Calculator of ideal proportions of the body

A calculator of ideal body proportions is an excellent tool for professional bodybuilders trying to determine what maximum results can be achieved without the use of steroid drugs.

The formula for calculation is based on a statistical analysis of the anthropometric data of 300 natural bodybuilders, winners of various competitions in the period from 1947 to 2007 year.

  • Chest – measured in a relaxed state, hands on the sides, the measuring tape passes under the axillary depressions

Warning! It's worth remembering that this calculator serves as a benchmark for professional bodybuilders. Use caution to all others.

Breast 145 cm Biceps 58 cm Forearm 47 cm Neck 57 cm Hips 67 cm Caviar 45 cm

Chest 136 cm / 145 Biceps 48 cm / 51, 5 Forearm 38 cm / 40 Neck 47 cm / 49 Hips 74 cm / 77 Holes 49 cm / 48 Sadness

I'm almost perfect: D As almost as in the calculator Height 185 weight 112 Biceps 46 I would clarify rather the triceps (the biceps itself is long and flat on my own) Forearm 38 Chest 136 in the calculator 132 Hips 72 Cavi 45 neck 45 true waist 94 but with my chest looks narrow

Zuma, not feeble at the titsu

My height 175 weight 85 chest 106 Bicep 42 forearm 32 🙁 calves 37 neck 41 thigh 100 I THINK I DO NOT BAD

This calculator is about nothing. Only men and then not all parameters. Where is the waist girth? The main indicator. Where are the differences for different physiques?

With the growth of 160, the wrist 15 and the ankle 21 I got:

Well, most likely, I will have such a girth of the chest only if I put the silicone :)))) Yes, and with the biceps in 38 cm, I think I will look weird :))) Why calculator only counts for men?


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