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The Best Free Training Programs for Women and Men

Here you will find a large number of fitness and bodybuilding free training program for any purpose and any muscle groups.

So, you know what you want and realize that training should be held on a regular basis. You want to start working on yourself immediately. But before you begin training, determine the goal. What task do you set for yourself? Weight loss, weight gain, relief? Based on this, and developed the best training program.

Thanks to this plans, you do not need to spend your energy on doing inefficient exercises. A reasonable list of activities allows you to come to the desired result quickly. For example, the women’s training program, as a rule, does not contain exercises for trapezius muscles. For men, by contrast, this area matters.

The program for training for men will be very different from the training plan for women. In this case, the difference will be manifested not only in the degree of complexity but also in the form of a load. For both men and girls, it is recommended to combine both aerobic and strength training programs competently.

Example of the training program

On our site are ready-made new examples of training programs, which have already proven their effectiveness. Each exercise is balanced, effective and aimed at solving a specific task. You can choose ready-made different training programs aimed at resolving such tasks as:

  • weight gain
  • fat burning
  • increase in strength
  • endurance
  • relief
  • keeping fit

Training program for young girls

7-day training cycle, including strength exercises and cardio loads, is designed specifically for women who want to improve functional training and raise muscle tone. This...
training programs for the mesomorph

Training program for the mesomorph

Training program for the mesomorph is designed for experienced athletes with an experience of regular training at least one a year and can be...

Training program for relief

Primary goal: muscular relief A type: split top / bottom Level of training: average Number of workouts per week: 4 Necessary equipment: dumbbells, simulators, treadmill or step-simulator Audience: men...

Training program for drying the body: 6-day split

Primary goal: burning fat Level of training: average Number of workouts per week: 6 Necessary equipment: training apparatus, dumbbells, barbell, EZ-bar Audience: men and women Author: Doug Lawrenson This intensive...

Training program "hellish hundred"

Primary goal: build muscle Level of training: experienced Number of workouts per week: 5 Necessary equipment: rod, bar with curved neck (EZ-neck), simulators Does not leave the feeling...

Tom Hardy's training program

Level of training: average Number of workouts per week: 4 Necessary equipment: barbells, dumbbells, simulators, own weight Audience: men and women Author: Brad Borland Become insane, like Bane, Batman's...

The training program for the ectomorph to weight

The following training program for the ectomorph to weight is intended for representatives of the ectomorphic body type. Who is an ectomorph? A typical...

The training program for strength and weight

As you know, for the growth of muscles in the natural, a progression of the load is necessary. Therefore, increasing strength is an integral...

The training program for endomorf on weight loss

The training program for endomorphs is designed for people who suffer from excessive weight. Representatives of the endomorphic body type differ in their genetic...

The program of training for weight

This weight training program based on a three-day split. Therefore, we will study three times a week, every other day. This amount of training...