Chocolate diet: rapid weight loss without giving up a favorite treat

Chocolate diet – one of the latest developments of Italian dieticians – is a true salvation for sweet tooth dreaming of a beautiful figure. Who would have thought that a week's use of tasty bitter chocolate could allow you to lose 3 – 7 kilograms of excess weight. However, the diet and chocolate concepts are quite even compatible, the main thing is to comply with all the rules.

Bitter chocolate – a true helper in the fight against excess weight

Everyone knows that the eaten chocolate bar is capable of cheering up or improving the work of the brain. But not everyone knows about the involvement of this delicacy to an effective diet. Paradoxically, this does not sound, but it is forbidden in many diets chocolate contributes to rapid weight loss. The whole point is how much and how to use this product.

Diet on bitter chocolate: reveal the secret

The essence of the chocolate diet is to use throughout the day exclusively chocolate, the total weight of which should not exceed 90 – 100 grams. The daily norm of this product is divided into three doses and washed down with a cup of unsweetened coffee. The presence of brewed coffee in many effective diets is explained by the ability of this drink to accelerate the metabolism at 1-4%, which provides more intensive weight loss. However, the main thing here is not to overdo it, – in large quantities coffee can worsen the state of health.

It is worth noting that you can lose weight on a chocolate diet, using only real black chocolate, which contains cocoa butter. The approximate calorie content of the 100 gramme of this delicacy is 540 kcal, while the various additives (raisins, nuts, caramels) increase this figure, which we absolutely do not need, because the diet is based on the principle of limiting caloric intake.

The daily energy consumption of a person who leads a mobile way of life is about 2000 kcal. It follows that the remaining 1500 kcal is burned by subcutaneous adipose tissue. Thus, by consuming black chocolate with such a diet, you daily consume 1500 kcal of subcutaneous fat and get rid of extra pounds. As a result – minus 5 – 7 kilogram per week.

You can drink, but carefully

As for water, her chocolate diet does not exclude. However, for more effective weight loss, the liquid should be consumed after three hours from the moment of absorption of chocolate and coffee. The daily intake of water should not be less than 1,5 liters.

Diet with chocolate: benefits for sweet tooth

The undisputed advantage of the chocolate diet is the achievement of a quick result. Given that the maximum weight loss is 1 kilogram per day, and the result of losing weight is visible already on 3-4 day, such a diet is simply an ideal way of getting rid of excess weight before an important trip or a solemn event.

An essential advantage for lovers of sweet is the possibility of eating your favorite treat, albeit in limited quantities.

The content of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus in chocolate improves the appearance and stimulates the work of the brain, the presence of tianin interferes with the formation of plaque, and the presence of powerful antioxidants slows down the aging process.

One of the most valuable properties of chocolate is its ability to cheer up. A good mood, oh, as needed during a grueling diet!

but on the other hand

Despite the listed advantages, the chocolate-coffee diet has its drawbacks. Essential disadvantage of this variant of weight loss is a large number of contraindications (allergy, high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy, breast-feeding, kidney and liver diseases, etc.).

Do not attract and the balance of the diet relative to the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which can subsequently lead to metabolic disorders and worsening of the general condition of the body. The lack of vitamins and trace elements is recommended to be filled with multivitamin preparations.

Like any other fast diet, the technique deals a significant blow to the body, so it requires before your start a consultation with your doctor. To minimize the damage from a diet to a non-prepared organism, it is advisable to carry out unloading chocolate days. However, losing weight on one day of such a diet will also be negligible.

Chocolate diet: the menu on 1 day.

  • Breakfast : 30 gram of natural dark chocolate, a cup of custardless coffee without sugar;
  • Dinner: 30 gram of the same chocolate and coffee;
  • Dinner: the remaining 30 grams of chocolate bars and unsweetened coffee.

Depending on the desired result, this diet can be extended for 3 days, 5 or 7 days.

Chocolate diet for weight loss: reviews of celebrities

Beautiful, charming, slender and attractive TV stars also love the sweet and therefore occasionally sit on "delicious" diets.

One of the first testers of the chocolate diet was the famous singer Alsu, who thus dropped 8 kilograms of excess weight. Despite a good result, she remained not entirely satisfied with this technique. With a special negative, the singer noted dizziness, severe depression and a semi-fainting condition that haunted her throughout the diet.

Uma Thurman, who consumes bitter chocolate in a diet, before shooting in the famous film "Kill Bill", was able to lose as much as 10 kilograms. The actress was enjoying chocolate when she felt hungry. Throughout the diet, she also drank mineral water and felt great.

Favorite of men Anna Semenovich, practicing a different diet program, also does not exclude the use of chocolate in the process of losing weight. The diet menu of the singer is more sparing than the coffee-chocolate diet. Anna's diet includes dairy products, soups, vegetables, ginger, fish and one slice of milk chocolate, which is allowed to eat once in ten days. According to the celebrity, the reception of chocolate perfectly restores strength and increases efficiency.

