Chinese diet for 14 days

Beauty is a terrible force, and no one doubts that one day this power will save the world. It is not at all surprising why it is the subject of daily dreams and dreams of a huge number of women and girls (yes, there to hide, and men too) all over the world. However, only a few are endowed with that natural beauty, in which nothing needs to be changed. All the rest are forced to expose themselves to all sorts of procedures, sometimes pleasant, sometimes exhausting, in order to approach the coveted standard.

A favorite remedy for many women who dream of getting rid of extra pounds is a diet. It is clear that the most popular methods are those that lose weight, which give noticeable results in the shortest time. One such, very popular now systems is the Chinese salt-free diet 14 days, reviews of which are quite tempting.

What is the Chinese diet and what does it eat?

Everyone knows how small and slim Chinese girls are. Of course, genetics and heredity have not been canceled yet. But the traditions of national nutrition also play a significant role. The correct metabolism, vitamins, beneficial microelements, entering the body with food, can not but leave their imprint on the general state of the body.

So, what is the essence, and what is so good about the Chinese diet for weight loss? Everyone knows the impeccable restraint and rigor of Chinese girls. This style of behavior completely echoes and with their national diet. Absolute observance of the rules is her main law. During the diet, which prescribes this diet, in no case should not deviate from this path, and even more let yourself liberties. Any, even the smallest step to the side can turn into a failure.

The essence of the diet is the absolute reorganization of metabolic processes. The diet is low-calorie and very tough. In the period of its action, the body is rebuilt, trying to get used to the food offered to it, and the habitual metabolism is disrupted. If you allow yourself, at least some food, not included in the allowed menu, there will be a malfunction that will destroy the whole process of the body.

Therefore, the first important and in no case not violated rule – strict adherence to the diet, the use of only authorized products and complete refusal of alcohol. So, the allowed products are:

  • eggs;
  • fresh vegetables: lettuce, cabbage, carrots, parsley root and parsnip, tomatoes:
  • fruits: green apples, sometimes other fruits are allowed;
  • sea ​​fish;
  • meat: lean beef, chicken, veal;
  • beverages: coffee, tea, mineral water (without gas), melted or purified water.

Prohibited products: salt, sugar, fat, alcohol.

Duration of the diet: 14 days, and the next seven days are given for the "correct" exit from it.

The number of kilograms that can be reset: from 6 to 10.

The result of the Chinese diet

If you obediently comply with all the rather rigid rules, do not violate the existing restrictions, then in two weeks you can "lose" from 6 to 10 kg. Agree, the success is amazing. Two weeks of little suffering – and the result is obvious. This is also evidenced by the numerous admiring reviews, adherents of this method. If it is correct to get out of the diet, namely: not to attack your favorite delicacies and carefully, and, most importantly, gradually add to your diet products, you can fix its result, and achieve that the lost pounds will not return.

Unlike the Japanese diet, which is also strict, the Chinese method of losing weight is much easier to tolerate. After all, it, as a sauce, is allowed to use lemon juice, which greatly improves the taste of fresh dishes and helps to burn fats. Another important plus of this diet is the cleansing of the body. Slags and toxins are removed, and the general condition of the body improves, and the skin will acquire a beautiful even color.

The disadvantages of the Chinese diet

Adherents of "rapid weight loss", you need to remember about the pitfalls that can accompany the process of rapid weight loss. The loss of a large number of kilograms, coupled with an extremely limited list of permitted products, can lead to health problems. Especially it concerns those people who suffer from any chronic diseases. Therefore, when deciding to take advantage of the Chinese diet, it is best to pre-pass a medical examination and consult a doctor.

A salt-free diet can lead to some dehydration of the body, therefore, water is also allowed by diet without restriction in its quantity. The main contra-indications for the use of the Chinese salt-free diet are:

  • diseases of excretory system
  • heart disease
  • disorders of the kidneys and liver
  • pregnancy
  • lactation period
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, gastritis)

Miracle diet or "saving" menu for 14 days

The Chinese diet is calculated for 14 days. The daily diet includes three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. No snacks, snacks and lunches. The only permitted substance is water. If you feel a strong thirst, you can drink water just as much as your body requires, but at least two liters a day.

The daily breakfast, which allows the Chinese diet 14 days consists of a similar set of products: black coffee. On the second day, coffee is supplemented with toast, breadcrumbs, in general, a slice of a small dried bread. On the fifth day you can afford a real "feast of the stomach" – a salad of grated carrots, dressed with "sauce" of lemon juice or half a spoonful of honey.

Further the daily ration is painted. So, the Chinese diet 14 days menu:

Day One – Beginning

  • Lunch: quite tasty and at the same time low-calorie. A set of products – two boiled eggs, a cabbage salad with sunflower oil, a glass of tomato juice or just one tomato.
  • Dinner: cooked, steamed (and fried) and fish with garnish from the same cabbage salad.

Day 2 – continued

  • Dinner – a complete repetition of the supper of the previous day. Fish and cabbage salad. To make a variety, you can choose different types of fish (but necessarily sea) and various ways of preparing it.
  • Dinner: boiled beef, which should be filled with a glass of kefir (ryazhenka).

Day three – "Can I quit everything?"

  • Lunch: egg, this time not boiled, but raw, salad of three boiled carrots and vegetable oil.
  • Dinner: apples, they can be eaten in unlimited quantities.

The fourth day – "and why do I need all this!"

  • Lunch: heat-treated parsnip root or parsley (fried in a small amount of sunflower oil), apples.
  • Dinner, at least, it looks like a normal meal: boiled beef and eggs 2 pcs., on the garnish already familiar cabbage salad.

Fifth day: you can relax a little

  • Breakfast: carrot salad
  • Lunch: you can eat sea fish in a rather large amount – 500 gram, washed down with tomato juice – 1 glass.
  • Dinner: again fish and freshly prepared cabbage salad.

Day # 6 – the body is almost accustomed to

  • Lunch: half a kilogram of boiled chicken, salad of raw vegetables (choice: cabbage or carrot).
  • Dinner: boiled eggs (2 pcs.) carrot salad with butter.

Day seven – it was already half the "time"

  • Lunch: beef, but not much, about two hundred grammes, any fruit.
  • Dinner: you can choose your favorite foods from the weekly diet, excluding the day from the list under the number 3. The amount of food should be moderate.

That's the end of the first week of the Chinese diet for weight loss. The body has already become accustomed to the paucity of the day's diet, recycles food normally and almost does not "ask for food," the worst thing behind. There was the last leap: seven final days. The menu of this closing week is exactly the same as the previous days.

What you need to prepare for

With all the rules and regulations, the diet gives quite tangible results. But, since the Chinese salt-free diet, the menu of which does not differ in special variety, is low-calorie, during its observance one can feel some weakness. Do not be scared, but, nevertheless, you should limit excessive physical activity.

The number of products allowed by the Chinese diet without salt is very limited, and it is not permissible to replace them with others, so the absence of allergic reactions of the body to the components of the diet is perhaps one of the main conditions for its successful completion, not counting the psychological mood, without which nothing at all will not work.

Therefore, we reserve ourselves with patience, endurance, persistence – and forward to the set goal.


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