Can I eat cottage cheese after a workout?


Can I eat cottage cheese after a workout?

Those who practice sports in the course that without proper nutrition, not one power or cardio training will not be able to achieve the desired result. Nutrition is the foundation for a healthy body and well-being. Only "right" food contributes to the elimination of health problems and the emergence of new problems with it. So after a load, the body needs to restore the energy expended, i. E. to fill the deficiency of substances. And cottage cheese is the best find, it is an ideal snack. It includes casein (50-60%), which is absorbed by the body for a long time and charges it with energy for several hours. Cottage cheese is a product with a high protein content, in it about 50-40% fast protein.

For those who gain weight, cottage cheese will be an excellent building material for muscle growth. That's why many bodybuilders do not see their diet without it and know that there is nothing better for muscle growth after training. After all, this sour-milk product perfectly copes with its task, namely it supplies protein (for 100 – 18g), which is a fuel for the body for a long time. You should use the product after training in 20-30 minutes. This alternative is suitable for those who are against the reception of sports nutrition, or simply looking for a budgetary way to get protein.

After training, is it possible to eat cottage cheese?

Many people ask a question, but after training can you have cottage cheese? The answer is not possible, but it is necessary.

Why eat cottage cheese after a workout:

  • it contains casein and protein (18g), which the body absorbs slowly, and at the same time replenishes energy, and with proper nutrition it is very important;
  • for a long time provides satiety, and damps the feeling of hunger, which is ideal for losing weight;
  • promotes muscle growth and recovery.

This product is very useful – it is rich in vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus. This is confirmed by the fact that you need to eat it after training.

We must only take into account that it is necessary to eat it only natural. On the shelves we offer a variety of types, among which the curd mass, which contains sugar and various artificial additives. This product is, do not, better to use it in its pure form without additives. Should be discarded and from low-fat delicacy. If there is no fat in the product, the calcium that is in the product will simply be useless, because it can not be absorbed. It is better to choose cottage cheese above 3-5% fat. This percentage of fat is suitable even for those who sit on a strict diet for weight loss.

To be sure of the naturalness of the product, you can make a homemade curd from milk or kefir. There are a lot of recipes, but it will not be difficult to choose.

When is it better to eat cottage cheese: before or after training?

Can I eat cottage cheese after a workout?

If to say, when it is better to eat cottage cheese, then it should be eaten an hour before training so that the body has strength. And then through 30-40 minutes after the load, to restore energy. But in view of the fact that the product contains few carbohydrates, it is recommended to replace it with other products. To such can be attributed bananas – they will replenish the reserves of fructose and glucose, which will give more strength to the body to conduct training and will not allow the burning of muscle mass. Therefore, it is recommended to eat cottage cheese, after training, there will be more benefit from this method.

Also, such a snack will have a beneficial effect on the body, the sweet and sour delicacy will be assimilated for about several hours and a sufficient amount of protein will be delivered.

You can conclude that before and after training, curd can be eaten, the benefit from it will be in any case.

After training, curd cheese for weight loss

Can I eat cottage cheese after a workout?

After training, a delicious cottage cheese – this is what you need for proper weight loss. Since it contains a minimum amount of carbohydrates, and a high percentage of protein.

For slimming cottage cheese will be better, since it does not cause a feeling of hunger for a long time. There is it you need after training, somewhere for half an hour.

It can also be a great snack for the night:

  • will save from the so-called "dietary" insomnia;
  • will saturate your body with amino acids throughout your sleep.

Therefore, when disputes about proper nutrition and weight gaining heat, at what time it is better to take it for food in the morning or evening, and at the same time lose weight, you can safely say that in any. When losing weight, you can eat it for a second breakfast as a snack, or after practicing exercises to make up for the expended energy, or before going to sleep, to sleep peacefully and not to feel hungry.

For those who lose weight, you need to monitor the amount of sour milk product. The rate of fat consumption per day is 25-30g, which means that per day you can eat about 500g 5% of a fermented milk product in order to fit into the framework. We take into account that, in addition to cottage cheese, we get fats from other food, and not everyone is able to master half a kilo, then 200 is the best option. If you are bored with it, as a separate dish, you can whip the fruit in a blender, you will get smoothies with a high protein content. Tasty and healthy.

Do not forget that it can be harmful to you if you have lactose intolerance. It is not always known about this person, and is revealed only after the use of the critical norm.

The main thing is not to think that the cottage cheese is a panacea and, being fed only by it, will lose weight. It helps to reduce the caloric content of your diet, but does not fight with excess weight and fatty layer, for this you should also engage in sports.

Cottage cheese in the evening after training – how much can you eat and what?

Can I eat cottage cheese after a workout?

People who are aimed at recruiting the masses should eat at night. Cottage cheese in the evening after exercise will be an excellent option for them. But do not overeat, eat it should not be more than 100g at one time, otherwise you will experience a heaviness in the stomach.

So how much can you eat cottage cheese and with what? The daily norm is 300g, so do not overdo it too much.

It is worth knowing about the combination of products. This is an important component of proper nutrition and that will help preserve all useful properties and benefit:

  • You can eat with honey, berries or sour cream;
  • excellent for baking – syrniki, casseroles, pies;
  • add fruit (bananas, apples, pears, peaches, kiwi) or nuts;
  • experiment with the addition of greenery and vegetables;
  • combine with various dried fruits: dried apricots, prunes, raisins;

Combinations of products that are not recommended:

  • with products in which a large amount of protein: beans, nuts, eggs, fish and meat;
  • with starch-containing: bread, potatoes, cereals;
  • with sugar: fruity, syrups and jam on sugar.

Any combination of the above will become a full meal at work, school or on a trip.

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