stages have excellent features. Mixing them is not recommended, since each stage works out a separate component of the muscles. In the first two stages, muscle fibers degenerate, or in other words, an anabolic process begins, in which the muscles begin to change their structure.

And at the last stage (drying), a catabolic process begins, during which the fatty layer is burned and the appearance of the muscles changes – they become embossed.

Despite the fact that in the first and second stage of the diet of bodybuilders anabolism occurs, the food on each of them has its own differences. At the first stage, the athlete increases muscle mass by means of glycolysis and teaches the body to spend its energy intelligently. The food is exclusively protein.

But in the second stage the athlete already teaches his body to provide the necessary energy to his muscles and this is due to the breakdown of creatine-phosphate. Food at this stage contains more carbohydrates.

The third stage is the heaviest for athletes, because during it there is a strong decrease in daily calories. The body ceases to receive the necessary amount of energy from food and begins to spend it from its reserves. As a result, the fatty layer decreases, and the muscles become more prominent.

But it is very important not to overdo it with training. The thing is that if the athlete continues to train in the same spirit, but at the same time reduces the daily calorie intake by half, his body will begin to burn not only the fat layer, but also the muscles. But the only goal of bodybuilders is to increase and preserve muscle mass.

Therefore, training at this stage should not last more than 35 minutes. In this case, all exercises should be basic. Only in this way is it possible to preserve the volumes of muscle mass during the drying of the body.

Bodybuilders diet menu

The bodybuilder diet for weight loss is very effective. It is ideal for beginners and already professional athletes. However, the amount of proteins consumed is calculated individually, taking into account the weight of a person at each stage of his training.

So, when building muscle mass, an athlete a day must eat 2-3 a gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. That is, if his weight at the initial stage of training is 70 kg, then every day he should consume about 140-210 grams of protein. This will allow a short time to build muscle mass, without increasing the fatty layer.

At the second stage (increase in strength training), the amount of protein is reduced to 1-2 grams per kilogram of athlete. But during the drying of the body, the amount of protein consumed should on the contrary increase by several times and amount to 3-4 a gram for each kilogram.

Important! The protein must be of animal origin! That is, in the priority athlete must have eggs, meat, cottage cheese, fish. Animal protein is absorbed by the organism much faster and better (almost by 80%, while vegetable protein is digested only by 40%).

In addition, the ration of the athlete should be a lot of fiber. It promotes better absorption of meat, and is also rich in vitamins. In a day you need to drink a few liters of drinking water. At the same time, it should be at room temperature and consumed in small sips throughout the day.

It's quite another matter for carbohydrates. Here, their required amount is calculated from the energy costs of the athlete, so they must count on their own and learn how to control them.

And you can do this in two ways. You can just eat the same food in the same amount for several weeks. And you can get a table, which describes the composition of products, and kitchen scales. As a result, a bodybuilder can cook a variety of dishes for himself and at the same time be aware of how many carbohydrates they contain.

Let's sum up. At the first stage of the bodybuilder diet, nutrition should be such that the athlete can easily increase the workload of each workout. However, he must ensure that the growth of the fat layer does not occur.

At the second stage of the diet, the growth of fatty deposits is inevitable, since the food consists mainly of carbohydrates. And if you do not use them, then the forces for training can be missed, because their loads are constantly increasing.

At the third stage, you just need to have the recommended amount of protein and give up all the sweet, floury and fatty. In this case, weight loss should occur gradually! Every week the weight should decrease by a maximum of 2 kg.

The menu of the first stage of the diet

The protein diet of the bodybuilder in the first stage can have the following menu:

  • завтрак – rice, buckwheat or porridge, cooked on milk;
  • lunch – pork chop in tomato sauce, a portion of boiled pasta;
  • lunch – a portion of borsch and a piece of boiled beef + a buckwheat porridge with vegetables;
  • afternoon snack – a piece of boiled pollock and sea kale;
  • dinner – A handful of greek, a portion of cottage cheese with honey.

Menu of the second stage of the bodybuilder diet

  • завтрак – One serving of Herculean porridge, cooked on milk + shortbread cookies with milk;
  • lunch – a piece of pork with baked potatoes in the oven and 100 grams of vegetables;
  • lunch – a portion of lean borsch, boiled meat with pasta and tomato sauce;
  • afternoon snack – any sea fish baked in the oven + a portion of boiled rice;
  • dinner – yogurt with nuts.

Menu of the third stage of the diet

  • завтрак – boiled chicken breast with vegetables;
  • lunch – a piece of boiled chicken in tomato sauce;
  • lunch – a glass of yogurt, green apple, boiled chicken fillet;
  • afternoon snack – low-fat cottage cheese, boiled chicken;
  • dinner – cottage cheese, a glass of yogurt, a green apple.

This is an approximate diet menu for bodybuilders. If you decide to become one of them, remember that for the most correct set of muscle mass, you can not do without the help of a nutritionist.


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