Buckwheat diet for weight loss on 7 days


Most doctors do not recommend sticking to prolonged monocomponent diets, as the body will not receive the necessary nutrients. However, if the weight loss program is built correctly, you can not only achieve weight loss, but also to put your own health in order.

Buckwheat diet for weight loss for 7 days is designed for weight loss, body cleansing and normalization of metabolism. With its help, you can remove toxins from the intestines, improve overall health. And similar results can be achieved without taking any medications. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the buckwheat diet, as an effective and safe method of losing weight.

Buckwheat has long been called the queen of croup. Such an honorary title she received for a reason. In buckwheat contains a lot of vitamins, micro- and macronutrients, necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. Buckwheat is also a source of protein, which is digested at 100%.

In buckwheat there are minerals such as iodine, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus. In the croup there are all the vitamins of group B, vitamin E, vitamin PP. In addition, buckwheat is an excellent source of coarse fiber and fiber, useful amino acids and carbohydrates. Buckwheat is recommended to vegetarians as an alternative to meat, because the protein from buckwheat is very similar to the protein from meat.

On 100 g cereals have 313 kcal, which, in turn, are composed of:

62,1 g is carbohydrates;

12,6 g are proteins;

Although the calorie content of buckwheat is quite high, this product allows you to get rid of excess weight by speeding up the metabolism.

Useful properties of this cereal are as follows:

Buckwheat can cleanse the body.

It quickly quenches the feeling of hunger and keeps a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Thanks to buckwheat, you can bring the weight in order, for example, get rid of a few extra pounds, recruited during pregnancy, or during long holidays.

Buckwheat is a product that can be used to prevent cancer, since it contains flavonoids.

Regular consumption of buckwheat for food will avoid the appearance of blood clots and reduce the risk of heart and vascular disease.

Buckwheat helps normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Buckwheat is a product that can be consumed by people with diabetes. Due to the fact that the glycemic index of cereals is low, the sugar in the blood rises gradually, and not spasmodically. Therefore, carbohydrates from buckwheat are referred to as "slow" and useful.

Buckwheat diet has obvious advantages:

It cleanses the body of toxins;

All meals on the menu are very easy to prepare;

Weight goes away pretty quickly;

The body receives a lot of useful substances;

The feeling of hunger will not bother for a long time.

The basis of the buckwheat diet is steamed buckwheat. A glass of buckwheat is poured with steep boiling water (400 ml), warmed with tare and left overnight. In the morning the porridge will be ready. It should be eaten in several receptions, without the addition of salt or other condiments.

Buckwheat diet has a number of shortcomings, among which the following points:

Refusal to eat salt and sugar can negatively affect the arterial pressure and brain function. If a person feels tired and weak, then in the morning, you can drink a glass of water with a spoon of honey dissolved in it.

Two weeks is the maximum period of continuous compliance with the buckwheat diet. Repeat the dietary scheme of nutrition can only after 2 months.

In order to stay on the buckwheat diet, willpower is needed, because the dishes do not differ in variety and rich taste.

It is necessary to get out of the diet correctly. Eat small meals, choosing foods with low caloric content. Otherwise, the lost pounds will return very quickly.

Rules of compliance with buckwheat diet

Buckwheat is a product that allows you to lose weight at the same time, and get rid of the heaviness in your stomach. If you additionally engage in physical education, muscles in the waist area are quickly pulled up, fat is removed from the sides. Observing all the recommendations, one can get rid of 5-6 kg per week on a buckwheat diet.

It is very good during a diet to visit the pool or go to the fitness room. To support the body, you can additionally take vitamin-mineral complexes.

How to eat on a buckwheat diet:

Groats should be used in pure form. It should not contain salt, butter, milk, spices, etc.

Buckwheat must be steamed, not cooked. The effect will be better.

The combination of cereals and kefir allows you not to feel hungry for longer.

To ensure that the body does not violate the water-salt balance, it is necessary to drink clean water without gas, you can replenish the liquid with herbal decoctions and green tea.

A day must drink at least 1,5 liters of water.

It is expected that by the end of the diet the process of weight loss will accelerate, and the appetite will decrease.