Chocolate diet: fix the results

The diet is successfully over and the figure on the scales is reduced by 7 kilogram, however, that's not all. Now you need to take care that the lost pounds are not returned again. To ensure a lasting result, it is necessary to make proper exit from the diet and go to the correct diet.

During the fasting days, the stomach is used to a small amount of food and this is good. It is necessary to continue to eat small portions, however, now only useful products – vegetables, eggs, low-fat dairy products, steamed fish and fruits.

Chocolate diet: let's sum up

duration: 3 days, 5 days, or 7 days (depending on the desired result);

Main products: bitter chocolate 90 – 100 gram, coffee.

Follow-up: not earlier than in 2 months.

Expenses: insignificant (after sitting on such a diet you can even save on a new swimsuit for a slim figure).

The diet is contraindicated: hypertensive people, pregnant women, diabetics, allergic people, people suffering from kidney and liver diseases, as well as having stones in the gall bladder or ducts.

Get the answer to the question: is it possible to have chocolate with any other diet, the video will help you:

Video with the story of dietician Lydia Ionova about chocolate

Video on how to lose weight with a chocolate diet

Reviews about chocolate diet

Oh, you .. I have not tried such a diet, but it will be necessary to take note)) if I again type the fat that good bitter chocolate (> 60% cocoa) is considered dietary, I know for a long time, and one of my friends bragged about a long time that I grew thin so .. the main thing to choose a natural, without any E-shek, it certainly is not very cheap to come out, but what a sweet and effective diet)

Chocolate diet is quite effective, for 7 days dropped 5 kg and with a small weight, but

after it, the correct way out is necessary . to restore the body and not to gain all the lost pounds back. And of course allergic people do not fit. Now and then I arrange my own days of unloading

on chocolate . but still prefer to make them on products with a large

amount of nutrients)))

Before the corporation had to once resort to this diet – the result is rapid, but short-lived, alas. If, of course, after this diet continue to adhere to a light caloric intake, then a couple of kilograms lost can be fixed as a result. Well, of course, do not attack the food immediately the day after the end of the diet! Otherwise, pain in the stomach and problems with the digestive tract you are provided! It is necessary to leave the chocolate diet very carefully.

After childbirth she could not return to the original weight. Very worried about this, but the diet could not sit down, because she was breastfeeding. And finally, with breastfeeding done, and just the right diet! But I, of course, are frightened by the prospect of not eating anything all day, except for chocolate! But ahead of the meeting with former classmates, so I have to look one hundred percent.

Diet for real sweet tooth! Chocolate diet is one of my favorites. Two years ago, I lost weight on 4 kg in just a week, and now I use chocolate unloading days to maintain the form. It is easy to transfer, but the soul does not ask for sweets the next day 🙂 The main thing is that there should be no rash and allergies to chocolate, and the chocolate itself was a real bitter, without any nuts, a piece of biscuits and raisins. Well, the main thing is to listen to your body.

After graduating from university, I got a job in the office. A sedentary lifestyle affected me seriously. I recovered to 30 kilogram for a year and a half. With growth in 170, I began to weigh about 100 kilograms. My girl began to swear at me, but no diet and exercise did not help, all the same I stepped back from all this. Nevertheless, I really found something that helped me. It was a chocolate diet, I dropped about 20 kg for some 6-7 months. Really helped me, for which many thanks to you.

When you eat long rice and try to lose weight due to tasteless low-calorie food, as I had before, here comes the chocolate diet to help. Yes, yes, this is what all the long-awaited. Pleased with the results of the discharge, even when consumed per day more than 100g chocolate. Try not to save and buy good black chocolate, when it comes to the issue of an effective and delicious diet, there is no place for money.

Very tasty chocolate diet! My niece lost weight on such a system, and I just envied silently – I was pressured by such a combination, and she was losing weight right before her eyes (for a month 6 kg dropped). What is characteristic of this diet and the mood is good, because chocolate is a product that brings joy in itself, and if you also lose weight from it, then double joy.

It was very tempting to sit on a chocolate diet, but I was afraid that all this was nonsense, fiction and talk. However, I decided to read the comments of strangers. The diet was real. The first day was somehow unusual, and then went into taste, and the desire was added, when the next morning I saw on my scales a good result. In short, I liked it.

I sincerely love the chocolate diet. Yes, it can not be called right and balanced, but it's vkusuusnaya!

To my surprise, almost for the first time I served a diet without failures, which can not but rejoice.

For the same sweet tooth as me, I highly recommend it. You do not feel an acute sense of hunger, you eat chocolate, without remorse and the mood is excellent, than not a miracle ?!


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