Candida Diet

The Best Candida Diet. List of Candida Albicans Overgrowth Diets

The Candida diet is a complex of measures aimed at cleansing the body from the harmful effects of the fungus. To effectively counter the fungus, you will be required to make an effort. The first step is to completely overhaul your eating. Our recommendations will easily cope with the problem.

The first step in treating is the Candida diet that is low in sugar. Sugar is one of the leading causes of Candida overgrowth. Sugar assists yeast cells in building their cell walls, expanding their colonies and switching into their bad fungal form.

A research study in 2011 analyzed the way Candida Albicans use sugar. The study found that carbohydrates were essential both for the conversion between fungal and yeast forms as well as cellular growth. This study provides clear evidence as to why sugar should be eliminated.


Cleanse Phase

The cleansing phase is optional. This part is the strictest, you must consume a lot of water and some drinks to detoxify your body and flush out your colon. This will assist in effectively eliminating the majority of the Albicans colonies.

During this phase, you will need to consume a raw meal plan consisting of steamed vegetables and salads, as well as a range of oils, spices, and herbs to season your foods.

It is incredibly restrictive, but you are only required to follow it for a few days. After this phase, you will feel light, refreshed, healthy and ready to embark on the next stage.

Active Phase

This is an essential part. If you choose not to do the cleanse, this is where you will start. This element is more balanced but still prohibits added sugar, fruit, caffeine, the majority of starchy vegetables and anything that has a high glycemic load. It is a strategically designed to deprive the Candida diet of food while providing you with the necessary nutrition that your body needs.

Several meals can effectively combat Candida. These are either probiotics or antifungals, and you should incorporate them into your meal program.

This stage can last anywhere between a few weeks to a few months. It depends on how rigorously you follow the diet, the effectiveness of your antifungals and probiotics and the severity of your infection.

Reintroducing foods

Once you have cured yourself, what is the next step? It is not advised that you return to your original eating. Bearing in mind that your diet is probably what caused the Candida overgrowth to begin with.

During this phase of the candida cleanse diet, you should gradually start to reintroduce some of the foodstuffs that you eliminated early. You can start with beans and fruits that are low in sugar such as green apples. If these foods don’t initiate another round of Candida diet overgrowth, you can gradually start to introduce more nutritions.

This needs to be a slow process, your body will now have become accustomed to the way you have been eating, and your body is going to be sensitive to slight changes. Carefully monitor the reactions of your body before proceeding.

There is a great likelihood that you will never return to your meals. The fact that you have experienced a Candida diet overgrowth is an indication of the foods that you consumed before going on a diet will trigger it again. Since you have reached the end, the hope is the cravings that you once had for snacks, sugar and junk nutrition will no longer overwhelm you. The energetic, healthy feeling that you get from consuming such a nutritious diet is worth it.

Candida diet is strict due to the amount of food you will need to eliminate from your meals. The key is perseverance, there are going to be times when you feel like giving up, especially in the beginning stages, but keep pushing. The first three days are typically the hardest, after the first week it gets easiest, and after 21 days eating this way will have become a habit with candida cleanse diet.

Before you embark on a candida cleanse diet, you should consult your doctor. This is especially true if you are taking medication or you are pregnant.

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