Buckwheat diet: reviews

One of the most convenient and simple diet programs for weight loss is the buckwheat diet. Reviews 2015 thin on it testify to its effectiveness and relevance.

The only difficulty is the psychological aspect. In fact it is necessary to refuse any culinary delights, except for buckwheat porridge. Only she and nothing more!

But such a sacrifice is worth it to lose annoying 12 and more than a kilo! And this is possible in just 2 weeks. An excellent variant of the food program, if you need to urgently bring yourself in shape before an important event.

Of course, the amount of kilograms lost depends on the volume of the body. The more excess weight, the faster will be to leave centimeters in the volume of the figure.

The essence of the program from the buckwheat diet forum

To make it easier to embark on the path of losing weight, many are addicted to various thematic sites and forums. On their pages, slimming people discuss the details of the nutrition program, share their achievements and support each other.

There you can learn more about the buckwheat diet. Photos of those who lose weight and a detailed description of the principles of the program help to approach the dream of harmony.

And the first thing that the admirers of this diet pay attention to is the rule of cooking buckwheat. It turns out that it does not need to be cooked. It is enough to pour boiling water and leave for the night.

In the morning the porridge will be ready. But if it is difficult to use only it (without butter and sauce), dieticians allow 1 liter of kefir per day.

After two weeks of losing weight on a mono diet, you need to take a break for a month!

Is it easy to tolerate a buckwheat diet for weight loss? Reviews

One of the most exciting questions: how hungry it will be during slimming and it's easy to go through a diet.

You can immediately please those who want to lose weight. After all, within the framework of this program, there will be no feeling of hunger.

Buckwheat porridge can be eaten every 2-3 hours. But, of course, a small portion. Thanks to this diet is very easy to transfer.

Drinking on buckwheat diet: testimonials and results

Great value has a plentiful drink. Regular water throughout the day helps to remove toxins from the body. In addition, it improves digestion and normalizes the work of internal organs.

How much should you drink water and any other liquid? So much so that you feel comfortable. But not less than 1,5 liters.

Experts recommend paying attention to herbal green teas and mineral water. From coffee and black tea is better for a while to refuse.

And, of course, hot drinks should be without sugar! Only small slices of lemon are allowed.

Reviews and results of buckwheat diet

Any food program has its own advantages and disadvantages. But to lose weight was effective and did not cause negative health effects, be sure to adhere to the rules of the diet.

According to dieticians, it is especially important to drink at least 1,5 l of water per day. Then you will certainly appreciate the positive aspects of such a diet.

Advantages of buckwheat diet: reviews from photos:

  1. There will be no feeling of hunger, because the amount of porridge per day is not limited. You can eat in any amount.
  2. Due to the saturation of the body with carbohydrate food there is no sluggishness, weakness, dizziness and fatigue. Losing weight is vigorous and active.
  3. Rapid weight loss, due to which a person every day feels the appearing lightness in the body.
  4. The effectiveness of the program! For 2 weeks, you can lose about 12 kg of fat!
  5. Normalization of the intestine. This is possible due to the high fiber content in buckwheat porridge.
  6. Reduction of cellulite.
  7. Due to the vitamins of group B, which are in the composition of buckwheat, the condition of the skin, nails and hair will improve.

Buckwheat diet: cons

Any diet has its drawbacks. They should be considered before the passage of this food program.

  1. Buckwheat porridge is not acceptable for every organism.

To see if the diet suits you, spend one day on buckwheat. If you do not experience weakness, it is possible to practice a two-week weight loss program.

  1. Psychological aspect – it is difficult to tune in to use only one product. Necessarily want to pamper yourself with a forbidden delicacy.
  2. Two weeks is not a small time. But, despite such a long diet, it provides an excellent result.
  3. Among the disadvantages of the buckwheat diet is a mandatory break for a month after the completion of a two-week cycle. This is not very convenient, if after the program is still overweight.
  4. According to losing weight, sometimes there is a drop in blood pressure.
  5. Perhaps exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  6. To make up for the shortage of useful micronutrients in the body due to the mono diet, you should additionally take multivitamin preparations.

Contraindications buckwheat diet: reviews thin

If you decide to follow this nutrition program, first get a consultation from your treating therapist. After all, everything has its own contraindications.

Such a diet is inadmissible in the period:

  • pregnancy;
  • hypertension;
  • depression;
  • breastfeeding;
  • heart failure;
  • diabetes;
  • problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

Diet after a buckwheat diet or how to get out right from it?

The loss of about 12 kg for 2 weeks is a luxurious result for people with excess weight. But the hardest thing is to keep the new proportions of the figure.

To do this, do not immediately reward yourself for the efforts of a portion of fatty shish kebab or cream cake. Continue to follow the principles of a healthy and balanced diet.

In particular, do not eat for 4 hours before sleep, add more fruits and vegetables to the diet. Give up harmful sauces and ketchups.

Pay attention to dairy products, boiled eggs, low-fat soups, steamed fish. Try not to drink alcoholic beverages. They retard the water in the body, due to which in the morning you can see the swelling on the body.

Remember that it is possible to lose extra pounds if you work on yourself during the buckwheat diet. Reviews, results, photos after passing the program will then be quite inspiring.

And do not forget to add to your schedule for sports. Physical exercises will help make the skin elastic and further reduce body volume.


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