If there is weakness or dizziness appears, you can add a small amount of salt to the buckwheat. This will allow a little to hold the liquid in the body and get rid of the malaise.

If there is an intolerable feeling of hunger, which is accompanied by a deterioration of well-being, then you can move away from the diet and add other foods. To risk health in any case should not be.

Do not start to adhere to the diet during menstruation or immediately before it.

The buckwheat diet menu assumes the use of various dishes based on this cereal. Therefore, it is necessary to try to diversify it as much as possible. An approximate version of the nutrition plan for the week is as follows:

Breakfast: buckwheat steamed, a glass of kefir.

Lunch: buckwheat cutlets, 2 cup kefir.

Dinner: buckwheat in the form of a casserole, a glass of kefir.

Breakfast: bread made from buckwheat flour, tea without sugar.

Lunch: buckwheat pancakes for a couple, 2 a cup of yogurt.

Dinner: a glass of fat-free yogurt and an orange.

Breakfast: 1 serving of buckwheat porridge, a glass of mineral water.

Lunch: 2 servings of buckwheat porridge, a glass of kefir.

Dinner: 2 servings of buckwheat porridge, a glass of mineral water.

Breakfast: pancakes made from buckwheat, steamed buckwheat.

Lunch: a portion of steamed buckwheat and a glass of yogurt.

Dinner: buckwheat and vegetable salad.

Breakfast: boiled egg, steamed portion of cereal, 1 / 3 a glass of kefir.

Lunch: bread, tea without sugar, buckwheat with fresh cabbage.

Dinner: a serving of buckwheat porridge, a green salad.

Breakfast: a glass of kefir and a serving of buckwheat porridge.

Lunch: buckwheat with fried onions, apple.

Dinner: cutlets from cereals, banana.

Breakfast: a portion of buckwheat porridge, mineral water.

Lunch: 2 servings of buckwheat porridge, a glass of kefir.

Dinner: 2 servings of buckwheat porridge, water.

Although the diet is quite strict, it allows small additions to the menu. For example, you can vary the diet of vegetables or fruits. However, you should not get too involved, otherwise the effect will not be achieved.

Diet on buckwheat requires eating not boiled cereal, but steamed cereals. The recipe is very simple. In advance, the buckwheat must be cleaned and rinsed. The volume of cereals – 1 glass. Then it is poured into a saucepan and poured an 1-1,5 glass of boiling water. If the next morning in the pan there is some liquid, it can simply be drained.

Ideally, steaming buckwheat in a dish made of clay, and cover with a warm towel. Leave the cereal for the night, in the morning it will be ready for use.

Another simple and modern version of cooking buckwheat – is steaming it in a thermos. There it "comes" very quickly, literally for 2 hours.

You can pour the rump with cold water, bring it to a boil and turn off the fire. Such a cereal will still take time to become soft.

Of course, you can use the standard way of cooking buckwheat and boil it until cooked. However, it is the steamed croup that keeps the maximum of useful properties, and also contains more coarse fiber that cleans the intestines.

As for the taste, the steamed porridge practically does not differ from the boiled cereal. The main thing is not to add spices to it and do not salt it.

Recipes for weight loss on buckwheat

The recipe for cutlet from buckwheat. Buckwheat must be pre-cooked, then add soy and carefully mix the ingredients. From the received weight mold cutlets which bake in an oven for a quarter of an hour. You can use the microwave oven for the same purpose.

To cutlets more vivid to taste, it is allowed to sprinkle them with sesame seeds. This does not affect the figure.

The recipe for casseroles from buckwheat. In advance it will be necessary to boil carrots, cut tomatoes, put cabbage on water, and cook buckwheat until half cooked.

Heatproof dish oiled, spread on it rump, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage. Remove the dish in the oven and bring it to the ready.

The recipe for pancakes from buckwheat. To prepare pancakes, you need to boil the rump, drive one raw egg into it, add a little kefir and flour. Form the resulting mixture of fritters and fry in a pan in a small amount of oil. It is better to take olive oil.

Buckwheat diet has a number of contraindications and is not suitable for every person.

