Bodybuilding and work

Surely, in your student years, you thought that when you go to work and earn your own living, then the effectiveness of your training will increase at times, because you can eat well and not even deny yourself a sports nutrition. But . Now, after a few years, you understand that earlier it was easier. Work and other everyday worries take too much time and energy from you. The question arises whether bodybuilding and work are compatible?

Bodybuilding and work: how to combine?

Someone is working in the office, and someone is a loader in the warehouse. It is clear that the harder the work, the more you will get tired and the less strength and desire you will have for training. Here, there can be only one way out – either to reconcile and adapt, or to change work. However, in any case, the question of how to combine bodybuilding classes and work remains open. Therefore, below I will give you some advice on this matter.

Frequency and intensity of training

You need to optimally adjust your training regimen and the intensity of training for your work. First, do not train every day. Remember that the body needs rest to recover from training. And you need to rest even more. The recommended frequency of training is 2-3 times a week. Secondly, adjust the intensity of training. For example, if you had a hard day at work, then do an easy workout or postpone the next day. You need to listen to your body.

If you have a busy schedule and you are too tired at work, then you need to carefully select training programs. In this case, the best way is a two-day split for mass.

Muscles and the body as a whole recover directly during sleep and the more quality your sleep, the faster the recovery will be. Try to go to bed no later than 10 hours of the evening, as the later you go to bed, the worse the quality of sleep.

You understand that you need to eat a lot, so that there are forces not only for work, but for training. However, notice after yourself that you quickly get tired? Maybe you do not have enough vitamins and minerals. Remember, you need not only to consume more calories, but also to ensure that your diet is as balanced as possible so that you get all the necessary nutrients and your body functions normally.

Understand, you are unlikely to claim the title of Mr. Olympia. Therefore, objectively assess your capabilities and set realistic goals. You train for yourself, to be in great shape and to maintain health is more important than personal records and increasing your own self-esteem.


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