Chicken Diet – tasty and healthy

With the advent of the summer season, there are constant problems with excess weight, and the desire to quickly and effectively get rid of it increases. Fortunately, today there are many diets that will help bring the most daring result into reality, but few people know that not all diets are good for the body. Many of them help hidden diseases begin to progress and move into a more complex form. Especially often the gastrointestinal tract suffers, which is very difficult to treat and causes a lot of trouble.

Almost all diets consist in the use of low-calorie food and a large amount of water, but very few people know that you can keep yourself in excellent shape and introduce tasty meat into the diet.

Everyone knows from the school that the white chicken meat, or rather her breast, is considered dietary. And when you use it for food, there is no increase in weight! But this happens only if several elementary rules of a chicken diet are observed.

The best diet for those who like to eat deliciously

Diet on a chicken breast is suitable for almost everyone who wants to lose weight or maintain their shape without harm to health. After all, while observing a lot of weight loss systems, eating meat is strictly prohibited, but what to do with those beneficial substances that enter our body with this product. You can certainly buy and vitamin complexes, which will partially fill the loss, but it is best to consume useful minerals and trace elements in kind.

Everyone thinks that meat contains a lot of calories and to keep its weight, and even less to lose weight, using it – it is impossible. But this is not so, you can enter the chicken breast in the diet with the help of dietary recipes, the daily norm of which should not exceed 1100 – 1200 calories.

Compared with pork, chicken meat is much more useful and contains many different useful substances. It is low-calorie and popularly called dietary. There are other types of meat that are not inferior to chicken breast, such as rabbit or duck meat, but unfortunately they are not always available to customers, and their cost leaves much to be desired.

But, do not despair, you can cook such delicacies from the chicken – you lick your fingers.

Maybe we will not think more about food every day?

The diet on chicken breasts is designed for lovers of protein foods. During its observance, there will be no nervous shocks and irritability, especially from a constant feeling of hunger. The duration of a chicken diet can not exceed ten days. It is one of the mono-diet. After the correct compliance with the system of weight loss, the human body can easily and without harm to health get rid of five, six kilograms of excess weight. And this is not so little, considering that the feeling of hunger for all the time it was observed did not arise!

The biggest achievement of this diet was the lack of the need to prepare for the diet itself. It is not necessary to gather with spirit and prepare for uncomfortable sensations of a condition of an organism. Just took a chicken breast, tasted delicious, and be healthy. Both useful and effective!

The diet on chicken breasts is very simple, based on calorie counting, a day no more than 1200ed, and with the use of chicken meat it is easy to do, and most importantly – satisfying. The second half of the diet can consist of many ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, greens or a variety of cereals. To improve health and a more rapid effect of the diet, it is recommended to visit the gym or do light exercises at home. It will also be useful to attend yoga classes that would relax, clear thoughts of the negative influence of the environment.

Easy jogging in the morning will help restore the elasticity of the body, normalize breathing and pump up the muscles of the legs and abdomen.

The use of chicken white meat is very common in many diet recipes, thanks to its composition, it is rich in protein and has a minimum amount of calories.

What is useful and how to use it – advice from nutritionists

How correctly to use diets based on chicken white meat, what would be the maximum effect? This question puzzles many willing to begin to bring their weight into a full order. As in any other diet, there are rules or even just tips that can be used with individual adjustments.

  1. Food during the diet should be taken as often as possible, it will not only save you from a feeling of hunger, but also give the body more careful to digest it, while receiving as many useful substances as possible. It is also desirable to distribute the food intake so that you do not eat before going to bed, but only drink a glass of water or kefir. The intake of food should be at least 6 once a day in equal portions to avoid loading at any time of the day. If the schedule or amount of food is not constant, then the diet can produce minimal results.
  2. The distribution of fluid during the day can be carried out not only during meals, but also between them. Drinking is recommended not more than 2 liters of water, you can also replace the water with tea or cold coffee without sugar. It is also allowed to use a variety of freshly squeezed juices, only without sugar, honey and other sweeteners. Chicken diet allows after eating food or in time to take dry wine in small amounts, because it's not a secret that dry wine is excellent for chicken meat and contributes to better digestion.
  3. The main pleasant feature of this diet is that white meat can take up half the daily ration. This allows you to feel a constant satiety and be always in good shape. The second half of the diet should consist of various vegetables, cereals, fruits. Garnish is welcomed for cooked cabbage. It is not only useful, but also contains a minimum amount of calories, so it can be consumed in large quantities.
  4. Chicken white meat should be cooked only for a couple or boil. Only with this kind of preparation can you be sure that all the beneficial substances for the body remain and there will be no shortage of vitamins.
  5. The main rule throughout the whole diet is a ban on salty foods, fried, smoked, baked, confectionery, and salads can be filled only with lemon juice, without salt and spices and spices, and even more without ketchup and mayonnaise.
  6. Drinks can be varied, mineral non-carbonated water, infusions of herbs, unsweetened juices, green and black tea without sugar.

How to create a regime for a diet. Example.

Let's look at an approximate diet throughout the chicken diet. This menu is not a clear rule, but just a recommendation.

The first day is the beginning.

It is necessary to prepare at least half a kilogram of chicken fillet in boiled form or for a couple, and also boil 350 – 400 gram of rice and divide into several portions (about 6). Further during the day, take equal parts, washing down a glass of natural juice, without sugar, and at night drink tea or kefir low fat.

The second day is the beginning.

Now we need to cook 700 gram of chicken and 500 gram of pineapple. Divide the menu for the whole day, and at night drink a glass of kefir. It will help restore acidity after eating pineapple. Pineapple, though contributes to the breakdown of fats, but can also unbalance the acidity in the stomach, which can lead to an unpleasant severity of the digestive tract. Pineapples can be replaced with oranges or grapefruit. The value of such products together with chicken breast increases many times.