Restrictions can be noted the following:

Diseases of the digestive system.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Diseases of the digestive system.

In the event that there are no contraindications to the use of the buckwheat diet, but at the same time during its observance the health began to deteriorate, it is necessary to abandon it.

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Opinion of doctors about buckwheat diet

Nutritionists believe that the buckwheat diet is effective, but at the same time unbalanced. In addition, the dropped kilograms very soon come back, because the body lost them in "emergency conditions", that is, against the background of consumption of predominantly carbohydrate, monotonous food. The longer the muscles experience protein deficiency, the more they suffer. Over time, the lack of muscle mass may ripen, and metabolic disruptions will occur.

Doctors do not recommend sticking to the buckwheat diet for longer than 3 days. Moreover, even these days it is best to supplement the consumption of buckwheat with a sour-milk drink with a low percentage of fat content, fruits and herbs. Doctors warn against prolonging any diet in the event that a person has a severe malaise.

In addition, nutritionists argue that the lack of salt and sugar in the diet adversely affects the body. Despite the fact that buckwheat is very useful, it can not cover all human needs. Proteins of vegetable origin can not fully replace proteins of animal origin.

Dietitians strongly recommend simply to include buckwheat in the daily menu. Especially it is necessary for athletes and people with a weakened immune system. Only a single buckwheat diet is not approved. However, if you still decided to try this weight loss program on yourself, then you must not stand longer than one week.

Answers to questions about the buckwheat diet

Is it easy to lose weight on a buckwheat diet? What is the result? This diet is considered a method of rapid weight loss. Most often, one kilogram of weight leaves in one day. Therefore, for a week you can throw up to 7 kg.

How much cereal can you eat in a day? Strict restrictions are not present. To buckwheat quickly not tired, enough for 1 food intake to eat one standard portion of cereals.

Can I add soy sauce to mush? Strict buckwheat diet does not involve the addition of any spices or sauces, including soy. Therefore, it is best to abstain from using it.

Is it allowed to add buckwheat? No.

Is it possible to boil the rump? It is best to cook buckwheat, not cook. This will quickly lose weight. When you buy buckwheat in the store, you need to pay attention to the message on the packet is "yadritsa". This means that each grain contains the maximum amount of nutrients. Buckwheat should have a greenish-brown color, since if it was too fried, most of the trace elements and vitamins were lost.

Is it possible to supplement the buckwheat diet with vegetables? Twice in 7 days, you can eat a portion of light salad, for example, with greens and cabbage. You can add onion to buckwheat cutlets.

Can I drink coffee? If you feel tired, you can let 1 drink a cup of coffee without sugar.

Can I drink milk? No, you can only kefir.

Can I eat fruit? For a week you can 2-3 times to eat some fruit.

Can I adhere to the buckwheat diet during pregnancy? No, strictly prohibited.

Can I adhere to the buckwheat diet during breastfeeding? No, it's forbidden.

The author of the article: Diet Doctor, Kuzmina Vera Valerievna, specially for the site

Calling buckwheat diet easy is impossible. It is quite tough, as it implies a strict limitation in the menu. However, thanks to the slimming program on buckwheat, you can only get rid of 10 kg in a week. The main advantage of buckwheat is that it allows you not to feel hungry for a long time and in parallel cleanses the intestines.

Kefir diet for 7 days is an effective way to get rid of extra pounds with a tasty and healthy sour milk drink. And for 6 days you can drink not only kefir, but you are also allowed to diversify your menu with other products that have low calorie content.

The popularity of buckwheat diet for 14 days is quite understandable. After all for such short term it is possible to lower weight considerably, without applying any efforts. If you adhere to the buckwheat diet strictly, you can lose from 5 kg or more. To the weight did not return after a short time, it is necessary to go out right from the diet and.

Buckwheat-kefir diet is considered one of the most effective methods for rapid weight loss. That's why it has gained popularity all over the world. Despite the fact that this diet is considered one of the most rigid. If you follow all the recommendations, then in a week you can get rid of 10 kg of excess weight. The figure will be put in order, and the body will be cleaned.

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