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Weekly Diet Plan

The Best Weekly Diet Plans for Weight Loss Healthy

Our category – Weekly diet plan will tell you how to lose weight in a few weeks at 5 – 10 kg. We have collected the best healthy diet meal plans for a week that will help you lose weight in just a few weeks to 10 kilograms.

Overweight usually accumulates for months or even years. Lose weight always want to quickly. Ideally, in just a few days, maximum in a week. If you seriously think about it, then it looks unreal. In pursuit of harmony, a wide variety of diets are invented that promise inconceivable results – fat burning up to 1-1.5 kilograms per day. Some even manage to achieve them, often at the cost of their health.

Recommendations for choosing weekly diet plan for weight loss

Regardless of how long the diet lasts, there are some rules and restrictions. Not always mentioned about them, but to know and stick to them is definitely.

  1. If the selected diet recommends a strict menu, then you cannot make changes to it. It is better to choose a more suitable option for you personally immediately.
  2. Morning should start with a glass of clean water, drunk on an empty stomach. Those who have no problems with the stomach can acidify it with lemon juice. It activates the metabolism.
  3. We will have to completely abandon any alcoholic beverages since they not only retain water in the body but also poison the body with its breakdown products.
  4. Coffee, black tea and other stimulant beverages are also on the prohibited list. They excite the nervous system, which is already unbalanced by hormonal fluctuations.
  5. Meals, even scanty, should be regular. This will help not so much to experience the feeling of hunger and will stimulate metabolic processes. The less food you are allowed to eat per day, the more often you need to take it.
  6. To sustain a weekly diet will be much easier if you drink enough water – at least 1.5 liters per day. It helps to get rid of hunger for a while.
  7. After completing the diet for at least another week, you must strictly control the diet. Its caloric content should gradually increase to a level corresponding to the physiological minimum for those who want to lose weight further or average level for those who only want to consolidate the result.
4 week chemical diet

4 Week Chemical Diet. Plan. Menu. Results. Review

A doctor Osama Hamdy develops excellent balanced 30-days diet. With it, you can lose weight up to 2-4 kg per week for one month. Pros: effective, but quite long (4 weeks or 28 days), suitable for people with diabetes, easily tolerated. Cons: strict rules, there are contraindications.

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