Cheese Diet

Dairy diet prefer to use for weight loss those people who are afraid only of the thought of a feeling of hunger. This method of weight loss is a type of carbohydrate diet and is based on compliance with the protein-fat balance at every meal. A special meal plan is designed for 10 days, during which the order of 10 extra pounds goes. Thanks to the presence of cheese in the menu, the body tolerates a ban on the usual meat dishes without prejudice to health. The cheese diet has only one drawback – the lack of vegetables and fruits, as sources of vitamins. For this reason, the diet can be used in a limited time period.

This protein-free carbohydrate diet is as popular as the Kremlin's. Conducting a cheese diet, in contrast to the Kremlin, does not require scoring, but it offers a meager diet.

A unique composition makes cheese an excellent dietary product. In 100 g of this treat is about 400-700 mg of mineral salts of phosphorus and calcium, maximum 50% of fat (in dry matter) and about 30% of protein, which serves as sources of essential amino acids – the main "building material" for body cells. Cheese occupies one of the leading positions among foods with the highest protein content. Sitting on a cheese diet can be no more than 10 days, a competent approach to business allows even for such a short time to throw 7-10 extra pounds.

The main advantage of the technique is a feeling of fullness when switching from a familiar diet to a cheese ration. To the pluses, you can also safely consider the ease of cooking included in the diet menu. All the products used are rich in protein and minerals, which are extremely in demand in the spring period, when nails, hair and skin need enhanced make-up.

Contraindications to cheese diet

Such a diet is forbidden to those people who have diseases of the digestive system. A weakened stomach can result in serious damage due to the abundance of protein and fermented milk products. In addition, the cheese diet excludes the consumption of fruits and vegetables – important sources of vitamins. For this reason, when switching to a dietary table, an additional intake of multivitamin preparations is required.

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Wine-cheese diet is an aristocratic sample of the diet, which is also incredibly tasty. Either way, more than ten days on this diet is not recommended to sit. Wine-cheese diet is an excellent option for carrying out unloading days, bringing a lot of positive emotions and giving a positive attitude. However, if you stick to the diet for a long time, you can cause irreparable harm to your health.

The classic version of the cheese diet suggests 5-6-tirazovaya fractional meals. The maximum duration of the process of losing weight is ten days, during which a person daily adheres to the following menu:

In 8: 00 the first breakfast consisting of one cup of green tea or coffee without sugar.

In 10: 00 the second breakfast consisting of one boiled egg.

In 12: 00 dinner consisting of 200 g boiled lean meat, fish or poultry.

In 14: 00 a midnight snack consisting of 100 g low-fat cheese (of the order of 10-12%).

In 16: 00 a snack consisting of 250 g skimmed cottage cheese without the addition of sugar, cream or sour cream.

In 18: 00 dinner, consisting of one glass of low-fat kefir.

During the classical cheese diet, you must drink at least 1,5-2 a liter of clean water per day. If you decide to repeat the diet, you should do it not earlier than two months later, so that the body has enough time to restore the supply of vitamins and minerals.

To all those who wish to lose weight for a short period of time, dieticians recommend using the simplest diet. Scientists conducted an entertaining experiment, during which 160 subjects were divided into several groups. All these people were overweight. Each group of people was selected accordingly to one of the types of diets. For the participants of the experiment, regular training sessions were conducted, through which they received detailed information about all the nuances of the selected weight loss systems. At the same time, intermediate results were recorded in each group.

After 365 days, the results of the studies were announced: in each group, approximately 25% of the subjects were classified as "advanced", who managed to lose over 5% of their initial weight. As the experiment showed, the most outstanding results were achieved by those people who strictly followed the diet. The rest of the subjects allowed themselves to occasionally relax and admit liberties, so they were far behind and could not achieve the desired goal.

Based on the results of the research, the scientists concluded that it makes no sense with an enviable frequency to use all sorts of diets. Do not try everything and spend time on each technique separately. The best option for losing weight is to choose the only diet that is closest to you and seems to be the most suitable for you, and strictly follow all the rules and directions of this food system.

The essence of the protein diet is reflected in its name. Deciding to lose weight with this technique, a woman should tune in to what she will have to take exclusively protein foods. These are meat products, fish, milk, kefir, etc. They are all quite nutritious and allow you not to feel hungry for a long time.

The protein diet has long been recognized as one of the most effective methods of weight loss, which allow you to lose weight. However, the protein diet is more suitable for those women and men who are used to living an active lifestyle, including with regular physical activity.

Protein diet involves eating certain foods, which will effectively lose weight: Meat is an indispensable component of the daily menu. However, it should not be bold. A great option will be chicken meat. Low-fat fish varieties are also a priority.

A simple protein diet is a great way to solve a lot of problems: lose weight, put in order a figure, muscular, and not fat mass during training, and finally start eating right. And special efforts to the person to apply it is not necessary, the main thing to learn some basic principles of the given technique of growing thin.

The testimonies of people who have tried the protein diet on their own show that an instant result will not be obtained. During the first two days, no negative feelings of the person do not bother, however, from the third day can begin to pursue constipation. You can get rid of it, but for this you need to drink as much as possible.

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