Chemical diet for 4 weeks


Chemical diet for 4 weeks

How to lose weight without starving? How to lose weight, not counting calories? How to become an example of an ideal figure, without leading yourself to anorexia?

These and many other questions related to "losing weight without much effort", will be answered by a special technique of the American professor Usama Hamdiy, designed to combat excess calories in people with diabetes.

Usama Hamdi Chemical Diet – Description

Adding the word "chemical" to the above-mentioned diet of Osama Hamdi is not accidental. All such menu restrictions come into our lives in order to radically change the diet.

Chemical, it's egg, the diet of Osama Hamdi is recognized as one of the strictest and requiring full compliance with it, with many restrictions.

In addition to losing weight, the menu of the chemical diet by the method of Usama Hamdiy will provide you with a partial aversion to products containing sugar. That is, during the time of food for this restriction, you will become so used to exist without sweets that you do not want to use them at the end.

The menu of the chemical diet for 2 weeks will allow you to lose weight by 5-7 kg. Therefore, if you want to extend the restriction for 4 weeks, the result will be twice as large.

Basic dietary rules

Chemical diet for 4 weeks

The chemical diet for 4 weeks is a test for the endurance of everyone who has decided to fight against excess weight and defeat it.

This chemical food restriction is prescribed for strong weight loss. The scheme is as follows: the more you weigh, the more you lose. With one condition only, the following menu rules:

  • Drink plenty of fluids per day;
  • permitted dietary soda, coffee and tea without sugar;
  • In case of an unplanned termination of the diet, you should return to the very beginning of her diet.

Do not forget about the most important rule of compliance with the diet of Osama Hamdi: main food in the menu – chicken egg!

Strictly forbidden such products as bananas, grapes and mangoes.

One of the main limitations of the chemical restriction is the ban on potatoes. Usama Hamdiy believed that the slightest use of food, containing potatoes, would destroy the whole essence of the food system.

Menu on 4 of the week – table

Chemical diet for 4 weeks

The menu of the chemical diet for the first week:

Breakfast for all days is the same – 2 boiled eggs.

В features of the third week nutrition on the diet of Usama Hamdiy includes the possibility of unlimited use of a product presented in the menu.

  • Monday: all fruits and fruit juices, except bananas;
  • Tuesday: vegetable stew, steamed;
  • Saturday: apple puree and tomato juice;
  • Thursday: leaf salad;
  • Friday: meat steamed;
  • Saturday: oranges;
  • Sunday: fruit salad.
  • Monday: 250 grams of boiled chicken and as many fish, two oranges;
  • Tuesday: 200 grams of baked chicken with fruit salad;
  • Saturday: low-fat cottage cheese and vegetables;
  • Thursday: fruit;
  • Friday: boiled chicken and lettuce;
  • Saturday: low-fat cheese and cucumbers with tomatoes;
  • Sunday: lean fish.

Advantages and disadvantages

Chemical diet for 4 weeks

All chemical "interventions in the body" bring in it both good and bad. Consider the main pluses and minuses of the limited menu of Osama Hamdi:

  • decreased hunger;
  • balanced menu;
  • Accessibility to a limited menu for people of all age categories.
  • the same food in the menu;
  • long duration of the limited menu;
  • strict rules.

What can be the results?

With proper observance of the nutritional restriction of Osama Hamdi, for 4 weeks you can lose weight from 20 to 30 kg.

The probability of getting used to such a diet is high and voluntary self-limiting in sweet high-calorie food. The results of the chemical diet depend on your physique and on the reaction of the body to certain foods.

In general, the results are positive: a slim figure, stable functionality of the digestive system and a good mood.

Lose weight on the chemical restriction of Osama Hamdi is not easy not only physically, but also morally. A sharp change in diet causes a deterioration in well-being and this is reflected in the emotional background.

It's another matter when the first results are visible. Then the mood, self-esteem and, most importantly, well-being – at the highest level.

Photos before and after the chemical diet look like this:

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