Carrot diet for weight loss: menu with recipes

Carrots are a useful root crop containing ascorbic, folic, pantothenic acids, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, potassium, iodine, vitamins of the group: A, B3, C, E, D, K. Regular consumption of carrots improves metabolism, activates the digestive system, normalizes the work of the intestines, removes accumulated toxins and toxins from the body, as well as "bad" cholesterol, promotes the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

In addition to enriching the body with useful vitamins and trace elements, carrots are widely used in dietetics as an effective means for losing weight. Carrot diet allows you to lose weight by 8-11 kilograms per week. The undoubted benefits of the carrot diet include: accessibility, simplicity and effectiveness.

The essence of the carrot diet

Carrot diet for fast weight loss will do just fine. For three days on a strict monodyte you can get rid of 2-4 kilograms of excess weight. Observing the carrot weight loss method 7-10 days can "say goodbye" to 8-10 extra pounds.

Due to the content of vegetable fiber in the orange root, the body cleanses of toxins and toxins. Carrots do not contain protein, which is the reason for the accumulation of glucose, which prevents the formation of fatty deposits. Energy is provided to the body by vitamins and microelements, which are abundant in the root crop.

Energy value of carrots: 41 Kcal per 100 g of product

Principles of weight loss on a carrot diet:

  • For weight loss, young and fresh vegetables should be chosen, since they contain the maximum amounts of fiber;
  • It is recommended to combine raw vegetable with boiled in the diet, so all the necessary antioxidants and vitamins will enter the body, which will prevent additional stress on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • To avoid problems with the gastrointestinal tract (possible constipation, stool delay), the use of 1,5-2 liters of still water per day is indicated. It is allowed to drink green tea without sugar in unlimited quantities;
  • Beta-carotene, contained in the orange root is not digested without fats, and therefore shown to fill salads with vegetable or olive oil.

Like any method of losing weight, the carrot diet does not fit all people. Because of the low caloric content of the daily diet, the following side effects are possible: weakness, rapid fatigue, irritability, dizziness, decreased efficiency.

  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Any chronic illness during an exacerbation;
  • During rehabilitation after postoperative operations;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Children, adolescence and advanced age.

Types of carrot diet

The cleansing carrot diet is designed for 3 days and consists of eating a salad of grated carrots dressed with olive oil or lemon juice. In addition to the main course, the daily menu allows 2 glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice. You can drink unboiled water, as well as green tea without sugar, in unlimited quantities. For three days on this method you can lose weight on 2-3 kilograms, thanks to the complete cleansing of the body of accumulated harmful substances.

There are several varieties of a three-day carrot diet for weight loss:

  • Carrot-apple diet;
  • Carrot beet diet;
  • Carrots and cabbage diet;
  • Carrot-grapefruit diet.

Each of the above methods of losing weight is to use during the day a vegetable or vegetable-fruit salad dressed with vegetable, olive oil or lemon juice. The shown daily volume of the finished salad 1,3-1,5 kg, which should be consumed in 5-6 meals.

Carrot juice with a diet is allowed as a variety of menus. However, it contains less fiber than in a raw vegetable, and therefore it is not recommended to drink it more often than twice a day.

What else can you eat?

In addition to the carrot ingredient of the carrot diet – directly carrots, the following products are allowed in the slimming menu for 7 days:

  • Beet;
  • White cabbage;
  • Bulgarian pepper;
  • Onion;
  • Apples (preferably green);
  • Kiwi;
  • Grapefruits;
  • Oranges;
  • Low-fat dairy products (kefir, cottage cheese, natural yogurt, yogurt).

From the allowed products with a carrot diet, you can prepare soups, smoothies, salads, freshly squeezed juices. The shown vegetables and fruits can be consumed without restrictions, and the sour milk drinks do not exceed 1 liters per day.

Carrot diet – menu for a week (breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner):

  • Salad of carrot and cabbage;
  • A glass of curdled milk;
  • Soup-puree from carrots;
  • Green apple;
  • Raw carrot 2 pcs.
  • Salad of beets and carrots;
  • A glass of fermented baked milk;
  • Carrot smoothies;
  • Grapefruit;
  • Raw carrot 2 pcs.
  • Carrot and grapefruit salad;
  • Low-fat curd 200 gr;
  • Salad "Vitamin";
  • Kiwi;
  • 2 raw carrots.
  • Carrot salad;
  • Seasoned 1 beaker;
  • Salad from beets, cabbage and carrots;
  • Orange;
  • 2 raw carrots.


