Changing the body: turning into a model

When Kelsey Byers became the scales in the morning, the arrow pointed inexorably to 80. She started her diet. Has thrown off excess weight. Now she looks like a model, and participates in competitions!

In high school I led an active lifestyle, I could do any kind of sports, ate like a pig, but still remained like a "pod". When I entered college, my physical activity dropped dramatically. In addition, I have developed some bad habits, such as drinking alcohol, late sleep and poor nutrition.

I did not notice how fat it was. I'm tall – 177 cm, to be exact. After school, I weighed 60-61 kg. In college, my weight reached 78-80 kg! I could not believe that I scored 18-20 kg during my time in college (in just 2,5 years).

For me it was a huge test! I did not like my body. I constantly went shopping and looked for some "perfect" outfit that would help me look better.

In the end, I realized that when you have a beautiful body, any outfit looks good. I became honest with myself and determined my goals, then I began to change everything gradually.

I began to walk more to eat less, and on 2-3 days a week (first) I practiced in the gym. It took me five whole years to throw off the weight I gained in just two years! Now I weigh, as weighed in high school (61 kg), but now I have more muscles.

Losing weight took me 5 years, because I did not understand how to approach it correctly. My size with 12-14 decreased to 8 after I just started walking, eating less and limiting the use of alcoholic beverages.

Then I decided to move to the next level and in March 2010 started to attend a dietician. I wanted to have a body, like athletes on the covers of magazines. For four months of proper nutrition, I received an amazing result, and decided to participate in the Miss Bikini competition, organized by the National Athletic Commission.

Competitions were held in October 2010. I took the third place in my category for growth! Thanks to the diet, I gained confidence, which allowed me to compete with 100 beautiful women! Before, I did not even dream about this, I would not have the spirit!

After the competition I was offered the sponsorship of Labrada Nutrition, they wrote about me in several magazines, I even got on the cover!

This trip was unforgettable! I am delighted with my results and every week I experience my muscles, increasing weight during training. It's amazing what a proper diet can do!

I look forward to my future in the sports industry and hope that the best for me is yet to come! Every week I plan exercises and write down in the diary what I eat. I like to lift weights, because this gives the most tangible results! The physical condition is very important to me, and I will never allow myself to look like I did when I was in college! This was for me a lesson.

"Any decision leads you in a certain direction – closer or further from the goal. Life is a journey. And the choice is yours. "

I like Lean Body For Her cocktails from Labrada Nutrition. They are very good as a substitute for food, especially when I'm busy!

After cardio and after workout

A vital vitamin and an antioxidant!

I eat 5-6 once a day, i.e. every 2,5-3 hours, which allows you to maintain a high level of metabolism.

1 breast of medium size

1 breast of medium size

I drink 2-3 a liter of mineral water to 16 hours every day.

I train with weights four days a week. In the morning on an empty stomach I do cardio. Before competitions or photo sessions I do cardio and on weekends.

Between exercises, I rest only 30-60 seconds. This is necessary in order for the training to be intense.

I train with weights for about an hour. Not more. Otherwise, you can overtrain.

  • I would advise taking small steps to your goal. Of course, I did not overnight refuse the habit of ordering desserts in the restaurant at every meal and began to follow a diet and participate in competitions.

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