Carbohydrate diet: options for weight loss and weight gain


Every woman dreams of a slender and effective figure. Especially in the spring you want to look young and beautiful, to feel your perfection and catch interested views.

Many try to increase physical activity, others are looking for a suitable diet. There are a lot of options and it is sometimes difficult to understand which of the systems will bring the best result with a minimum of effort.

Great fame is enjoyed by carbohydrate diet, this is the most well-known option of getting rid of fat deposits. The main sources of energy for humans are carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate diet: options for weight loss and weight gain

But it is worthwhile to understand that these substances are different.

They allow you to tune in a good way, as carbohydrates contribute to the production of the hormone responsible for happiness – serotonin.

The basis of loss and weight retention is the regulation of carbohydrate levels. For this it is necessary to control their consumption.

Information on the content of carbohydrates in food is indicated, as a rule, on the package.

The most important thing on this diet for weight loss is the correct intake of carbohydrates.

They can be divided into two groups.

Complex carbohydrates, in other words they are called complex

They increase blood sugar gradually, for a long time giving energy to the body.

Contained in the following food:

Simple carbohydrates contribute to a rapid increase in blood sugar

They are contained in the following products:

    Carbohydrate diet: options for weight loss and weight gain

Although once a day you need to eat fish, meat, eggs or dairy products.

Proteins can also come from plant products – soybeans, seeds.

  • It is also not necessary to refuse fats.

    You can enter lean meats and skimmed milk, cream and olive oil in small quantities in the diet.

  • It is necessary to avoid ready-made semi-finished products, canned food and purchased meals.

    Reduce the consumption of sugar.

  • You can drink wine, but preference should be given to dry wines.

    Not more than 1-2 small glasses per day is allowed.

  • You can not eat dietary and low-calorie foods.

    Snack between meals is prohibited!

  • Once a week, you should rest from such food.
  • Conditionally, it is possible to divide this diet into a strict and non-strict one. Adhere to a mild carbohydrate diet for weight loss can be a long time.

    The menu consists of the following products:

    You can not eat bread and confectionery, potatoes are forbidden from vegetables.

    A strict diet has a small list of allowed products. The main thing in nutrition – regularity, fractionality and the same time of eating.

    Portions should be equal.

    This system allows you to get the result – minus 5-7 kilogram per week. The course can be repeated in 7 days.

    Carbohydrate diet: options for weight loss and weight gainYou can find out about the drinking diet on our website.

    Reviews of the French diet in the article. Permitted and prohibited foods, Pierre Ducane's diet.

    How to use bran for weight loss can be found here.

    This system is called the carbohydrate alternation diet. It is in deserved demand, its principle is the following: alternate days when you can consume carbohydrate or protein foods.

    Its duration is 3 weeks, with a strict food schedule. This system is suitable for permanent use.

    Scheme for a week: one mixed day – two protein – one carbohydrate – two protein – one carbohydrate.

    There is another pattern of alternation. It is presented in the table:

    Carbohydrate diet: options for weight loss and weight gain

    Protein and carbohydrate days have their own characteristics:

    1. On protein days, you need to monitor the calorie content of food, the ration is made up of their products of minimum fat content, and the intake of carbohydrates is reduced to a minimum.

    This will allow you to spend fat reserves, which will lead to weight loss.

  • Calculation of protein, which should be consumed per day, calculated by the formula: weight of a person x 3.

    If the weight is very large, you can subtract 10 from this indicator.

    Check the caloric content preferably on special tables.

  • In carbohydrate days, counting is not required.

    But at the same time it is necessary to eat only food rich in complex carbohydrates.

    To determine the permitted products, a table of glycemic indices should be used.

    The choice of products depends on the GI-glycemic index. The higher it is, the more useless the product!

    Choose food in the protein-carbohydrate diet should only be low GI.

    Efficiency: for one protein day, you can lose up to 1 kilograms. Weight comes in a carbohydrate day, but it happens due to the binding of fluid to the body.

    Carbohydrate diet: options for weight loss and weight gain

    Weight reduction is due to the fact that the alternation of days contributes to the improvement of metabolism. In the first protein days, few carbohydrates come, which leads to a lack of glucose.

    The body is forced to take it from fat stores.

    It is impossible to adhere only to protein nutrition, since in this case the body will conserve fatty deposits, as strategic energy reserves. This will lead to the destruction of the muscles of the body.

    That is why it is important to make a load of carbohydrates in the body on the third day.

    Protein-carbohydrate diet for weight gain

    Some suffer from a completely different problem – excessive leanness. And no eating buns and chips at night does not help!

    This is because the body needs high-quality products. The diet should be as balanced as possible, contain all the necessary elements.

