Cardio for fat burning at home and a gym

Regular cardio training for fat burning will help to change the figure completely in 10-12 weeks. Of course, in addition, you need to eat rationally with a calorie deficit and perform strength exercises 3 times a week. But aerobic training will accelerate the process of transformation, and also improve sleep, increase immunity, strengthen the heart and blood vessels, and "relieve" the nervous system. You can work at home, on the sports ground or in the hall

Cardio is any activity that boosts our heart rate and lasts longer than 1-2 minutes. Real athletes do not use this term at all. In the technique, it is more common to talk about aerobic exercise. Her signs are a pulse higher than 100-110 beats per minute, and performing repetitive lung movements.

When is the best time for cardio training?

Bodybuilders recommend walking in the morning on an empty stomach half an hour or forty minutes. This leads to fat burning. In fact, early in the morning our glycogen reserves are depleted and the body starts to use the most complex energy resource so that we can move. But, strangely enough, fitness trainers recommend this method not to everyone:

  • studies have shown that morning cardio is not more effective for burning fat, when it comes to people who are overweight. In such a decisive factor – the regularity of training, and the balance between load and recovery. If a full person does not sleep enough 1 for cardio, it is hardly an optimal plan for him. Increased secretion of cortisol will negate all efforts to reduce weight;
  • people with 5-15 kg of excess weight are best to begin with cardio after strength exercises at home or in the hall. This will create the same effect of "glycogen deficiency" and immediate fat burning during the session, but will not feel so uncomfortable. In addition, cardio after power is more economical in time, only 20-30 minutes is enough to achieve the effect.

In fitness for health there is another important factor. It is necessary to be engaged when this particular person will have time to do it regularly. Therefore, many beginners choose cardio on an empty stomach in the morning.

From the point of view of physiology in the morning, the following types of activity are optimal:

  • smooth walking along a straight line or stairs, on a pulse not exceeding 140 ulars per minute; quiet swimming, rotation of pedals of an exercise bike, jogging (for those who do not have obesity and healthy joints and spine);
  • rollers at a low pace, walking on a scooter;
  • ashtanga-vinyasa yoga or any fitness yoga with a dynamic change of poses;
  • Work in an elliptical simulator or stepper, without high-intensity intervals or shock loading

Cardio in the evening can be performed at any time – even right before bedtime. But here there are small nuances. Training leads to the excitation of the nervous system, many difficult after it to restructure for sleep. In this case, choose longer types of activity with low intensity, for example, the same yoga sequences of asanas or swimming in the pool, or walking.

Interval fat burning training should end for 2-3 hours before sleep, so as not to stop a person from fully recovering. Evening training should not be carried out on an empty stomach, if during the working day meals were skipped, it is recommended a small portion of protein food and vegetables, for example, any dish from a chicken breast. You can replace this method with a protein cocktail.

This is a low-intensity exercise on an empty stomach. If this is the optimal choice, you should take 5-20 g BCAA amino acids from any sports nutrition line. This will protect the muscles from catabolic processes, will help to maintain a high level of metabolism, and the rate of fat burning, and will allow you to work out more comfortably, without suffering excessive bouts of appetite. Amino acids are better to choose in powder and dilute in a glass or more water. Then we get the fluid necessary for the body, and the "fuel" for the muscles.

Many recommend taking L-carnitine to increase stamina and improve the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria of cells. This makes sense if the aerobic load is performed on the order of 40 minutes, in terms of training there are strength exercises, and the person does observe a diet with a calorie deficit. Then L-carnitine for him is the safest stimulator of physical activity. But if there is nothing of this, but just take this substance in the hope of a wonderful burning of fat, it's better not to do so – waste money.

Hypotonics, people with a healthy heart and without a negative reaction to caffeine can recommend up to 200 mg of caffeine in the form of a supplement of sports nutrition (guarana or pure anhydrous caffeine), or in the cup standard coffee format. This will improve concentration and help to work out better.

