Carrot Diet


Carrot diet is considered quite tough, but it will appeal to those who are not indifferent to this root crop and its beauty. The effect of observing the basic rules of the diet manifests itself almost instantly, already in 2-3 day there is a loss in weight up to 3-kg.

Carrot diet for weight loss

Carrots are the staple food during the carrot diet for weight loss. Vegetable bright orange color contains many vitamin groups and healthy active compounds. Its chemical composition includes:

  • vitamins A, B, E, D, K and PP;
  • a large amount of pantothenic and ascorbic acid;
  • nitrogenous substances;
  • hard vegetable fiber.

The use of carrots has a beneficial effect on the whole body, in particular it:

  • improves vision;
  • Smoothes the skin;
  • increases immunity;
  • removes toxins;
  • well clears the intestines from slagging.

Carrot Diet

Hyper light carrot diet in action

Carrot was recently reckoned by scientists to the category of products with a negative calorie content. This means that for the processing of the product the body spends more energy than it receives when it is used. So there was a carrot diet. Comments from women who have already tried it on themselves are mostly positive. Depending on its duration, it is usually lost from 2-x to 5-6 kg, especially if you combine a carrot diet with moderate but regular physical activity.

Carrot Diet

Hyper carrot diet: options

Like other mono-foods, carrots are not balanced and safe. Therefore, experts do not recommend "sitting" on it for too long. There are three types of hyper-carrots diet.

Carrots diet for 3 days

It is considered hyper easy and helps to forget about 2-3 extra kilograms. In addition to carrots and fruits, drink only water, green warm tea. Carrot salad with the addition of honey chew very carefully, it will help to avoid problems with digestion.

Carrot diet for 7 days

The most loyal of the proposed. The first three days are similar to the previous diet. For better assimilation of carrot lettuce allowed in the morning to drink half a glass of milk or eat a spoonful of sour cream. In the remaining days of the diet include in the diet a little boiled chicken and potatoes.

Carrot diet for 10 days

Allows you to lose up to 5-6 kg. The diet for the time of the diet consists of a carrot salad dressed with sour cream, and carrot juice. The diet can have side effects. It's all carrot juice, which can cause yellowing of the skin, headache or vomiting. In this case, it should be stopped immediately.

Carrot Diet

Carrot diet: menu and exit

Carrots should only be used fresh, unlimited. Roots should preferably be selected young, without a rigid rod inside, a saturated orange color. 4-5 once a day, eat a salad of grated carrots, prepared according to the recipe:

  • Wash root vegetables well;
  • brush, without removing the top peel (it contains the bulk of useful substances);
  • Prepared carrot grate;
  • add a little lemon juice;
  • polchaynoy spoon vegetable oil;
  • a quarter of a tablespoon of liquid honey (no more than 1 tbsp per day).
  • stir well.

For the 10-day diet, replace the butter with sour cream. In either variant, add one fruit (kiwi, apple, orange, half of grapefruit, pomegranate) to a meal.

Carrot Diet

The way out of the carrot diet should be gradual. Preference is given to the baked or boiled in the "uniform" potatoes, boiled meat. At first, after a hyper light carrot diet, exclude everything sweet, baked, fried and fatty. This mono-diet is not recommended more than once a month. If you have any problems with the liver, stomach or allergies, stop the diet.

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