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Muscle Exercises

The Best Muscle Exercises and Training Programs

Regular muscle exercises + proper nutrition = the inevitable result, and you will definitely come to him. But there is one important nuance. Only the correct technique of doing exercises will give you the desired body.

The strength muscle training program is a bodybuilding. Any training with burdening (barbell, dumbbells or own weight) – is muscle training exercises, because you develop the strength characteristics of your body.

Muscle exercises can be divided into various categories and by various characteristics. Most exercises for specific muscle training are divided into the following features:

By Muscular Group

  • Exercises for leg
  • Springs for back
  • Exercises for chest muscles
  • Exercises for hands (biceps and triceps)
  • Exercises for training delt (shoulders)

By vector

  • Pulling exercises for all muscles
  • PUSHING muscle exercises

All exercises for training muscles can be divided into basic exercises and isolating exercises.

Basic exercises for different muscles perform usually with free weight. Differ from the rest of the fact that in these exercises involved the work of several types of muscles. An example is the bench press

Isolating exercises to increase muscles involve one specific group of muscles. In an integrated approach to pumping muscles, such exercises are performed alternately.

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