The third day – we start to introduce variety in the diet.

Prepare 500 gram of chicken white meat, 200 gram cabbage, carrots and 4 apple. Using these products, you can apply fantasy, make salads or just eat everything in turns in equal parts throughout the day.

The fourth and fifth day – we repeat the third, and the main thing we do not forget about the use of an abundant amount of water.

The sixth day – we add to the diet greens.

We take 700 grams of fillet and deciduous salad.

Any green is very difficult in digestion, so it is recommended to cut from a salad and fill it with lemon juice. On this day you can without any restrictions use tea and water, as well as juices.

The seventh day is the final day.

This day can be called free, it is allowed to apply any list of products from previous days and most importantly – do not forget about the fluid that would prevent dehydration of the body.

Congratulations, you now do not have 5-6 kilograms of excess weight, there was a wonderful feeling, and the appearance improved.

What are the advantages of such a diet?

The most important thing in a chicken diet diet is the lack of a clear menu. The main preparatory stage is the first day, and then there are no special rules in it. This shows that everyone who loses weight in the right to make an individual menu and eat the way he wants, without forgetting the basic postulates of the diet and the number of calories consumed per day.

Also, chicken white meat is the most affordable product and has a low price. So losing weight on a chicken breast is nice, inexpensive and effective.

With proper use, chicken is very well absorbed, the body receives a large number of natural proteins and vitamins. From a chicken you can make a huge number of dishes that will taste not only during a diet, but also with daily meals.

Lose weight is tasty and useful! Join now.

Video with diet recipes on chicken fillet

Video on how to cook chicken breasts

Video with a recipe for dietary salad

Reviews about the chicken diet

Yes! I want to tell everyone, I want to share! "Chicken diet" is working seriously. I still can not believe my goal.

The main thing is to do everything the way it is written. Follow the advice.

At first she did not believe at all. On the third day, when you need to start introducing diversity in the diet, my husband already noticed that his tummy was gone. I looked in the mirror for a long time, examined myself, then stood on the scales and realized that my husband was right, I lost a kilogram, after only three days.

Girls, do not hesitate, try it for sure! Now I advise everyone this "Chicken diet".

Everyone has long known that chicken meat is an easy, fast-digesting and dietary product. The girlfriend sat on a similar diet for about three months, the result was very noticeable – minus 8 kg, which is quite impressive when it's made up. In addition, the chicken can be cooked in completely different ways, the meat is very tasty, sitting on this diet certainly no one will feel hungry

One of my favorite diets. Like many, I got almost a dozen extra pounds after the birth, and while I was feeding the baby, I did not sit on diets because of their frequent imbalances. But, as soon as breastfeeding was over, we immediately took up our appearance. And among the first, the choice fell on the chicken diet for a number of reasons:

1) I was looking for a Diet. There is nothing more terrible than a feeling of hunger for me.

2) I was looking for a diet with meat ingredients. To gnaw carrot like a rabbit is not for me.

I really love the chicken, boiled especially, because I gladly sat on a chicken mono-diet.

Results were noticeable after four days – I lost 3,5 kilograms! And by the end of the diet (in 10 days) – as many as eight!

I really liked that you can eat often, that the dishes can be cooked on your own. But, alas, the side effect of the chicken diet is the same as any mono-diet, – then I could not watch the chicken meat at all for two weeks.

Chicken diet suits me, I love meat, more sweets or bread. The main thing is that other products are allowed: fruits, vegetables, cereals. It's nice that I did not starve, but fully fed. She cooked a chicken in a multivark, there is a "pair" mode. Vegetables seasoned only with spicy herbs, they produced delicious salads. I dropped 3 kilograms of 5, which I dreamed of getting rid of. The most difficult is not to attack the chocolate after the end of the diet. The amount of "fast" carbohydrates will have to be reduced as much as possible.

I would never have thought that you can eat a chicken with pleasure and lose weight, but the affirmative information, backed up by the reviews of the girls, has completely convinced me! That's just my question to those who sat on a chicken diet: Have you bought the usual chicken breast broilers or a homemade chicken? I do not know what to stop at, it seems like home is useful, but it's hard, and it will be cooked for three hours 🙂 Tell me, please, otherwise it hurts me really want to try such an appetizing diet!

Of course, the domestic chicken is more useful, but for the chicken diet, all is better than the usual breast from the nearest supermarket. I can tell from my own experience – I'm sitting on a chicken diet for the second time! With a domestic chicken, fry ten times more, this is the first, and secondly, it is difficult to cook deliciously for a couple.

In general, I really like the diet – and especially do not need to strain, and quite effectively. At least, I managed to lose almost 6 kg by summer! For the holiday, however, again gained weight, and therefore decided to quickly repeat. More that such a diet to the body only to the benefit!

Chicken diet is not only chicken meat, used in various variations. It is possible to expand such a menu due to the meat of other birds, for example, turkey, which is considered not only useful, but also curative. But one dish from a chicken is so large that it is quite possible to live on such a menu for a long time without much damage to one's own health.

Finally I found a meat diet. I can not live without meat and because of this I never brought my diets to the end. Very pleased that the "Chicken Diet" lasts only ten days. It is one of the mono-diet. In addition, chicken meat is very nutritious, as well as variations in its preparation is just a million. Weight I certainly is not very large, but lose 3-4 kg will not hurt. Today 4 day and while 1,5 kg, but already quite noticeable. Now I know for sure how to prepare myself for the next summer.


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