    To gain weight, it is required not to stimulate the appetite, but to increase the calorie content of dishes without changing the amount of food. On the day the body should receive 50 percent protein food and 25 percent carbohydrates and healthy fats.

    There are almost no restrictions in the choice of products, but it is required to make a reasonable menu for the day.

    1. You need small portions often, no less than 6 once a day.
    2. Before eating, you can drink a glass of juice, which will stimulate the appetite and activate digestion.
    3. Snacks are necessary, it is impossible that hunger was strong.

    When selecting ingredients, you should stop on protein and carbohydrate foods.

    Preference is given to dishes:

    • from fish, meat;
    • eggs;
    • game;
    • from fat cottage cheese and dairy products;
    • bakery products;
    • sweets.

    Proper weight gain requires competent strength exercises. The result does not have to wait quickly, the first positive shifts can be seen not earlier than in six months.

    On the slow-carbohydrate diet of Tim Ferris can be learned from the video.

    Advantages and disadvantages of carbohydrate diets

    Undoubted advantages of the usual carbohydrate diet are:

    1. Absence of strict prohibitions.
    2. A huge selection of products that will make attractive options for any person.
    3. It does not require a tedious calorie count.
    4. The system is not harmful to the body, the condition of the muscles is not affected, there is no negative effect on mental activity.
    5. There is an opportunity to go in for sports.

    The diet of carbohydrate alternation also has its advantages:

    1. Weight reduces gradually, which does not harm the body.
    2. No calorie counts are required.
    3. It is easy to plan the diet. It is enough to not feel hungry.
    4. The result is saved for a long time.
    5. Promotes not only losing weight, but also building muscle mass with the right load.
    6. Allows you to lead an active lifestyle.

    But nutritionists note that this option is not suitable for people with obesity. The load on the body with such a protein intake is quite high, so physical exercises are mandatory.

    With prolonged observance of such a diet, there may be the appearance of nausea, bad breath, loss of breath freshness.

    Carbohydrate diet can be practiced not more than twice a year for seven days.

    For breakfast, you can choose from the following dishes:

    • omelet from 2 eggs;
    • egg-poached;
    • baked piece of bacon in the egg;
    • scrambled eggs with tomatoes and mushrooms;
    • 2 toast with butter and boiled egg;
    • oatmeal porridge on the water;
    • toast with cheese;
    • flakes with milk;
    • banana and natural yoghurt;
    • sandwich with bacon;
    • A cocktail with yoghurt, strawberry, banana and milk.
    • vegetable salad from tomatoes, beets, carrots, radish, pepper or corn;
    • a portion of ham, chicken, cheese and tuna;

    Carbohydrate diet: options for weight loss and weight gain

    • vegetable soup;
    • seafood or smoked fish with bread;
    • roast beef with salad (meat without fatty interlayers);
    • mashed potatoes;
    • Baked potatoes with minced meat;
    • chopped beef;
    • white fish grilled with a glass of wine;
    • chicken fried with soy sauce;
    • fillet of red fish on the grill;
    • steak with green peas.

    For dessert you can use natural yogurt with berries, ice cream, whipped cream with bananas, fruit salads.

    The menu of the protein-carbohydrate diet can be composed as follows.

    1. Breakfast: a serving of muesli with milk and honey.
    2. Lunch: an apple, two plums.
    3. Lunch: pasta with ketchup, salad of tomato and a slice of bread.
    4. Snack: natural yogurt, a piece of bread with honey.
    5. Dinner: cabbage salad and a piece of fried fish.

    Diet for weight gain requires the preparation of dishes from the following products, which can be combined with each other:

    • seafood and fatty fish – tuna, salmon, shrimp;
    • meat – chicken, turkey, pork, beef;

    Carbohydrate diet: options for weight loss and weight gain

    Such food is easily tolerated by people who can not stand strict diets. The results it gives are astounding.

    The main thing is to be confident in your abilities and to eat right.

    On the protein-carbohydrate diet for weight loss learn from the video.

    Carbohydrate diet: options for weight loss and weight gain

    Carbohydrate diet: options for weight loss and weight gain

    Carbohydrate diet: options for weight loss and weight gain

    Carbohydrate diet: options for weight loss and weight gain

    Carbohydrate diet: options for weight loss and weight gain

    All the same, the main thing in my opinion is to use less fluid, and there will be no swelling, but spices to edema.

    I could not stand it on one water. Tried a diet, but I was only up until the evening. Although feel.

    Slacker diets here are given, I was hoping to find here something like abc, ad and similar diets From the summer I.

    A good drug, most importantly – do not overdo it with a dosage, which seems to have been a couple of times.

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