An amateur with a small total training volume (no more than 150 minutes of cardio per week, and no more than 2-3 strength training with moderate weights) can do without all of the above. This person is enough glass of water at room temperature.

After a workout on an empty stomach, you should eat for 30 minutes. People with a good tolerability of a low-carb diet can get away with the main sources of protein and fat for breakfast. Ideal for such – fried eggs with vegetables. This approach will help to slightly prolong the process of fat burning, and will allow controlling the secretion of insulin and appetite throughout the day. The second breakfast in this case is carried out through 3, 5 hours after training and must contain carbohydrates (cereals, products made from them, any sweet berries or fruit will suit).

If the tolerance of carbohydrate deficiency is poor, after training you feel dizzy and nausea occurs, you should eat oatmeal on water or any other cereal, prepared in a similar way, with a portion of dry, low-fat protein. It can be egg whites or cottage cheese, or even poultry meat, or fish. Such a breakfast will not contribute to a strong increase in appetite during the day, but also will not allow catabolism to destroy your muscles.

In this case, for an hour 2 hours before eating, eat foods rich in protein and carbohydrates, for example, a serving of cereals with boiled or grilled fish, or a bird, vegetables can be added to taste if they do not give a feeling of heaviness and are normally digested. During the first half an hour after a complex exercise, you should take the BSAA or any "fast" protein, for example, an isolate, to minimize burning muscles, and to the maximum fat. And an hour after taking the protein, you can already make a normal meal, with proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Try to train before and after it for at least half an hour, if you have a snack with a protein cocktail, cottage cheese, yogurt, or something else small and protein, and at least an hour before a full meal. It is important not to allow gravity.

What to wear and where to train better

It is important not so much clothes, how many shoes are ideal running shoes, almost for any activity except crossfit. Shoes should fix the foot, "breathe", and do not allow the ankle to "hang out" freely. Clothing is allowed any convenient weather. For women it is better to wear a special sports bra in order to avoid discomfort.

Where to do cardio? If you have the opportunity to do it at home, it is better to do cardio not in the hall, but at home. As practice shows, we are most often inclined to miss cardioversion. If you have a simulator at home, you will always find time. Well, for those who do not have simulators, any variant with exercises without burdens will do. Otherwise, do it wherever you like, and where you personally will not miss.

We bring to your attention some of the most effective programs for burning fat in the shortest possible time.

Equipment: mini-stepper or staircase in the entrance, mat.

  • Monday and Thursday – interval training;
  • Tuesday, Saturday – long low intensity sessions
  • Wednesday and Sunday are rest days (you can do stretching).

How to do a low-intensity workout

  1. During 5 minutes, we walk slowly, raise the pulse to the working one (110-120);
  2. Next half an hour we walk at a bold, steady pace, it's better to turn on the music so as not to lose the pace of the step;
  3. Then we spend 5 minutes for slowing down the activity and hitching.

After the warm-up, as in the previous version, alternate 1 minute of quiet walking around the room with a minute of the following exercises.

  1. We put hands on the wall above the head, socks at a distance of 10 cm from the wall.
  2. We raise our knees to the sides, lower the pelvis below the knees, and gradually get up.
  3. We move slowly, exhale – on getting up.

Push-ups from the sofa, window sill or floor

  1. The arms are slightly wider than the shoulders, the shoulder blades are "glued" to the back, the stomach is tightened, the toes are in the support.
  2. We go down to touch the floor and rise.
  3. Choose the option of push-up, which allows you to work 1 minute.
  1. We get up straight, take a step forward with the right foot.
  2. We lower the pelvis to the floor before touching the left knee of the floor, straighten.
  3. We step forward with the left foot, lower the pelvis to the floor and repeat.
  1. We take emphasis on the palms and socks as for push-ups.
  2. Alternate alternate bringing the legs to the chest as if running.
  1. We get up, feet are shoulder-width apart.
  2. Hands along the body, with a leap we spread the feet to the sides and at the same time we raise our hands.
  3. We take the jump position with a jump and repeat it.

