Breathing squats on 20 repetitions

Squats on 20 repetitions, also known as "Breathing" squats – the training system, which was first developed and described in his book "Super Squats: how to gain 30 pounds of muscles for 6 weeks" by Randal Strossen back in 1989. At the heart of this system of training lie multi-repetitive classic sit-ups with a barbell, just one approach for 20 repetitions. At first glance, everything seems trivial. Is it really?

Super squats on 20 repetitions: the basics

At the heart of the technique, as mentioned above, a multi-repeat squat with 20 times, only one set. However, in order for the system to work properly, it is necessary to correctly choose the working weight. It is recommended to squat with such a working weight, with which you can make 10 pure repetitions before the parallel. Usually this weight is 70-75% of 1PM. That is, if your maximum is 150 kg, then for squats on 20 repetitions you need to install a barbell with a weight of about 105-110 kg.

Now do you understand what's in store for you? One hellishly hardcore sitcom approach with the weight with which you normally did 10 repetitions, you have to do as many as 20 repetitions! Of course, this is a very difficult task for men with a strong character, possessing strong-willed qualities and psycho-emotional resistance to overload. But, nevertheless, in the end you will understand that it was worth it. The return from such sit-ups is simply incredible!

How to do sit-ups on 20 repetitions:

  1. After a general warm-up before training, make an 1-2 warm-up approach for squats with light weights, then set the working weight with which you normally do 10 repetitions (70-75% of the maximum). The technique of squats on 20 repetitions does not differ from the classical technique of doing this movement, except that after each squat you need to do 3 deep breaths.
  2. After 5-6 repetition, deep breathing will become a natural need for you. Continue to crouch in the same spirit.
  3. After 10 repetition, you already want to complete the approach, but everything is just beginning. Continue to squat, repeat after repetition, you approach the target! Perhaps you will already need 5 or more deep breaths between repetitions. It should be so. No wonder the sit-ups on 20 repetitions are also called respiratory squats.
  4. After 15 repetitions, you feel all the muscles of your body. They ask you for mercy and you really want to spare them. No, do not give up! There is still a little more.
  5. After 18 repetition, I'm sure you will not abandon the bar for anything, having done such a painful journey. Whatever it is, you will end all 20 repetitions!
  6. After resting for a few minutes, you can continue training by doing 2-3 exercises on other muscle groups. Repeat not more than once a week, trying to minimize weight on the bar.

Reviews of the system squats at 20 times

Squats on 20 repetitions are really a workout system. A few years ago, I quite often included this explosive method in my training programs to increase muscle mass and strength. Then I did sit-ups 20 times with a weight of 150 kg and the results, both in terms of increasing the volume of the leg muscles, and in terms of overall muscle mass and strength growth were stunning. Sometimes I did just one approach for 20 repetitions with a critical weight. Sometimes I took a little less weight and performed with it the 3×20 sepensets, additionally after each approach of breathing squats approach pullovers with dumbbells. The options for applying multi-repeat sit-ups in their training complexes are many.

For me, squats are the best basic exercise of all. No other exercise will give you greater overall strength in return for time and effort. Undoubtedly, squats at 20 times – the best stimulator of muscle growth in natural training!


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