Celery Diet

One of the most strict diets, which does not allow you to deviate from the norm and make your own adjustments. However, despite this, this practice for weight loss is considered one of the most effective and health-improving, which will help keep your body toned and the mood positive. This type of weight loss very well cleanses the intestines, and the metabolism accelerates.

Celery diet for weight loss is financially not costly, economical, but difficult in terms of mono-diet. One of the most common ways that practicing this diet is a celery soup. But this does not mean that you need to eat only celery and nothing else. This is not true.

Consider several different ingredients for soup with celery:

Celery soup

To prepare a diet of celery and other vegetables, we will need:

  • A small fork of cabbage weighing no more than 450g
  • About six small young red bulbs
  • One Bulgarian sweet pepper weighing in 60-80g
  • Two medium tomatoes
  • 250g celery

Fork cabbage is divided into eight equal parts and loaded into a stationary blender. Shink at the first speed no longer than 4-5 seconds. You can cut yourself, at your discretion. We do the same with the lukavitsami, but in no case do we let them turn into onion puree, in the event that we use a stationary shredder. We remove the pepper from the bones and solve the cubes. The tomato must be peeled off the skin, cut into medium cubes, and the celery is treated in the same way.

In this practice, slimming seasonings and spices should be selected very carefully. Black pepper is allowed, but salt is excluded. It is not forbidden to add a bay leaf.

If you cook in a multivarker that has a pressure cooker mode, load everything into a bowl, mix it, pour it with water so that the level above the ingredients is from 20-40mm.

And put on the "Soup" mode at the lowest value. For those who prefer to use pots and stoves: water all the previously prepared vegetables, add the above spices to taste, pour one liter of water and put on a strong fire, allow boil, cook for 2 minutes, but in no case be allowed to boil.

Smoothies celery

No less famous method is considered to be vegetable smoothies with the participation of celery.

Quantity: 2 servings.

  • Stationary Blender
  • One large tomato or two medium.
  • Green onion 100
  • 2 medium cucumber
  • Celery 250
  • 250mm low-fat kefir
  • Black pepper.

Unlike the celery soup, you do not need to peel vegetables, but make sure they are thoroughly washed.

For convenience, cut all the vegetables into small cubes and add a stationary blender to the glass. At the second speed for 30 seconds, grind the contents of the glass. We put on a pause, pour 250mm skimmed yogurt, and whisk at a maximum speed until smooth. If desired, you can add dill and parsley, as well as lettuce leaves. Contraindicated salt.

Also, in a celery diet, a celery salad is used without fail. A lot of recipes are invented for the whole history of using celery, as a highly effective means for losing weight. Your attention is presented to one of the most suitable recipes for each person. This is a celery salad on sesame oil.

For this we need:

Carrots to clean and cut into strips. Onion cut into rings. Celery cut into medium cubes, and chop the greens. An alternative to sesame oil can serve as linseed oil. Salt, as in soup or smoothies, in this case is excluded.

Celery diet for 7 days

The menu of the celery diet remains strict from start to finish. It is impossible to avoid it.

Half a serving of celery soup.

Half a serving of celery soup.

Then alternate another 4 days.

Celery diet for four days – more saturated and nutritious

Gives not such high indicators as the first option, but allows many users to hold out with a decent final result – minus 3 kg for 4 days.

Two hard-boiled eggs without yolks, 200g skim (no more than 5%) cottage cheese.

  • Lunch:

    250 paired chicken without skin. A glass of kefir with a low percentage.

  • Snack:

    250 g of cauliflower. One medium tomato.

  • Dinner:

    150g cabbage salad with linseed oil. 200 of cottage cheese.

  • 150g fish per pair, one glass of skim milk.

  • Lunch:

    200g fish per pair without salt. A glass of kefir with a low percentage.

  • Snack:

    250g salad of apples and carrots. A glass of fresh apple juice.

  • Dinner:

    Lenten ham. 200 of cottage cheese.

  • 1 a glass of low-fat kefir, 50g low-fat cheese, 100g skim curd

  • Lunch:

    150g boiled chicken, 100g cauliflower, a glass of skim milk.

  • Snack:

    200g vegetable salad, one green apple.

  • Dinner:

    Three hard boiled eggs without yolks. A glass of kefir with a low percentage.

  • Lunch:

    200g fish for a couple. 200ml kefir with a low percentage.

  • Snack:

    Quitting the diet

    Of the celery diet should go very carefully. Gradually increasing the amount of food consumed per day.

    Of course, you should exclude all flour, both during and after the diet. For a while

    practice of the celery diet of beverages is recommended to consume mineral water without gas in abundant quantities, at least 2 L per day.

    At this time, gymnastic exercises will be useful. However, if there is no desire to attend gyms, jogs will be a good alternative. Preferably in the morning and in the evening. This will also allow you to stay toned and feel not depleted of the diet, but on the contrary – to be filled with energy and will power to victory.

    Reviews about a celery diet

    Yes, I admit, at first it was very difficult for me to hold out on a celery diet. Maybe there was not so much motivation, or maybe not very much wanted. But when I urgently needed to lose 5 kg before the treatment of infertility, then where will the willpower come from. Only for a week of such dietary nutrition I got the desired results, and I did it with dignity, without failures and the use of additional products. So if you need it, you can try it!

    Diet effective and effective!

    And I needed to lose weight for the operation, they even put me a third degree of obesity. But I managed, I started eating according to the rules of the celery diet and very soon I saw the first fruits. In 2 weeks I dropped more than 10 kg. This was for the first time enough, the operation was successful, I even later dropped about 15 kg, so now I'm in perfect order. Celery – it's wonderful! Useful, tasty and nutritious!


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