Carrot smoothies

  • Carrots 1 pcs;
  • Orange;
  • Water.
  1. Peel the vegetable and fruit from the rind, cut into small pieces.
  2. Grind the ingredients in a blender until a homogeneous consistency is obtained by adding an 0,5 glass of water.

Smoothie is perfect as a snack during dieting.

Salad "Vitamin"

  • Cabbage 1 small crocheted;
  • Carrots 2 pcs;
  • Onions 1 pcs;
  • Olive oil 2 st. l .;
  • Salt to taste.
  1. Carrots peeled, grate on a large grater.
  2. Rinse cabbage, chop.
  3. Peel onion from the peel, cut into half rings.
  4. Mix all the vegetables in a separate bowl, season with olive oil, salt and mix.
  5. If desired, you can sprinkle the salad with chopped herbs when serving.

Diversify the menu of your diet for weight loss salad "Vitamin".

Carrot salad

  • Carrots 2 pcs;
  • Green apple 1 pcs;
  • Olive oil 1 tsp;
  • Lemon juice 1 tsp.
  1. Carrots and apple peel.
  2. Grate the fruit and vegetable on a large grater, put into a plate.
  3. Dress the salad with olive oil and lemon juice, stir.

Easy to prepare salad is recommended to include in your diet with a diet for breakfast or dinner.

Carrot soup with mashed potatoes

  • Carrots 2 pcs;
  • Celery stalk 2 pcs;
  • Cherry tomatoes 10 pcs;
  • Onions 2 pcs;
  • Garlic 2 tooth;
  • Olive oil 2 st. l .;
  • Salt to taste;
  • Water 1,5 liters.
  1. Peel the onions, carrots, garlic.
  2. Carrots and onions cut into small cubes, chop the celery and garlic, cut the tomatoes into halves.
  3. In a saucepan with a thick bottom, pour in the olive oil, warm up, toss the onions and fry until half cooked.
  4. Add carrots, celery and tomatoes to the onions. Pour the vegetables with water and simmer for 10 minutes on low heat.
  5. Add garlic in soup, stew for another 5 minutes.
  6. The resulting soup to grind on a blender and then pour into a saucepan, bring to a boil, salt and turn off the gas, no more cooking.

Include gentle and hearty soup-puree in the menu of your diet for weight loss for lunch.

Fruit salad

  1. Peel kiwi, apple and orange from the peel, cut into small cubes.
  2. Peel the strawberries from the cuttings, rinse, cut into slices.
  3. Put fruit and berries in a container, season with natural yogurt, gently mix.

Treat yourself to a tasty and useful fruit salad while adhering to a diet for weight loss.

Correct exit

For a week of observing the carrot diet, you can lose weight by 6-8 kilograms, and also cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract, accelerate metabolism. However, in order to maintain the achieved results, and also to avoid possible problems with the intestines (stool delays, constipation), the correct way out is necessary.

After the end of the course of losing weight you can not immediately have everything, the output should be gradual. On the first day, low-fat dairy and sour-milk products (cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt) can be added to the diet, and the next day include porridge (oat, buckwheat, millet) cooked on the menu. By the end of the week, eggs, as well as low-fat meat, poultry and fish cooked for steaming, baked, stewed, boiled, are allowed. Ideally, the yield should be equal to the number of days of dietary diet for weight loss.

To maintain the achieved results, weight loss should be excluded from your diet or to reduce to a minimum products provoking a set of excess weight (fatty and fried dishes, sweets, fresh pastries, fast food). In the future, it is recommended that Once a week, a day of good food on a healthy orange root on the principle of a three-day mono-diet, which will support the figure in the form. Also, you should pay attention to daily exercise, go in for sports, walk longer, refuse to use the lift, do morning exercises, which will not only prevent weight gain, but also increase muscle tone.


Observing a strict carrot diet, designed for three days, which includes both raw root vegetables and freshly squeezed carrot juice, you can lose weight by 2-3 kilograms. From a couple of kilograms, other types of carrot diet will be relieved, such as: carrot-cabbage, carrot-grapefruit, carrot-beet and carrot-apple. Thanks to the 7-10 daily carrot diet, you can lose weight by 8-10 kilograms, depending on the initial weight, level of physical activity, individual characteristics of the body, which is proved by numerous laudatory reviews.

We bring to your attention photos of people who have lost weight before and after observing the carrot diet:


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