We work by alternating exercises with minutes of rest, we go through the circle once or twice, according to the state of health.

The truth is that there are no "male" or "female" exercises. We must train absolutely the same way to achieve the result. Usually in the "male format" recommend either "hard calisthenics – push-ups, squats on one leg, pull-ups, or exercises with weights. Let's look at the three most effective fat-burning movements:

Max weight to breast level

  1. We get up straight, and we take the starting position for the deadlift, the back is tense-bent, the weight in the straight, lowered arms.
  2. At the expense of inertia we tear the shell from the floor, we deduce by extension in the hips of it to the level of the chest.
  3. Again, we lower the shell between the legs, but do not put it on the floor.

Jerk upward

  1. At the expense of inertia we tear the shell from the floor with the right hand.
  2. Actively unbend.
  3. Carefully "insert" the forearm under the handle of the projectile at the top, and then – repeat.

Eight with a rise in the biceps

  1. We put the legs a little wider and in the dynamics we carry the weight between the legs.
  2. Intercepting the projectile with his left hand at the left hip, raise it on the biceps to the shoulder.
  3. "We drop" on the center of the body, we pass between the legs, we pass it to the right hand and repeat. Geary describes an imaginary figure drawn in the plane of the floor.

Men can start with 3 high-intensity interval training per week with a shorter duration. For example, combine 3 exercises with weight with 1 minute of rest after 3 minute cycle, circle 3 times, and do it 3 times a week.

We go to the hall for special equipment, right? Which simulator to choose? Anyone on which you will be comfortable to perform a smooth workout. And for interval cardio, you can select the alternation 1-2 minutes on the stationary bike and one of the following exercises.

"Female" exercises for interval training

Jumps from a squat on a mini trampoline or floor

  1. Stand up straight, pull the shoulder blades, tighten the stomach.
  2. Fall into a squat and easily jump up, actively helping yourself with your hands.
  3. Land forward, and repeat for a minute.
  1. Stand up straight, repeat the "screed" of the back and pull up the abdomen.
  2. Bend in the hip joint, put your hands on the floor, with a leap or step take the position of the lumbar support.
  3. Perform bending of the hands in the elbow joint, drop to the floor with the stomach and chest, lay the hips.
  4. Perform extension at the elbow joint.
  5. Take the original standing position, leading the foot to the leap.
  6. Straighten and jump up.
  7. Repeat for a minute.

Scissors jumping out

  1. Stand in the lunge position – the right foot is in front.
  2. Lower the pelvis to the floor, bending your knees.
  3. Jump out of the bottom position, change legs in the air.
  4. Repeat with the left foot.

Exercises for training in the hall for men

Almost every hall has a boxing pear. The work of each strike for a minute on it is an excellent substitute for regular cardio exercises.

  1. Stand up straight.
  2. Strike the right and left hand forward.
  3. Keep the body tight so as not to miss the "blow" from the pear.

Cross-bump and direct kick

  1. Stand in the right-hand stance – the right foot and the right shoulder in front.
  2. Perform a punch with your right hand on the pear.
  3. With the rotation of the body, "kill" the projectile with your left hand.
  4. Change your legs and stand with the jump, repeat.

Lateral blows from two hands

  1. Face the pear.
  2. Perform hooks – lateral impacts at the level of the jaw.
  3. Work often and with medium intensity.

Effective cardio for beginners is presented in the following video:

Fat burning practices should be regular and intense. To control the work of the heart, it is recommended to wear a fitness bracelet with a pulse measurement function, or a sports heart rate monitor. During work, you can and should drink water. Training is better supplemented by a varied and balanced diet with a light deficit of calories to get rid of fat even faster.

All the same, the main thing in my opinion is to use less fluid, and there will be no swelling, but spices to edema.

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