Diabetic Diet

The Best Healthy Diabetic Diet Plans List

The diabetic diet plays a big role in feeding the patient. With the mild form of type 2 diabetes, dietary nutrition is the main method of treatment. With an average and severe form of diabetes, the diet for diabetics should be combined with the intake of hypoglycemic drugs or insulin.

There are many medicines that reduce blood sugar, but, the healthy diabetic diet plan does not take the last place in treatment. The main principles of therapeutic nutrition for diabetes are carefully selected foods.

Diabetic diet menu is prescribed by a doctor and takes into account all the features of the disease, such as the type and severity of diabetes. The diet is made individually. It is necessary to observe certain principles, for example, it is necessary to remove fried, sharp, salty and smoked dishes from the ideal diet. Forget about fast food, mustard, and alcoholic beverages.

The intake of food should be divided during a special diet for diabetes. The daily diet should be divided into 6 small portions. This will help the intestines digest food, supporting the gradual ingestion of glucose into the bloodstream. All foods with diabetes should be consumed on schedule, and to control glucose in the blood, the daily menu should contain fiber.

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