Special Therapeutic Diet

The Best Therapeutic Diet. List of Special Medical Diets for Different Diseases

Therapeutic diet or special medical diets are dietary regimes that are used:

  • For medical reasons and contraindications
  • For the treatment and prevention of diseases and their symptoms.

Dietitians are engaged in the development of such diets, most often by diagnoses of other physicians (gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, etc.).

Do not confuse therapeutic diets with diets for weight loss, the purpose of which is to maintain health, reject extreme and harmful types of food.

Special diets are diets for treating specific diseases. This list also includes menus for people with specific medical needs. For example, with intolerance or allergies to certain types of food, for diabetics, etc. It should be remembered that many of these diets are not suitable for every organism, because of this, specialists often criticize these diets.

In this section, we present the most common types of the best therapeutic diets.

Please note that before using any type you need to consult with the doctor.

Pancreatitis Diet
Colitis Diet
Candida diet
Diabetic Diet
Gastritis Diet
Kidney Diet
Cholesterol diet
Stomach Diet
Stroke Diet
Blood Pressure Diet
Allergy Elimination diet
Dermatitis Diet
  • Special Therapeutic Diet

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